Grand Daddy I.U. = The King of Twitter

I.U. can still kill it on the mic, as he demonstrated on ‘Da Veteran’ (available soon Marco Polo‘s The Stupendous Adventures Of Marco Polo LP).1 But don’t sleep on the man’s Twitter game – your man is dropping jewels all over this piece! Here are six of his finest moments:

Marco Polo feat. Grand Daddy I.U. – ‘Da Veteran’

*Waits for someone to comment ‘Fuck Twitter!’*

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  1. 1. 90’s Babies Note: You would have heard Grand Daddy I.U. on Big L‘s ‘Da Graveyard’ with Jay-Z.[back]

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“If ur ass is shaped like a math book stay home”
Plus Smooth Assassin was my shit and still holds up.

Comment by pr2 05.31.10 @

Classico Domingo

Comment by TonyBones 05.31.10 @


Comment by Jaz 05.31.10 @

Fuck Twitter!

Comment by Ha 05.31.10 @

“just laying here with my sexy balls hanging and a frosty mug”…pause…funny shit. Dude’s twittin with gary busy on some more funny ish. fuck twitter tho, don’t got time for data entry son, unless i’m gettin paid.

He killed it on that Veteran track. I BEEN sayin Hot97 played garbage since like 96 but of course that led to thugnificent fags, who rocked tapes with rnb bitches over sped up bullshit rap beats, callin me a backpacker, and me stepping to mad heads whether I got an ass beating or delivered one. I’m no thug. True stories tho.

I hope the IU brings some more heat.

WTF is up with Latee though? Dying to hear that demo tape that was sold on ebay that had a different mix of Brainstorm and other demos I never heard, all 45 King beats. Someone needs to upload that shit, greedy bastids. If I catch a copy, I’ll bring it here. Im drunk off the dogfish head hopricot jawns. bangin.

Comment by verge 05.31.10 @

why’d i bring up Latee? I musta thought IU was a Jersey head for a second. Sorry bout that.

Comment by verge 05.31.10 @

“I Get smooth on Daddy and Grand Daddy/Why? cause I’m the Great Grand Father”

Comment by Marc Davis 05.31.10 @

lol, i listen to new port authority mixtape all the time. shits thorough.

Comment by iLLa 06.01.10 @

I remember when Cam was talkin bout signing Daddy IU on Hot 9….

Them tweets is hee la ee us

He bodied that Marco Polo track 2!

Comment by junMaf*ckn 06.01.10 @

What was that track he did with chubb rock?

Comment by TRUST WINTERS 06.03.10 @

This makes everything so comleptely painless.

Comment by Gertie 06.26.11 @

these tweets are hilarious

Comment by Virgin Media Accessories 02.07.12 @

No coment for Twitter………..

Comment by Melisa 04.16.12 @

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