Hooray For Kanye?
Monday May 31st 2010,
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Everybody hearts Kanye….except for some jerk from Unkut.

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Kanye West is an annoying, tanty throwing, drama queen, that is highly over rated and is not a good rapper, I can’t stand his voice or his flow and in my personal opinion No I.D. should have been large like Kanye.

Comment by Jaz 05.31.10 @

That ish is garbage.

Comment by haroon 05.31.10 @

and that new Kanye track is horrible, LMAO at the Gay Fish in his shorts in that pic.

Comment by Jaz 05.31.10 @

He’s garbage on the mic.

Comment by CrateDigga78 05.31.10 @

aside from his so called MC skills you guys at unkut have a knack for finding some of the most ridiculous photos of this guy…

bravo unkut

Comment by Big Gist from Brooklyn 05.31.10 @

then you would just hate No I.D.

everyone knows unkut is the worst of hip hop fandom. if it isn’t reminiscent of the 90’s then yall dont bang with it.

Comment by Adrian 05.31.10 @

actually, i gotta add, if it is even remotely popular, then yall dont bang with it as well

Comment by Adrian 05.31.10 @

the most hilarious pic of ‘Ye yet..Kudos to Unkut

Comment by dj blendz 05.31.10 @

Straight toy…end of story.

Comment by Kevlar 05.31.10 @

Sad, he obviously got skills behind the boards but this fag won’t just do whats good. Always gotta be on some pretentious, elevating in his own mind, but wack in reality, bullshit.
Fuck this guy and herbs putting his LPs in their top 10 of all time.

No offense, but it looks like you’re a following clone sheep cat, Adrian. Know the history and recognize when a dude is a complete wackjob bordering total faggotry.
Don’t act like this is cool, and we’re old for thinking he’s a fag, along with everyone riding his nuts.

Fact is, dude has the talent and skill to make great music, but his ego fame hunger and wanting to make his mark, kills everything good and makes him a herb biscuit.

Comment by verge 05.31.10 @

I mean,adrian, come the fuck on! are we looking at the same fucking picture?!
WTF you thinking?! again, GTFO

Comment by verge 05.31.10 @

shame on you.and us for hatin on this icon.

Comment by swordfish 06.01.10 @

I hate Kanye but hold back alot, cuz he done mad shit on the production tip, how does someone fuck up so quickly, in the space of 3-4 years usually it takes a fame dive of 6-10…good one Air Yeezy

Comment by goon killer 06.01.10 @

Weak on the mic & wac on the boards, beat biter extraordinaire! only gets props from pop dudes.

Comment by Scrapheap Lover 06.01.10 @

What was so great about Kanye’s production? All his samples can be found on one of those Time Life ‘Soul Classics’ infomercials they run at 4 AM.

Comment by haroon 06.01.10 @

…you can always find Kanye’s beat loops on NO I.D.’s beat CDs.

Comment by Jaz 06.01.10 @

Kanye is wiggity wack on the mic, and yea maybe his beats “can be found on one of those Time Life ‘Soul Classics’ infomercials they run at 4 AM” (classic line by haroon). But you have to respect the man’s work ethic. Who else can convince millions to eat his shit, it takes a genius. Just watching by his interviews, this man is so sure of himself that he even fools me at times.

Then I sit down with a glass of pinot noir…and search for one of his songs, and as I listen I begin to feel disgusted with myself for being fooled by this man…

Comment by biggist from brooklyn 06.01.10 @

mc poptart.

Comment by PAS 06.02.10 @

kanye is dope. he may dress like a homosexual but he makes hotter music than most. it’s funny to see all the hatred. underground east coast rap is my thing too. u guys are straight hating cuz he blew up with a style that ain’t consistent with unkut.com’s fanbase. expand your mind, you’d love to hear your favorite artist over a kanye beat (as long as jon brion isn’t playing on it)

Comment by D-DAY 06.02.10 @

I don’t really think of Kanye as an M.C.
Theres just to many better M.C.’s to listen to.

Download Hip Hop Beats

Comment by Music Supervisor 06.02.10 @

“Whos Kanye”…”never heard of him”..”i wonder why”…mmm idk probably cause i listen to hip hop..not hip pop.

Comment by Realmusikbitches 06.02.10 @

lmao. nice

Comment by bloodshed 06.02.10 @

@ biggist…

but because you say things like “wiggity wack on the mic” is exactly why you don’t care for the dude at all.

LOL @ the “you can find his loops on the Time Life Soul Classics”… but while that may be true, you’ll probably also find records sampled by some other producers that you think are great as well… so… ???

I mean hell, even Pete Rock who’s known for his super-deep crates has looped records like Luther Vandross’ “Don’t You Know That” before, and was once telling anyone who’d listen that he was the guy whose idea it was to sample “Juicy Fruit”. Those aren’t obscure by a longshot, correct?


Comment by DANJ! 06.03.10 @

lol @ the ye pic, that shit is almost as hilarious as the fem jay-z pic from dp’s blog, please put fem jay-z and ye in shorts on a collabo r&b and rap track/video, that shit would be so funny

also, ye used to have some great beats, but all the soul samples did get old, he needs to try a new angle, the guy is a tool no doubt, but he gets sales and regardless of his douchebaggery, people still like the guy, according to a lot of other rappers and producers on his album, they are calling it one of the best albums ever, i guess only time will tell

i always tell people i don’t listen to tv rap

Comment by gstatty 06.04.10 @

Sure he has talent behind the boards and has made a few cool songs But sooo fucking what.HE’S MADE MUCH MORE WACK MUSIC THAN DECENT MUSIC.
Simply put he’s not even average at best and he’s an arrogant JACK ASS! He’s an embarssment to Hip-Hop.

Comment by DJ DAVITO 06.04.10 @

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