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Monday May 17th 2010,
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Skits in-between songs on rap albums is one of the worst trends to happen to hip-hop. But every now and then, you hear one that is pure gold. Excellent work, Mr. Giles.

Cam’Ron – ‘Old Head’ [skit]

What’s you’re favorite skit from a rap LP or mixtape?

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I’m guessing you didn’t hear the “U Right” trilogy of skits on “Boss Of All Bosses 2”

Comment by nation 05.17.10 @

I think my favorite skits might be on Supreme Clientele. Skits are usually less annoying with some type of music behind them. Cam’s skits in general are usually halarious though.

Comment by hl 05.17.10 @

“There’s new head out” LOL!! I’ma try saying that to a chick. The funny thing about Cam’s skits is that they don’t sound staged. He had a skit on a different LP where, he was gittin cursed out by a broad and kept saying the same thing to her for every question she asked.

Comment by Kid Captain Coolout 05.17.10 @

“Woodrow the Base Head” via Supreme Clientele, indeed.

“Throw it out the window! SUE!”

Comment by Theotis Jones 05.17.10 @

woodrow was the funnies…the first one that comes to mind is the chicken wing skit off the fugees album…”whats this you got beef!”

Comment by stevep 05.17.10 @

“i’ll fuckin, i’ll fuckin… ”

torture mothafucka… co-sign on the “woodrow” skit on supreme

Comment by abortatron 05.17.10 @

Redman has the best skits

Comment by krmnl 05.17.10 @

This one from Mr. Complex:

Comment by K-V 05.17.10 @

The Fugees one in tha chinese restarant..snoop’s deez nuts,

Comment by C Style 05.17.10 @

Skits in-between songs on rap albums is one of the worst trends to happen to hip-hop. <— Agreed.

Was it just me who heard it or did it sound like there was a baby faintly crying out in the background near the end?? It sounded like it came from her line.

It really begs the question, if she wasn't so '90's' when giving head, would she currently have said baby?

Comment by Crisis 05.17.10 @

Completely disagree with the skit take, Skits that suck are the worst trend in Hip-hop. One of the first groups, I remember doing skits was the NWA/Dr. Dre (he did it one other albums he produced as well). I can be a nice filler between songs if done well.
Here’s 8 off the top of my head (In no order)…

1. JD’s Gafflin’
2. Any skit of 36 Chambers Wu-Tang
3. Cuban Linx
4. Any of De La’s first couple of Albums
5. NWA’s N4L Album
6. Chronic
7. Any of the Redman Album’s
8. Big-Life After Death skits
9. Ghost-Supreme Clientele

If done well, they can be entertaining.

Comment by Sublime 05.17.10 @

old school Ma$e skit, where he gets the two girls on the phone confused.

Comment by iLLa 05.17.10 @

The Stick-up skit on Redman Muddy Waters. “I got a sooooodaaaa, there’s only enough for one. I got a sooodaaa, and you can’t have a God damn sip.” That shit is hilarious

Comment by Enrichment 05.17.10 @

rugged man’s pick my gun up skit

Comment by swordfish 05.17.10 @

JD’s Gafflin’

No contest at all.

Comment by Mag7Music 05.17.10 @

Skits are not trends they been ongoing for TWO DECADES. I think De La claims they were the 1st to do ’em.

I agree with all the one’s mentioned thus far.
One of my favorite is the Madd Rapper skit( I don’t remember the album it was on).
The one where he says “This my 4th album yo! My 4th album!…..”

Comment by BKThoroughbred 05.17.10 @

Ermmmmmm..I wish my cousin Nad was here,noi’msorryidon’t!!

Comment by Beatlover 05.17.10 @

@nation: ‘U Right’ is good but this one is better.

Comment by Robbie 05.17.10 @

That skit sucked. Are you serious?

CO-sign Supreme.NWA had some funny ass skits on niggaz 4 life.
De La Soul’s Dave’s got a problem. E-40’s Record company skit. Masta Ace on Disposable arts & A long hot summer.

Comment by Dee 05.17.10 @

am i missing something?

striving for perfection is a fucking cinematic masterpiece

Comment by ben profane 05.17.10 @

Alawys laugh at Big Pun enlightening Funk Master Flex about Le Tres ne.

Comment by Lexington Next 05.17.10 @

@BKThoroughbred: It’s still a trend after 20 years. None of the great 80s albums needed them except PE. For every dope skit there are 20 shitty ones.

Comment by Robbie 05.17.10 @

The only time I ever listened to skits was in the era of cassette – as soon as you could skip them, I was skipping them.

Even the good ones are shit.

Comment by don king 05.17.10 @

There are really almost no good skits in the history of hip hop. I mean, sure, relative to each other some have to better than others. But, objectively speaking, we’re splitting hairs between degrees of wackness.

And, frankly, any skit that’s themed around getting laid or talking like a mack to bitches is straight corny and sophomoric; I have no desire to listen to that shit. That goes for the original “One More Chance” skit as much as it goes for this waste of 90 seconds. Congratulations, Cam, you’re not a virgin – what do you want me to say?…

Comment by digglahhh 05.17.10 @

I like the torture skit from 36 chambers…the skit from Forever where Wu members are insulting people on the street…The 20 pyramid sack from the Chronic is good….the questions to ask a gravedigger skit was good..I’m not sure if this counts but L.L’s second or third album when they are talking and hes like “another album” “the jokes on you jack”

Comment by Johnny Hardcore 05.17.10 @


Comment by brutalLee 05.17.10 @

Any of them are better than the image of a disgustingly fat rapper pretending they are fucking like porn stars (ie Biggie or Big Pun)

Comment by BIGSPICE 05.18.10 @

blame Prince Paul.

Comment by DPB 05.18.10 @

i enjoyed the skits on Masta Ace ‘Slaughtahouse’.
perfect combinations, that enhanced a brilliant album.

too few albums have this cohesion.

Comment by Arkitek 05.18.10 @

and yeah, Prince Paul invented the skit.
not De La.

Comment by Arkitek 05.18.10 @

eddie griffins “mama was a hoe”skit on chronic 2001 was classic.

Comment by dopefiend dave 05.18.10 @

haha big pun, packing the mack in back of the ac

Comment by iLLa 05.18.10 @

what a load of fucking shit. 90’s head whatever, his cunt head, style and rhymes are prehistoric. Get a fuckin’ job and contribute some fabric.

Comment by AO 05.18.10 @

i always thought the mama was a hoe skit was hilarious

Comment by sonofabitch 05.18.10 @

jd’s gafflin!!!!!!
e-40 intro to “tha hall of game” “dedicated” to rasheed wallace
mitch blood green on die rugged man die
method man’s intro on 36 chambers
kool keith skits on sex style
“goddamn, mama!”

Comment by muggsy bol 05.18.10 @

J-Zone – The J-Zone Fan Club & Fan Club President


Dr Dre – ED-ucation

Comment by Requiem 05.18.10 @

the skits on Big Doe Rehab were also hilarious!

Comment by JP 05.18.10 @

The skits off of Ice Cube’s Amerikkka’s Most Wanted were nice, but to the original reason I am commenting: this is pure wackness, one of the reasons i barely listen to ignorant @ss Hip Hop anymore. What purpose does this serve? First of all, I have an problem with what could be an intelligent, probably beautiful black sister putting herself out on front street like that, and what’s up with dude calling her “man?” Is that some sort of subliminal slip of the tongue (no pun intended). No wonder dude was wearing pink. Pure wackness. Hip Hop needs to be about building, pure and simple. Let the ignorance die…

Comment by Akhenaton 05.18.10 @

One of the best skits was a hilarious one Heltah Skeltah did on Magnum Force where Rock compared his dick to a snickers!! Crazy shit but so damn funny!!

Comment by Big Braveheart 05.18.10 @

rape’n you records!

Comment by beanoo617 05.19.10 @

one of the best skits I’ve heard in a while, shit is funny…he had another one on purple haze where he was trying to get some chick to go OT with him but she didn’t have anyone to watch her kids so he tells he “man, fuck your kids”. I laughed my ass off then felt guilty being that i’m a father myself, but lets not forget that this is just entertainment, dont take it seriously.

Comment by biggist from brooklyn 05.19.10 @

“Driveby Bumper Cars” – The Goats, actually all the skits on that album are amazing, well thought out, structured, social comments that last for ages (sadly). Oh and on the Sleeping with the enemy album by Paris, there are some truly hardhitting stuff in those skits. The intro!!And I like the ones on the first Black Sheep album, when Dres is in the cab, haha thats hilario as Stretch would say..

Comment by PAS 05.19.10 @

the PackFM ‘Nigga Skit’ is crazy too…

Comment by dj blendz 05.19.10 @

The ‘ Just suck my dick bitch’ skit on Niggaz4life
was hilarious!!! Especially with the guy doing that posh voiceover and Eazy playing the old bitch!

Comment by Big Braveheart 05.19.10 @

Ghostface – Columbia Exchange

Yo Rza, how many bites would it take you…

Comment by Kize 05.19.10 @

The Coup – Fat Cats Bigger Fish intro at the cocktail party

Comment by Kize 05.19.10 @

i thought that woodrow skit was boring. Camron’s voicemail skit off killa season is brutal. The ice cream man off Redman’s Red’s gone wild album was funny. ”he might could whoop my ass, if he can put the pipe down” LOL!

Comment by delivery_bwoy 05.19.10 @

Biggie’s Skit about the girl who wanted him to cop a squat on her.

Comment by Brock 05.20.10 @

i dont care what none of yall say. everyone of the skits yall named were funny back then. if a mc could get it rite skits can become relevant again. somebody said that paris sleepin wit the enemy, man them skits was on. all redman shit to this day still crack me up. u can hear the background voices on his shit. but yeah, dont hate on the skits.

Comment by dmfslimm 05.24.10 @

how did yall forget the madd rapper.

Comment by ddc 05.30.10 @

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