The Kathy Bates of Rap?

Here’s the good news…there was no fruity shit going on between Guru and Solar. Everything else? Fucked the fuck up.

Phillip Mlynar investigates for the Village Voice

Or you can keep track of the latest thanks to the broad who hacked Solar’s email via this Twitter feed.

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What’s wrong with “fruity shit?”

Comment by memes 05.11.10 @

pretty rancid. people should just leave this alone. who lets their life get run by some dude like this? And that 5cents for the street scriptures 7.0? Lucky they didnt starve to death.

Comment by gx 05.11.10 @

And what’s this say about Guru? BEFORE he was sick? I’m not really into defending Solar but armchair riders need to grow the fuck up and admit Guru had LOTSA problems–

Or he didn’t, and he was doing just what the fuck he wanted, the bullshit blood fam and bullshit Premo (Nyg’z album’s coming out when, Preem?) comments aside.

Funny how everyone loves Guru dead but mocked his ass (ll) for the last 4-5-6 years huh?

Comment by Saratoga N. Blake 05.11.10 @

agree with memes. seems pretty pointless. i’m sure we’re all on the edge of our seats hoping nothin fruity went down.

Comment by PGS 05.11.10 @

People need to come to terms with the fact that Guru was kind of a fuckup. He made a grip of classic material. But he also made some very poor lifestyle decisions. Let’s celebrate the music but acknowledge that he was a very flawed man. Stop blaming Solar. Guru is the one who chose to hang out with that guy. And Guru clearly had issues well before Solar showed up.

Comment by eric 05.11.10 @

Wow they’ve even hacked into supertrash solar’s myspace lol..I think dude might have to move to Siberia when all’s said and done.

Comment by dj blendz 05.11.10 @

It’s obvious that Guru had issues and hit a low with his confidence and self esteem and let Solar into his business and personal life. Dude saw that opportunity and took advantage of the situation. I just want to see how controling abusive he is when Big Shug and Freddy Fox see him in the flesh, cause it ain’t no fun when the rabbit has the gun. Chuuch!!!

Comment by Marc Davis 05.11.10 @

guru loved solar!!!

Comment by biggist from brooklyn 05.11.10 @

” cause it ain’t no fun when the rabbit has the gun.”

you make no sense. If the rabbit had the gun them the script is flipped. You saying solar is in control?!

Comment by Mr Bang In 05.11.10 @

I have no words for all of this shit…Its just a very sad state of affairs.

Comment by Shawamar 05.12.10 @

Tim Dog I quote, “Suckas get mad they can drink my piss”

Comment by Marc Davis 05.12.10 @

Welcome to the Guru death cult, first order of business : Solar sacrifice rituals.

The symbology is rich and humorous.

It’s amazing that something like the Village Voice, which used to publish people like Ezra Pound, Norman Mailer, Allen Ginsberg, Jean Shepherd and James Baldwin would be reduced to pushing this sort of stuff either in digital or paper form.

These are par-less times.

Comment by lair 05.12.10 @

Shady fucker no doubt. Expose his Bitch ass

Guru RIP

Comment by Monty BK 05.12.10 @

freddie foxxx needs to lace this snake w/ some hollow points… FOR REAL

Comment by er4se 05.12.10 @

AOL? step your email game up!

Comment by ben profane 05.13.10 @

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