The Search For The Alchemist’s Best Beat – Final Round

This risked dragging on forever, so let’s quit while we’re ahead. I’ve taken the top two from each round and added a couple of wild card entries. I also can’t understand how only seven people voted for the perfection that is the beat for Big Twins’ ‘Wanna Be Down’…regardless, let’s get this get this over and done with.


Prodigy – ‘Keep It Thoro’

Jadakiss feat. Styles P – ‘We Gon’ Make It’

Mobb Deep – ‘Backwards’

Prodigy feat. Cormega – ‘Three’

Bumpy Knuckles – ‘Tell ‘Em I’m Here’

Prodigy – ‘Stuck On You’

Alchemist feat. Prodigy, Nina Sky & Illa Ghee – ‘Hold You Down’

Havoc, Big Noyd, Styles P & J-Hood – ‘D-Block To QB’

Final Round: What Is The Alchemist's Best Beat?

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your readership is type old… you could have just held this contest 5 years ago when you launched the site and the results would have been the same

Comment by nation 05.18.10 @

As ace as Thoro is, it could be Premo – but it’s theone I had to pick.

As ace as Hold You Down is, it’s a bit light for Prodigy (Dirty New Yorker is right for him) and that other emcee must have paid someone to get on it.

I especially like Casual’s I Gotta [Get Down] cos it’s original (assuming that’s the instr. you used to hear for radio show freestyles) but it wasn’t available.

Comment by Ross 05.18.10 @

@Ross: Casual was in Round 2 but didn’t make the play-offs.

Comment by Robbie 05.18.10 @

I think ‘Thug Music’ should have been considered fo this. His best beat in my opinion.

‘Keep It Thoro’ wins out of the beats listed.

Comment by Requiem 05.18.10 @

DAM! no indie records! some of his BEST beats are for indie acts. my opinion. I guess people forget. Buc 50 joints, Big Daddy kane “The Man The Icon” joint Dilated Peoples “The Platform” NaS “My Way” Casual’s joint, the pharohe monch & m.o.p. joint off internal affairs album what!! I could go on.. CNN “Bang Bang” ok I’m done.

Comment by "quis star!" 05.18.10 @

you guys do have indies records listed for the record. but….

Comment by "quis star!" 05.18.10 @

hardest decision i ever had to make

Comment by sonofabitch 05.18.10 @

Okay i missed the boat with this poll, havent been on the internets in a minute…

but if i could go back in time ‘The Grimey Way’ wouldve had my vote cos that is clearly the illest beat not on that list…with the exception of ‘keep it thoro’ and ‘tell em im here’ they are some of alcs more punk smoove beats. but yeah all opinion yada yada yada

Comment by Dialect 05.18.10 @

Yea one of my faves is dilated’s “last line of defense” which didnt make the cut .. i liked the hold u down joint tho

Comment by dolo 05.18.10 @

I’m partial to the “D Block to QB” joint. A local artist out my way got busy on that beat a while back:

Other than that, I’d have to say, “Keep It Thoro”

Comment by skinny 05.18.10 @

Stuck On You? Seriously? People prefer that to Mac Ten Handle, or Return Of The Mac, or Rotten Apple, or Raining Guns And Shanks or Dirty New Yorker?

Obviously the answer is We Gon’ Make It here, and if that doesn’t win the entire internet should just be closed down because the riff-raff have completely ruined it.

Comment by MF 05.18.10 @

We gon make it has 2 be one of alc’s worst beats ever. R u serious?
It was a toss up for me between Keep it thoro & Three. Hold u down does bang tho’.

Comment by dopefiend dave 05.18.10 @

Sorry to above but i went for We Gon Make It as i think it’s a helluva sample but it was a close thing with Keep It Thoro and i’m a big fan of Bumpy’s Tell Em i’m Here! Bang Bang ( Shoot Em Up ) really knocks and all his tracks with CNN, Mobb and the Qb clan are just brilliant. Dead Bodies, Flashlight and We Gon Buck all rock hard!!!
ALC is the man!

Comment by Big Braveheart 05.18.10 @

Points deducted for the Beats by Gay headphones.

Comment by haroon 05.18.10 @

Some gems to choose from. My vote goes to Keep It Thoro though.

Comment by hl 05.18.10 @

@haroon agreed. I see middle aged biz execs on the plane wearing these too.

Comment by keatso 05.18.10 @


That’s what I meant by “…but it wasn’t available.”

Comment by Ross 05.19.10 @

@ MF

Mac 10 Handle!!!! I knew there was a banger I was forgetting. That one’s better than Thoro.

I declare a spoilt ballot. If we can’t re-vote, can we form a coalition with Thoro and Mac 10?

Comment by Ross 05.19.10 @

I really really miss Buc Fifty: Still Breathin’ & Dead End Street in this competition?????????

Comment by retzirk 05.19.10 @

keep it thoro is my all time favorite beat; first time I heard it I was at a Luau on Oahu (of all places). The party was dying down, I was feeling nice off the pretty umbrella drinks so I starting kicking it with the DJ. He starts playing me his latest records from the East Coast, then all of a sudden he throwns on ‘keep it thoro’. I was instantly mesmerised by the beat and how prodigy laced it. I had that DJ play atleast 5 x in a row till the lady hosting the party told the DJ to stop. I almost got into a fight w/ that fat bitch and her husband.

Comment by biggist from brooklyn 05.19.10 @

No Worst comes to worst by dialated peoples?

Comment by Sk 05.19.10 @

I am surprised I didn’t see ghostface killah-the forest on there. That sample is just too crazy

Comment by KD 05.19.10 @

Keep It Thoro, We Gonna, Backwards…… logical top 3….

Comment by BK's Finest 05.20.10 @

Dudes yappin w/o reading the prior rounds FTL.

Keep it Thoro FTW.

Comment by digglahhh 05.22.10 @

No Mercy with MOP really should have made a prior round. Few songs are harder.

Comment by Victor 05.23.10 @

Strangely the beat I liked the best was the one that scored the lowest result … the arrangement on that D Block QB To D Block was ill!!!

Comment by Brock 05.24.10 @

keep it thoro people seriously, it’s “keep it thoro”, first I heard the song was the video, and I went nuts, still hot to this day

Comment by Dee 05.27.10 @

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