The Search For The Alchemist’s Best Beat – Round 1

Alan The Chemist disproves the theory that weed smokers are unproductive, as his discography of around 450 retail tracks goes to show. The tough part is figuring out what his finest work had been so far. To set things off, here are ten ALC beats that win, as selected off the top of my head. More to follow tomorrow…

Round 2

Round 3

Big Noyd – ‘Shoot Em Up, Part 1’

Blaq Poet – ‘Bloody Mess’

Infamous Mobb – ‘B.I.G. T.W.I.N.S’

Dilated Peoples – ‘Back Again’

Mobb Deep feat. Kool G Rap – ‘The Realest’

Mobb Deep – ‘Win or Lose’

Jadakiss feat. Styles P – ‘We Gon’ Make It’

Prodigy – ‘Keep It Thoro’

Raekwon – ‘Surgical Gloves’

Styles P – ‘Make Millions From Entertainment’

Round 1: What Is The Alchemist's Best Beat?

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I have a short-list for Round Two already, but let me know what else you think deserves to be nominated.

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Freddie Foxxx – ‘Stock In The Game’
from Industry Shakedown

Comment by dirtedutch 05.12.10 @

How did you forget CNN Bang Bang?

Comment by thegcodes 05.12.10 @

Primo did “None Of Ya’ll Betta”. But…on that same album Alchemist did “We Gon Make It”, so you can easily replace one with the other!

Comment by Enrichment 05.12.10 @

I voted Keep It Thoro in this round.

How about Dilated ‘Worst Comes To Worst’ for another round?

Comment by apples 05.12.10 @

@Enrichment: I always get those tracks mixed up for some reason.

Comment by Robbie 05.12.10 @

I always favored the A-side,Diffrent Worlds,to Big Twins.Hopefully you’ll have it next go-round.And what about ‘Right & Exact’ of the Lyricist Lounge 2 album,that was dope.

Comment by dj blendz 05.12.10 @

none of yall better shits on we gone make it. all over it.

the alc joint on the green ghost is better.

Comment by gx 05.12.10 @

my bad you got that up. make millions from entertainment.

Comment by gx 05.12.10 @

Keep It Thoro is an anthem, but i kinda prefer the Alc + P Return Of The Mac era shit and really hope that some of it appears in the later rounds.

Voted We Gon’ Make It and i shall continue to vote for it every round since it’s Alan’s best beat ever.

Shoot ‘Em Up (Bang Bang) 1 grabs the silver medal.

Comment by MF 05.12.10 @

the realest is the only track i’m messing with

Comment by 05.12.10 @

Bumpy Knuckles “Tell em I’m Here” is crazy, still.

Comment by Sooch 05.12.10 @

Also nominating these :

Casual – I Gotta (Get Down)
Royce Da 5’9 – I’m Da King
Cormega – Fallen Soldiers remix
Big Noyd ft. Prodigy – Grimey Way
Nas – No Idea’s Original
Tragedy ft. Littles – Stay Free

Comment by MF 05.12.10 @

“Keep It Thoro” is definitely the best of these selections. Most movin, most banged in the streets. I’m lookin for:

“We Gon’ Make It” – Jadakiss
“Hold You Down” – Alchemist feat. Prodigy
“No Mercy” – Pharoahe Monch feat. M.O.P.

Comment by Kid Captain Coolout 05.12.10 @

that nas joint “book of rhymes” was classic…also on Mobb Deeps’ album murda musik, the cut with cormega..think it was number 3 but that used to be the beat not to mention ‘mega’s verse…whewwwww

Comment by P.O.E 05.12.10 @

Awww F@CK, “We Gon Make It” wasn’t there when I voted was it?? Gotta head to another computer to vote again, dang!

Comment by Kid Captain Coolout 05.12.10 @

nobody on some buc 50.permanent scars n all that great tunes.i’ll go for dat.

Comment by swordfish 05.12.10 @

No fair, the site is reading my home’s IP address so it doesn’t matter how many computers I switch to, it won’t let me vote again… rubbish!

I vote for “We Gon’ Make It” – no one was checkin for that sample and EVERYBODY had the record in their crates for years! He made that shit bang, my favorite ALC beat of all time.

Comment by Kid Captain Coolout 05.12.10 @

Alc should stay way the fuck off the mic but check out the joint with KRS-One on the Alc solo from last year– I remember KRS killing it.

Comment by Saratoga N. Blake 05.12.10 @

bang bang def needs to be on that 2nd list, prodigy-what a real mobb do
or buc fifty-dead end street

Comment by coins 05.12.10 @

Personally had to go with “shoot em up” simply because the beat itself is part of the verses (not always an easy thing to do), but really ALC has beats that just become the “best beat ever for this particular moment of the day”.

Ideas for round 2 are : pretty much everything off “Return of the mac” (Bang on em and 7th Heaven especially for me), “Dirty New Yorker”, “Hold You Down”, “Keep The Heels On”. Alchemist always seemed to save his most powerful mixtures for the Infamous and affiliates.

Comment by lair 05.12.10 @

Ras Kass also did ‘Home Sweet Home’ over the ‘We Gon’ Make It’ beat. A lil’ double dip.

Comment by fosterakahunter 05.12.10 @

How about some of his joints for Saigon like Stocking Cap? Or the Animal beat that 50 and Jada went back and forth on?

Comment by Casey 05.12.10 @

Prodigy – The Basics and Pharoahe Monch – No Mercy feat. MOP

Comment by SuperBADSolace 05.12.10 @

tough one. yeah prob. “the realest” or
we gon make it” overall but got a lot of personal faves too – “Mastermind” by Nas and “It’s A Craze” by Mobb Deep are both filthy. Original “Different Worlds” is also a winner

Comment by TOBE$ 05.12.10 @

he did a beat for cormega on a joint called the legacy. that one’s dope. more recently, he produced a track for inspectah deck called champion. thats another nice one

Comment by anonymous 05.12.10 @

keys to the city is DOPE

Comment by sonofabitch 05.12.10 @


Comment by Mergeville 05.12.10 @

we gon make it..from this list
fab’s lullaby, styles all i know is pain + green piece of paper, banks bangers, nas + prodigy tic toc, evidence let yourself go.

Comment by beanoo617 05.12.10 @

What about:Three-Mobb Deep ft Cormega Represent me, Nickel & a Nail,Hold you down-Prodigy,
Hot & Cold,Far Left,Born in L.A-Evidence
Worst comes to worst-Dilated Peoples

Shoot em up & Back again bang hard but Keep it thoro was everywhere when it came out.

Home sweet home>we gon make it

Comment by dopefiend dave 05.12.10 @

Had a hard time choosing between “We Gon Make It” and “Keep it Thoro”. Alc has mad classics.

Comment by hl 05.12.10 @


Comment by reason 1 05.12.10 @

Prodigy – 7th Heaven
IMHO – the best track my A.L.C.

Comment by donny 05.12.10 @

“Keep it Thoro” is so gutter. Robbie, you should “I’m the King” by Royce in the second round. That song still knocks

Comment by WallySean 05.12.10 @

Dam I could write a book on my favorite alchemist beats
1st things first of that list you gotta go with “We gonna make it”
Keep it thoro is a close third on that list but Prodigy’s verse makes that beat what it is.

My personal top 10
Evidence – Let yourself go (real beat choppers can appreciate this)
Lake – crushed linen (I been in love with this shit for almost 10 years)
Lox – the essence (The sample is ridiculous)
Jadakiss – Still Feel me
Alc feat Styles and Evidence – calmly smoke
Missin Linx – Family Ties (remix) (The fucking horns.)
Infamous Mobb – U Know the ratio
Prodigy – My Priorities
Tony Touch – Mega interlude (keep it simple)
Dilated Peoples – Spit it clearly

Comment by krmnl 05.12.10 @

Shoot em up part 2 is harder than part one fam

Comment by krmnl 05.12.10 @

am i the only one who thinks “surgical gloves” is the best of this bunch?

Comment by abortatron 05.12.10 @

“Three” “Hustle Hard” and “Mastermind” better be in round 2!

Comment by thebridge94 05.12.10 @

surgical gloves is the jawn. i voted for the realest, but shit its too many to choose from. i nominate “the message” feat prodigy off of the free agents mixtape.

Comment by dmfslimm 05.12.10 @

Maybe for round 2 Robbie.

ALC Remix
G-rap and Fizzy murk that beat!

“Thats how we do it in the ghetto, spit fire from the heavy metal”

Comment by PetePablo 05.12.10 @

Im goin with that zooted bass loop on The Realest. Ive always considered Defari’s Focused Daily, a serious banger!

Comment by chronwell 05.12.10 @

Voted Keep it Thoro

But Dilated Peoples “The Main Event”, Bumpy Knuckles “Stock in this game” and “99 live” for Terror Squad are some SERIOUS ALC gems

Comment by Tokyo Cigar 05.12.10 @

y’all 4got about the indy joint he put out with mobb deep – backwards
& infamous mobb – mobb niggaz the sequel

Comment by DJ Grouch 05.12.10 @

CNN Bang Bang
Prodigy 7th heaven
pretty much the whole return of the mac

Comment by S!Dot 05.12.10 @

Round 2 maybe?:

Big Pun – Mamma
Game & Prodigy – Dead Bodies
Nas & Prodigy – Tik Tok
Mobb Deep – Got it Twisted

Comment by Lexington Next 05.12.10 @

Too many for me to remember! And I didn’t even know he did “Crush Linen”

From your list; “We gon make it” is my SHIT!
For your next list consider that joint he did with Twin: “Different World”

Comment by BKThoroughbred 05.12.10 @

Tick Tock-Nas and Prodigy…Serious Beat.

Comment by Sublime 05.12.10 @

Lake – Crush Linen


Comment by Koenig_Stieflkater 05.12.10 @

Big Noyd “Air it Out” is 2nd only to “Keep it Thoro”.

Comment by crusher 05.12.10 @

i gotta go with ”That’s That”. ”Mobb Niggaz the sequel” is a close second. He has too many gems. The illest producer after Primo and Bobby

Comment by javier jofre 05.12.10 @

Next round, put in Death Wish (Jadakiss featuring Lil Wayne)

Comment by Sleepy I 05.13.10 @

Lakey The Kid – Crush Linen

Comment by Atze 05.13.10 @

My favorite track of 2009.

La Coka Nostra – Choose Your Side


Comment by Shaun 05.13.10 @

Big Noyd – The Grimey Way

Fat Joe’s- Rather Bust At You though I could do without Baby’s wack verse.

Lake – Crush Linen

Comment by Vandal 05.13.10 @

Group Home “Stupid Muthafuckas”
Shabaam Sahdeeq “Are You Ready?”
Saigon “Say Yes”
Dilated Peoples “Main Event”

Comment by eric 05.13.10 @

Casual – I Gotta Get Down.

one of the illest beats ever

Comment by JonnySimps 05.13.10 @

Midnight Creep. – straight gutter!

Comment by NJB 05.13.10 @

Scarface (The Product) -G Type
Ridiculous beat.

Comment by ALC 05.13.10 @

we gon make it and also that Cormega song Three from HNIC 1 album was incredible. Matter of fact that track should have been a choice here. Round 2?

Comment by bctw 05.13.10 @

shabam sahdeeq + xzhibit – concrete
littles + prodigy – block value
krs – grand concourse benches
big noyd – air it out
buc fifty – bad man + dead end street (weren’t they meant to do a full length album together? whatever happened to that??)

Comment by mustard 05.13.10 @

Saigon – Say Yes
Dilated Peoples – the Main Event
Infamous Mobb – Mobb Niggaz

Comment by Antonio 05.13.10 @


Comment by donaleski 05.13.10 @

by the way
^^^ krmnl
Al didnt do U know the ratio, that was Sebb

Comment by goonskwad 05.13.10 @

i’ll have to co-sign worst comes to worst – dilated peoples, also some tracks of prodigy’s h.n.i.c. pt ii were ill

Comment by gstatty 05.13.10 @

The top 3 best ALC beats are as follows:
Cormega “The Legacy”
Prodigy “The Life”
Evidence “Chase The Clouds Away”
End of discussion.

Comment by East Coast 05.13.10 @

Only joint I’m feelin’ from this list is “The Realest”. I still can’t understand why so many people like that “Keep It Thoro” beat. I, personally, think it’s one of ALC’s worst.

Comment by East Coast 05.13.10 @

‘We Gon’ Make It’ got my vote this round, I think ‘Shoot Em Up, Part 1’ is highly underated tho.

Round Two:
‘Bang Out’ B Real
‘D Block to QB’ Havoc,Noyd,Styles,J-Hood
‘Im Back’ Obie Trice
‘Let Yourself Go’ Evidence
‘Flashlight’ 40 Glocc,Ras Kass
‘Respect My Gangster’ Prodigy

Comment by Chubz 05.14.10 @

@dj blendz

word, ‘Right & Exact’ is in my top five ALC beats!

Comment by sheriff rosco 05.14.10 @

‘Right & Exact’ is nice!

scrap the ‘Im Back’ Obie Trice track

‘Divine Intervention’ is the one!

Comment by chubz 05.15.10 @

Top 5 ALC :

We Gonna Make it – Jada
Keep It Thoro – Prodigy
Tell Em I’m Here – Bumpy Knuckles
We Gon Buck – Lake & 41st siders
Bang Bang – CNN Ft. Foxxy

Plent more but difficult to choose, Bang Bang with Noyd is a real thumping track too!!!

Comment by Big Braveheart 05.15.10 @

ALC all dayyyyy fuck what u heard!

Comment by CHILL 07.04.10 @

Littles – Block Value
Lakey da Kid – Crushed Linen
Evidence – Chase The Clouds Away
M.O.P – Lights, Camera, Action
Cypress Hill – Latin Thugs
Styles P – Calmly Smoke

And he did Currensy’s whole album Covert Coup, the instrumentals on there is an example of ALC breaking the mold once again.

Comment by Jay 09.14.11 @

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