The Search For The Alchemist’s Best Beat – Round 2

For the second round I’ve chosen the best ten suggestions from the last bunch of comments. The third installment will probably be more obscure or slept-on shit. It’s also pretty clear that ALC saves most of his best work for his boys from the Mobb

Round 1

Round 3

Lake – ‘Crushed Linen’

Capone-N-Noreaga feat. Foxy Brown – ‘Bang Bang’

Bumpy Knuckles – ‘Stock In The Game’

Big Noyd feat. Prodigy – ‘The Grimy Way’

Casual – ‘I Gotta [Get Down]’

Mobb Deep – ‘Backwards’

Tragedy feat. Littles – ‘Stay Free’

Prodigy feat. Cormega – ‘Three’

La Coka Nostra feat. Bun B – ‘Choose Your Side’

Prodigy – ‘Bang On ‘Em’

Round 2: What Is The Alchemist's Best Beat?

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Check back Friday for the third round…

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Love these lists. Some of my favs thats not on theses – Movie Niggas- Sheek, The Forest-Ghostface, and Styles P- Make Millions From Entertainment even though it is new

Comment by JLH 05.13.10 @

dude got a catalog of dope beats.

Comment by swordfish 05.13.10 @

I love that style he had on Buc fifty album, whole album is dope as hell.. Some of the best ALC beats!
we need that sound back

Comment by Rico nervandazo 05.13.10 @

You probably already got ideas for the 3rd round, but i’m gonna toss out Alchemist’s Battle Cry Remix for Black Opz. Serious cinematic shit.
My vote went to Bang on Em.

Comment by lair 05.13.10 @

Hold you Down…. I could listen to that beat forever..

Comment by jorgel 05.13.10 @

ALC is ill. That being said, you gotta do something like this for Premier. That’ll be AT LEAST a 5 or 6 part joint.

Comment by oskamadison 05.13.10 @

I think that bang bang is a headache to listen to. One of his worst.

Comment by javier jofre 05.13.10 @

Round 3 No Mercy-Monch f/ MOP??????

Comment by mecbar 05.13.10 @


*ends life*

Comment by Legend 05.13.10 @

‘The Grimey way’ wins this round for me, closey followed by ‘Choose your side’.

Comment by KQ 05.13.10 @

While I Spark The Sequel (Shit!)
My Niggas Got Lungs
When We Smoke
That Shit Only Go Around Once


Comment by Legend 05.13.10 @

Bang on Em, but close second is Backwrds

Comment by goonskwad 05.13.10 @


Comment by BK's Finest 05.13.10 @

Dope post, gotta do Kanye and Hi-Tek next!

Comment by krmnl 05.13.10 @

“Backwards” is bananaz. Reminds me of late night missions down i95 in my black jeep. Played this shit out.

Comment by dirtedutch 05.13.10 @

I got to go w/ “THREE”.

“Crush Linen” is my joint but , I feel Lake’s lyrics that make the song (No diss to Alc). They were SIMPLE.CLEAR. & ON-POINT.

“I allow you to eat,cause you feeding me….. “

Comment by BKThoroughbred 05.13.10 @

Three wins…Also love P’s verse on that,Coney Island Himalayas(amusement park rid,for the outta-towners) sippin on a St. Ides Ha!

Comment by dj blendz 05.13.10 @

i cant call it. i assume this is all original tracks. im pretty sure everyone would vote dilated peoples – worst comes to worst

Comment by iLLa 05.13.10 @

Round.2 might be doper than R.D1.But still missin some heat.GHOSTFACE-THE FOREST(not even mentioned in the comments from rd.1).The L.O.X-fuego.and atleast throw in ILL BILL-the names bill if u gonna do a round 3.

Comment by BX Headache 05.13.10 @

Can we get one fro Ez Elpee and Buckwild? Cmon

Comment by thegcodes 05.13.10 @

Crushed Linen – haha! I forgot about that song.

Gotta go for Casual here as that’s probably his best post-Fear Itself track (although Turkey And Dressing is fantastic too, obv).

There really needs to be a version of that La Coka Nostra and Bun B song which cuts LCN out of it completely. Horrible cat-sacrificing fat whigga rap.

Comment by MF 05.13.10 @

Damn…this is tough!!! I gotta go with “Bang on em” for the way he flipped that montclairs sample(didn’t speed it up, chopped it at the same speed of the original) …although ‘the grimy way’ is not too far behind it…alc knows how to find them ill loops. in the beginning that’s all his shit was really, looping with some drums behind it. Then he started doing beats like Wet Wipes, Surgical Gloves, Key to the city, etc. where he would chop more. I prefer old Alc though.

Comment by Enrichment 05.13.10 @

next round:
Alchemist feat. Mr. E-On, Evidence – E=MC2
Black Opz – Battle Cry (Alchemist Remix)

this round: the grimey way!!!!

nice job robbie!

Comment by boom.bap.fiend 05.13.10 @

im feelin this shit for real. return of the mack is still fresh to this day.

Comment by dmfslimm 05.13.10 @

Here are some lesser known tracks produced by alchemist.

Big Noyd – Louder
KrumbSnatcha – Street Is Calling
John F hennessy – Fuc That
Prodigy – Stop Fronting
Prodigy – What A Real Mobb Do

Comment by AboveBeyond 05.13.10 @

Backwards and Crush Linen.

“Syringes, Carte\ier lenses, I’m not in the game — I’m in the business!” LMAO Lakey Da Kidd did his thing on that bitch!

Comment by bctw 05.13.10 @

Forgot one: Nore – Drink Champ.
Hah! Damn, none of my suggestions were succesfull.

Comment by Lexington Next 05.13.10 @

aren’t you forgetting his early-mid work with the likes of High & Mighty, etc.?

some burners there.

Comment by Arkitek 05.13.10 @

for round three:

Terror Squad – bring it on
Big Daddy Kane – The Man The Icon
Bumpy Knuckles – Tell em I’m here
That smut peddlers joint… can’t remember the name ill beat tho

Comment by JonnySimps 05.13.10 @

oh… and IM3 – Mobb Niggaz (The Sequel) – ridiculous beat

Comment by JonnySimps 05.13.10 @

No Mercy – Pharaohe & MOP

Hold You Down as mentioned

Different Worlds – Al & Big Twins

Comment by Chris 05.14.10 @

Ghostface – “The Forest”

Comment by Kize 05.14.10 @

Big Daddy Kane – The Man, The Icon.
You cannot front on that.

Comment by Antonio 05.14.10 @

Any chance of wrapping all these up into one killer zip file?

Comment by Pow 05.14.10 @

that Bang Bang is sooo sick. don’t know if it wins but it is sooo sick.

Comment by Matt 05.14.10 @

forget about that Prodigy Return of the Mac album. alchemist is kinda overlooked in ‘the discussion.’

Comment by Matt 05.14.10 @

My favorite al beat: It’s a Craze feat. Mobb Deep. Last really good Mobb Deep joint, thanks to Al.

Comment by scjoha 05.14.10 @

Dunno if it was mentioned in the previous post or not but definitely have to include Dilated Peoples – Guaranteed in this list. That beat fuckin bangs.

Comment by 45 B-FOR 05.14.10 @

Louder by Noyd needs to be in the next round, shits fire.

Comment by DJHeavyset 05.14.10 @

Family Ties, Family Ties Remix, Mobb Niggaz Sequel, Kay Slay Shit (where he LACED that “Ednita” record he joked around with) BDK – the man, the icon, My Way, Book of Rhymes, Revolutionary Warfare, Electric Chair Rhyming, Snoop – Hey You, Eastsidaz – Connected, Fresh Flowers, Write Your Name…. there’s way too many. A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-LLLLLLLLLLLCHEMIST!

Comment by SuperBADSolace 05.14.10 @

“Backwards” is that classic Mobb Deep for real. Sounds like some late 70’s game show type theme music. Remember when it came out I think it was on the Free Agent album, crazy joint.

Comment by K-V 05.14.10 @

“Tick Tock” – Mobb Deep & Alchemist
“Mastermind” – Nas
“Chase the Clouds Away” – Evidence
“We gonna Make it” – Jadakiss

Comment by MAAD 05.14.10 @

Voted for “Stock in the game” That joint is too ridiculously dope

Comment by Tokyo Cigar 05.14.10 @

‘Bangers’ with Lloyd Banks off of 1st Infantry is so dope to me — peep it if you haven’t.

ALC is a god.

Comment by Mass Plus 05.16.10 @

The Plattform, Electric Chair rhymin, Can’t stop ALC, Let yourself go, Bangers, Bangin, Boost the Crime Rate, The Pawn, E=MC2, dead end street, backwards, queens, lose your life, ALC Theme, Tryin this in a win, Tick tock, thug muzik, trials of love, keep it thoro, key to the city, mega (introduction), back at you, bring it on, bust at you, feel me, still feel me, louder, cookie monster, Fuego, street glory, who am i, right and exact, gunz and razors

there beats i like most of him hes a fcking genius!!!! greetz from germany

Comment by Westberlin 10.31.10 @

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