Video: Trem – Album Trailer
Friday May 14th 2010,
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Australia has exactly five people who can rap. Trem is one of them.

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Ho. Ly. Shit.

Comment by Crixus 05.14.10 @

FUCK YES! cant wait for this shit!

Comment by Pete 05.15.10 @

figgidy fuck

Comment by Lumberjack 05.15.10 @

turn my headphones up….
c’mon im serious

Comment by ben profane 05.15.10 @

This is going to be one of the best albums of all time. H-O-L-Y SHIT.

Comment by shaun 05.15.10 @


Comment by jesse 05.15.10 @

^ Lazy Grey.

Comment by Robbie 05.15.10 @

Unkut… damn I didnt expect american elitism from this website… too bad I have to throw in the same sack as all the other wack websites from now on.

Comment by cenzi 05.15.10 @

and too bad that the damn video didnt show shit of that 1 out of 5 MC’s rapping.. pretty dumb fuckin post for Unkut..

Comment by cenzi 05.15.10 @

I’ll try to check for it when it drops.
What’s the deal with a promo for this… but nothing for one of the UK greats, Cappo. His “Genghis” lp this year was like the “Marcburg” from across the pond, all self-produced/rapped.
Plus he’s been down with the P Brothers for most of forever.

Comment by lair 05.15.10 @

@cenzi: I like what I like. Sue me.

@lair: Cappo is dope. I’ll have to check that LP.

Comment by Robbie 05.15.10 @

American elitism is totally called for as Australia is full of wack rappers. After 2002 the scene went to shit, Although I’m seeing a slight change in that recently.

Comment by jesse 05.15.10 @

been waitin on dis since i first seen a Formulators flyer drop all those years back. What was that like 97′ or sumthn? Word up Rob u got appearences? Hit me up on the email wen ya not busy be nice to hear the whole story behind this. Peace ONE

Comment by SKANoNE 05.15.10 @

I very rarely get excited about new stuff from Aust. This though is the exception to that rule. Bring it on. Can’t wait to hear some new stuff from Trem.

Comment by Crisis 05.16.10 @


Comment by TYBO2020 05.16.10 @

Trem got dat heat comin soon

Comment by Thoro 05.16.10 @

@ jesse and robbie. That list is outdated. If you had your ears to the street you’d know about others.

Comment by gx 05.16.10 @

@gx: I know there are more than that but I don’t care to check ’em out. I’m too busy checking for rap from the Bridge and L.I. to worry about someone rapping about going up the milkbar.

Comment by Robbie 05.17.10 @

bodega, milkbar. Same dif. For the record I dont rekon the list should be heaps longer but there are some other decent artists up and about at the moment.

Comment by gx 05.17.10 @

I fux with Kings Konnected too.

Comment by Robbie 05.17.10 @

damn Robbie, no Sleeping Monk up in your head? dopest MC in the land, was/is, and i’m Victorian.

Comment by DPB 05.17.10 @

That list is pretty much correct.
Lookin forward to this, I have both those 12″s from waay back in the day… I basically don’t bother with local HipHop no more.

Comment by ILF 05.17.10 @

@ILF. If you dont bother you wouldn’t know.

Kings Konekted are def nice on the mic.

Comment by gx 05.17.10 @

Not bad for an ozzie, as I can’t get past the accent with most ozzie rap. But what’s up with N bombs?

Comment by farns 05.17.10 @

Jonah from Summer Heights High is pretty dope too

Comment by keatso 05.17.10 @

I’m totally up for suggestions. I’ve been pretty ignorant of local stuff recently. But Polo Club are ok, Forthwrite, any other suggestions?

Comment by jesse 05.18.10 @

i think alot of U.S. heads would dig Maundz.

Comment by Arkitek 05.18.10 @

This still coming out on Tape?, that’s what the “coming soon” poster from about 1998 says….

Comment by Lethal 05.18.10 @

@Lethal: Tape…and another exciting new format – the Mini-Disc.

Comment by Robbie 05.18.10 @

worst rapper to ever release vinyl in Oz is hands down Rob Natrule.

pure wackness.

probably shouldnt be throwing stones Robbie

Trem is King btw, should be an ill release.

Comment by pulse 05.18.10 @





Comment by Big Zed 05.18.10 @

Word to this, I’d put Delta on that list too though.

Comment by Requiem 05.18.10 @

hahahahha….U dickrider….theres no doubting Trems talent but there is serious doubting about his versatity..ur boys have had thier turn and where did it go??????? not very far past our shores and he was boaring as on the LC album…u heard 1-2 LC tracks, heard em all!
As for Brad Strut….he another thing….dude is dope…own style…and way more pressence on the mic…shittin on Trem…But I hear you tho…I think theres only 5-7 dudes that can rap and u may not have heard them…YET???
You a bit of a onesided dickrider(biggin up ya boyz) and have just pissed on your own doormat and will get your face rubbed in it sooner or later doggie!…hahaha….when these talented pioneers and rap legends hear your choice(if), im sure you bound to get some questions


oh Delta is garbage and so is his lil clone Dialect…both of em need a new voice…they sound like shit

Comment by goon killer 05.21.10 @

@goon killer: What list? I only mentioned Lazy Grey and Trem so far. Otherwise, top effort.

Comment by Robbie 05.21.10 @

sori to sound so pissed , i respect wat u doin…for real….but u gota allow for the unheard that will be heard very soon!!!! i really dislike local hip hop with a passion, but there are some guys worth mentioning

13th Son
Sleeping Monk
and RUCL

Comment by goon killer 05.21.10 @

oh Lazy Grey is dope…but the thing is alot of melbourne cats sound the same..I dont see a big difference between him and Trem or %50 of the rest of scence..these guys seem to be the select few that make the aussie accent sound good….mostly the voice.

Comment by goon killer 05.21.10 @

lazy greys from brisbane. Stop babbling nonsense.

Comment by gx 05.21.10 @

What ever mate, the point is they sound the same

Comment by Goon killer 05.22.10 @

Ok. Gotcha.

Comment by gx 05.22.10 @

I hate when people say Rappers sound the same…TREM hasnt even released a solo album so wait and see before you claim he cant be versatile. There is a difference between being consistent and being boring, Trem is consistent but still one of best MCs in ther world! Plus his production is awesome – this album will be sucking fick!

Comment by Stavros 11.08.10 @

there are loads of nice rappers out there doing tings in this country if you pry yourself off the NYC nuts for a minute.. guess you can relate more to slangin rocks and duckin the feds in the projects though right? one

Comment by Lewie 11.11.10 @

Blah blah fucking blah! Trem burns hands down. The aussie overall is fucking weak – a case of too many rappers and not enough fans.

And not once have I seen Bigfoot get a mention. No pun intended but theres a guy who seemd like a cant put a foot wrong with anything he does.

I gotta say also that the Crate Cartel boys have got that proper shit and whoever mentioned kings konnekted befores right. Lads got stricknine on the team so how can ya go wrong…

Comment by Yourz Truly 06.20.11 @

*aussie scene is fucking weak overall

Comment by Yourz Truly 06.20.11 @

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