Vinnie Paz feat. R.A. The Rugged Man – Nosebleed
Tuesday May 25th 2010,
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The Pazmanian Devil and R.A. combine minds again for this cut from the Vinnie’s new solo LP, Season of the Assassin.

Vinnie Paz feat. R.A. The Rugged Man – ‘Nosebleed’

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Vinnie Paz is still rapping? Yawn.

Comment by jack in the box 05.25.10 @

Rappers need to stay away from RA collabos..He’ll murder u on ur own shit.Vinnie Paz should kno that by now(Uncommon Valor)

Comment by dj blendz 05.25.10 @

Yeah, Vinnie Paz is a parody of himself.

Comment by jesse 05.25.10 @

Yea, RA kills Uncommon Valor. Most of Paz’s new shit isn’t as impressive as it use to be.

Comment by Zechmann 05.26.10 @

@dj blendz

i came here to say that.

RA is so nice with his.

Comment by ben profane 05.26.10 @

I like both of them but yeah R.A killed it…funny to me how someone on here can diss Vinnie and then like Prodigy…..

Comment by Johnny Hardcore 05.26.10 @

Vinnie Paz is still rapping? Yawn.

With all the complete and utter crap dominating the hip hop scene, Vinnie Paz is nothing resembling the enemy. You’re free to not like him, certainly. And, of course my post is biased because I do. But, really, dude is just doing him and staying true to what he does and believes hip hop should be; that’s nothing to dismiss.

Rappers need to stay away from RA collabos..He’ll murder u on ur own shit.Vinnie Paz should kno that by now(Uncommon Valor)

So what? So that means you shouldn’t a) collab with any rapper nicer than you, or b)request that any rapper who collab with you spit a wack verse? Some of the greatest, career-launching tracks in hip hop history were those where guests outshined the artist whose track it was. Guess Serch shoulda never featured Nas or Doom, EPMD never featured Redman, the Lost Boyz or Wyclef featured Canibus, Fat Joe never Big Pun, Nas himself, AZ. …Sorry, but Sosa consistently outspits Esco on collab tracks.

Comment by digglahhh 05.26.10 @

I couldn’t agree with you more digglahhh, a big big co-sign to that shit. I think vinnie paz can spit, otherwise dude wouldn’t be such a mainstay on babygrande, or have done any collabos with wu members. Granted stoupe provides dope beats, but vinnie is the face of jedi mind tricks, plus I get bored whenever I hear A.O.T.P. without vinnie on the track. R.A. is always nice on the mic, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a track with him in it I didn’t like. I will agree that the pazman has watered down his lyrics recently, he does it to appeal to more people though, not everyone can appreciate philosophical and esoteric (no 7L) rhymes that challenge the listener. He said so one time in an interview on youtube awhile back. Its sad when an emcee with lyrics that’ll blow your brains out has to dumb his shit down for hip hop/rap fans that only like to hear that crack/cocaine/gun rap. Wheres the crocheting doily rap son?

Comment by gstatty 05.27.10 @

hey gstatty,
you too can do as many collabs with wu tang members as ya like, as long as ya got enough loot. you really think the wu tang members (and sean price, etc) sought him out??? please son.
and i dont think being a “mainstay on babygrande” is a real accomplishment. thats not exactly the mid to late 80’s def jam roster right over there. (sharkey? nyoil? doap nixon? sa-ra? )

Comment by Thebeallendall 05.27.10 @

digglahhh I AGREE 100% WITH YOU!!!!!
Time to dis me now but R.A. is a dope rapper no question and the dopest REPUBLICAN Rapper(yeah he’s a moron and hyprocrite) I enjoy his music but he’s overated!!!!! I own both lps he put out the die joint and the last joint which was older material…BUT RUGGED MAN HAS NOT MADE A CLASSIC LP,Not hardly and Vinnie who isnt as lyrical and does say some angry teenage shit at times has made classic lps!
Just my opinion…Again R.A. made some classic songs but NOT a classic lp like Jedi Mind Tricks has.And R.A. is a registered Republican.And Their the party that are against freedom of speech much more than the Democrats.

Comment by DJ DAVITO 05.27.10 @

@Davito. 3 LP’s. Night of Bloody Apes certified classic. Stay in school.

Comment by ben profane 05.28.10 @

You think you know more Hip-Hop history than me, Dunny?You forgot to mention those wack CRUSTED DIBBS Music.And I have that NIGHT OF BLOODY APES down loaded and your out of your wigger mind if you think that’s a classic.
“Night of the Bloody Apes” is noooooo where on the same planet as those. Until youve heard all of those and more….who are you to tell anybody to stay in school???
I’m not into internet arguing…but youre not even in the Hip-Hop world and never record with Legends and be part of classic lps.
So you need to stay in school and get into summer school and night school.

Comment by DJ DAVITO 05.28.10 @


I pretty much agree with you re: R.A. Dude has some classic, unforgettable, tracks/verses. But as a whole he is not on my short list of elite lyricists. In fact, I don’t think it’s nearly definitive that he’s nicer than Paz. I enjoy his music a lot though, and have a lot of respect for him as an artist.

…The internet is such a polarizing medium. It’s like “I like him; he makes quality rap music” is not a legitimate opinion anymore.

Comment by digglahhh 05.28.10 @

I like both emcees, think both have great flows and have put out great songs/albums over the years, but I am quite worried about Vinny’s weight. This may seem like the most trivial thing ever, but he really needs to take better care of himself. Watch the Jedi Mind Tricks dvd and all you will see is rampant alcohol use and snack foods. He needs to take better care of himself so we can enjoy many more years of ill verses.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 05.28.10 @

this dude is worried about vinny paz’s snacking habits.

and someone called a crustified dibbs album a “classic” ????
wouldnt a classic have to at least come out?

you people are ridiculous.

Comment by Thebeallendall 05.28.10 @

If Vinnie Paz is so wack then how come Percee P put him on his album? That’s respect there.

Paz can spit, don’t front.

Comment by Requiem 05.28.10 @

Internet arguments are gayer than Eric Sermon but…

Okay Davito, you win, you’ve ‘dropped a gem’ on my 85% ass as it were.

I didn’t mean to step on your ellesse but you just didn’t count the number of LP’s correctly ergo “stay in school”. I’m not claiming you don’t know anything about hip hop, or that you’re not the supreme ayatollah of hip hop knowledge, just saying you can’t count: Bloody Apes. Die, Rugged Man Die and the compilation make 3 (if you can count the last one as a record, more of a compilation, but it did seem as if you considered it as a record.) The other possibility is that you don’t consider Crustified Dibbs and R.A. to be the same artist, which, if that’s what you were doing, point taken about R.A. only having 2 records out. That’s more of a semantic and philosophical question about names and the continuity of self. I can’t answer that one.

As for classic status, yeah, if you name 20 albums that everyone considers as classics (especially if you do it in all caps) maybe NoBA will have a hard time standing up to a Muddy Waters or a Funky Technician. There are some real gems on Bloody Apes and i do admit, it’s status as a classic maybe questionable to some – especially those who disagree so strongly with R.A.’s political affiliations (on a quick tangent, i think you would be surprised at the number of hip hop artists whose views tend to be located at the the more conservative end of the political spectrum – Prodigy seems to be a libertarian for one).

I’m not part of the hip hop world like you apparently are, i’m not an mc or a dj,i don’t break or bomb on trains, i’m not in the zulu nation and i don’t belong to the temple of hip hop. I’ve “never record with Legends and be part of classic lps” so, Davito, you have me beat, a neophyte such as myself could never determine a classic LP from a garbage LP without your benevolent instruction.

I’m just a linguist (in school by the way) who reads unkut on his phone while taking dumps so i can stop thinking about the hypothetical *p in southern tungus for a few minutes a day.

Anyway, sorry you got so offended Davito. Some people like cucumbers pickled. Unkut forum is all yours, pal. I’m ghost.

B. Profane
29 years old
Ignorant Listener of Hip Hop
(my first tape was Apocalypse ’91)

Comment by ben profane 05.28.10 @

>>If Vinnie Paz is so wack then how come Percee P put him on his >>album? That’s respect there

no, actually thats called a trade of verses. instead of payment, because all these indy label dudes are broke (fact) they say “do a verse on my record, ill do one for yours later”
happens with verses all the time these days, and beats.
in the case of him getting sean price, the gza etc. that was straight up handing out dough for a verse. you dont see vinny on their records do ya?
come on people. this isnt rocket science. its (terrible) hiphop 2010 style.

Comment by Thebeallendall 05.29.10 @

I’d just like to say that Violent By Design is a better release than anything R.A. has put out.

R.A. is a better rapper than Vinnie though.

I’d love to hear a R.A. LP over Stoupe beats. Make THAT happen.

Comment by pulse 05.30.10 @


I don’t understand. You’ve advanced some internally contradictory opinions here, so let’s try to sort them out for a second. Here’s a list of some of the things you’ve implied.

1. When two artists trade verses for payment, this is because they are broke and not because they have any respect for one another as artists. So, the fact that Percee P collabs with Vinny doesn’t indicate in any way that Percee is a fan of Vinny, just that they are both broke. Presumably, this is backed up by the fact that Percee does all kinds of collabos with artists he doesn’t respect because he has to fill so many guest spots on the endless stream of material he releases at the pace of G-Unit mixtapes. He does this even though his collaborators, like Vinny, have no mainstream appeal and don’t help his album sales. So, he picks wack, broke rappers to collab with for the sake of it even though they add nothing to his albums’ quality or appeal. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

b-b-b-b-but wait it’s gets worse…

2. Even though you imply the above, it is also true that if you accept payment for a collab, that means that you don’t really respect the artist, unless of course you subsequently pay him to appear on one of your tracks. So, Percee P doesn’t respect Paz because he didn’t get paid to collab with him, yet GZA doesn’t respect Paz because he did get paid. Interesting.

Obviously, you don’t like Vinny Paz as an artist. That’s cool. You could have just said that without voluntarily displaying your inability to advance a coherent line of argumentation. …Yet another example of people’s opinions being more defensible before they actually attempt to defend them.

And, FTR, the notion that Paz is a dope rapper because Percee P cosigns him is a ridiculous criterion on which to make a decision. But, your implication that somehow GZA and Sean P’s, alleged lack of respect for him furthers the opposite conclusion is equally idiotic. These are really the standards by which he judge rappers – whether other rappers we like seem to like them?

Comment by digglahhh 05.31.10 @

Vinnie Paz just like the 1st comment YAWn, fucken dumb cunt, Has everyone forgoten the 1st Jedi Mind Album…..its the most confusing backback nerd fest to date….then 3-4 years later hes a one dimmmentional thug who has nothing interesting or original to say for 10 albums later…..

Violent buy design was dope when it came out and visons of ghandi is dope too..but after that….shut up…change it up a bit Mr homo lover

Comment by goon killer 06.01.10 @

The new Vinnie Paz shit is kinda one-dimensional…and having guest appearances on your album don’t mean shit, you can get underground rappers on your track for really cheap (Copywrite: a couple hundred bucks…RA is dope, his new style is sick, with the multiple compound syllables… Diabolic is the truth!

Comment by DetroitEmsee 11.20.10 @

@thebeallendall Now that I know more about babygrande, i gotta say the pazman is stuck there until he gets out of his contract, but the guy can still spit, he definitely pays for his wu affiliations, but he’s got hidden intellect

Comment by gstatty 12.07.10 @

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