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It’s only right that RealHipHopHead be applauded for taking rap blog commenting to the next level by taking the time to mention every single person who commented on the Kool Moe Dee Vs. LL Cool J post from early 2008…last week.

“Roger Jones
Mike Diack

The ONLY people here with sense!

I read all your other comments and the reasons you have for saying LL Cool J beat Kool Moe Dee are just downright stupid. You clowns don’t know anything about Rap battles. You probably got MTV or VH1 on right now.

Bob Carson’s dumb ass says because LL is a “millionaire”. Bob, LL did movies, books, TV, albums, and a clothing line. THAT’S why he’s a “millionaire”. If Moe Dee had battled Will Smith, your stupid ass would be saying the same thing, idiot.

Blkdog, Brock, Mike G, finah111, Fosterakahunter,
It’s not a battle of producers and rappers. That’s why it’s called a RAP BATTLE, not a PRODUCER & RAPPER battle. I mean, wouldn’t that mean that Marley & Teddy were also feuding? Huh idiots? RAP = LYRICAL.

Jaz LL “won the war of words”? Words = Lyrics. You obviously know nothing about that.
Moe Dee fired direct shots using LL’s name. LL vaguely talked about Moe Dee. Furthermore, LL didn’t even mention Moe Dee by name.

antipop your just as dumb as Jaz’s gay ass. KMD didn’t “come too late”. M S K Y O was in 1990. F F W was 91, stupid. You must actually be “antirap” because you don’t know jack about it.

bbatson and shamz, disses never killed anyone’s career, it’s Kool Moe Dee not softening himself to appeal to the pop audence like LL Cool J did to keep selling albums.

haroon, LL still has a career because of what i just mentioned. But for your idiotic ass, they were having a “battle of the careers” it was LYRICS.

End Level Boss Took Moe Dee, Ice and Hammer out with one song? You wouldn’t even know who he was talking to if you didn’t know of the situation. Moe Dee killed, Ice T just slapped him. another dumb ass you are.

flow, you don’t know sh*t from shinola either.” - RealHipHopHead, June 23, 2010

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  1. I honestly cannot even remember what my comment was, but, for the record, I always preferred Moe Dee to Cool J; I just couldn’t go for all the Teddy tracks that dude chose to rhyme over.

  2. It’s kinda creepy dude tried to son me over a year later….WOW….You know good and damn well, L.L. murked Moe Dee….

    PERIOD….” You got the nerve to have them Star Trak shades on “…

  3. rofl..hahaaaa…thats some funny ass shit. sounds like i know who this dude is, under a different name. That’s hilarious how he went after everybody 2 years later though, and “You probably got MTV or VH1 on right now.” Lolz..

  4. @ Mercilesz..

    I already slayed you a long time ago, you are still a fruitcake that rides my dick in 2010…

    Never watched a episode of Star Trek in my life, so I’m good….You on the other hand are probably still cranking out sub-par, emo type beats that no one gives a fuck about….


  5. Haha what a loser, he can’t even read what people actually say, what I wrote back in 2008 still makes perfect sense to me.