Final: What Is Show’s Greatest Beat?

Let’s get this decided…it’s pretty clear that this is basically ‘Spit’ vs. ‘Sound of Da Police’ based on previous results. If I was a betting man, I’d have my cash on the Blastmasta. But I’ve been wrong before – maybe one of the wild card entries will seize victory?

Show & AG – ‘Spit’

Showbiz & AG feat. Big L, Deshawn & Lord Finesse – ‘Represent’

KRS-One – ‘Sound of Da Police’

Sadat X – ‘Stages & Lights’

Big L – ‘Devil’s Son’

Fat Joe feat. Big Pun And Raekwon – ‘Firewater’

*Wild card* Showbiz & AG – ‘Party Groove’ [Bass Mix]

*Wild card* Showbiz & AG – ‘Hold Ya Head’

Final: What Is Show's Best Beat?

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Comment by donaleski 06.11.10 @


Comment by Sublime 06.11.10 @

Spit >>>

Comment by hl 06.12.10 @

Hold Ya Head was nice, but got to stick to my original choice … The Devil’s Son. Always hated that KRS track … ! Banging beat, but that corny whoopin and corny reggae twang didn’t do much for me … !

Comment by Brock 06.12.10 @

sound of the police is more well known! not a bad song but spit kills that song all day!!firewater and a few others are better than sound of the police!

Comment by aRKayeM 06.12.10 @

nah ‘sound of the police’ wins, eff whut u heard

Comment by dj blendz 06.12.10 @


Comment by ABROCK 06.12.10 @

Hold Ya Head was nice, but got to stick to my original choice … The Devil’s Son. Always hated that KRS track … ! Banging beat, but that corny whoopin and corny reggae twang didn’t do much for me … !

Check out 8 Bars To Catch A Body by Freddie Foxxx.

Comment by Lotuz 06.12.10 @

Yo this is hitting hard. It’s my second favorite track to that fire song by Nate dogg/ Curren$y’s ‘let’s get it crackin’…nice

Comment by Sheely 06.12.10 @

THX 4 the luv !!!!!! DITC RIP BIGL

Comment by SHOW 06.12.10 @

shpit is the joint for me. blown retarded.

Comment by lair 06.12.10 @

I’ll take “stages & lights” for 300 alex…

Comment by QUNYC 06.12.10 @

all super dope tracks in this final poll, but i give the nod to KRS – that chemistry is unbetable. every song they made together are crazy, that would be one of the illest duos ever

Comment by claaa7 06.12.10 @

All dope , but to me his best track is Firewater.

Comment by chillo 06.12.10 @

“I’ll take “stages & lights” for 300 alex…”


Comment by OpnHds 06.12.10 @

Respect to Show for making so many classics and also for coming through with a comment ! Do you have a personal favourite beat ? Peace.

Comment by CrateDigga78 06.13.10 @

Write-in for “Next Level.” You fucking dorks.

Comment by A'Pex 06.13.10 @


Comment by bx10473 06.13.10 @

My fav will always be Fat pockets remix. I remember when I first saw that video on “Video Music Box” back in NYC, thats all we talked about the next day in HS. That same weekend I went to 125th and got suited up in tims and army fatigues, that song was big for Uptown (Harlem and Bronx).

As far as this list I picked party grooves jus cuz it takes me back, but spit is definetly hot.

Comment by Big Gist from brooklyn 06.13.10 @

All dope but none the dopest, that seat is reserved for More than one way out the ghetto, of course!

Comment by PAS 06.14.10 @

Seriously, can’t go past Devils Son for me…it gets no harder IMO

Comment by Madcap 06.14.10 @

@CrateDigga78 nah i dont but some i like more den others!

Comment by SHOW 06.14.10 @

Thanks very much Show. Peace & Respect.

Comment by CrateDigga78 06.14.10 @

Showbiz is one of the TOP underated produces of hiphop,whos beats has DEFINITELY recreated new spectrums for produces.MY FAVORITES.Unbelievable with pun,fat joe,kool g rap and b reel,Down with freestyle professors(HARD SHIT)fat pockets (remix)and the album he did for that canadian rapper(can’t remember his name) SICK!Also return of the funky man for finesse.DOPE SHIT And Of course Diggin in tha crates FUCKIN CLASSIC!

Comment by dj spins 06.15.10 @

@ dj spins….that Pun b real KGR n FJ track is called “wishful thinkin”

Comment by jlajikal 06.16.10 @

I can’t believe ‘Spit’ is nosing ahead of ‘Sound of Da Police’, not to detract from ‘Spit’, I like it, it’s a nice beat….but ‘Sound of Da Police’ is a fucking anthem, the sort of track that could soundtrack a fucking riot.

Comment by don king 06.18.10 @

i think i originally voted for represent on the other “what is greatest show beat” because of big L ripping it at the beginning, but yeah spit is definitely the dopest beat

Comment by gstatty 06.22.10 @

Show, I appreciate you’ve concentrated on your production as opposed to your rhyming for a long time now but I just wondered do you ever still pick up the mic to perform classics like fatpockets on tour ? Finally, do you have any contact details (like myspace, twitter etc) so people can keep up to date with your future projects ? Thanks.

Comment by CrateDigga78 06.22.10 @

Honestly Show B-I’s had a lotta joints but there was ONE beat of his that was so ill that I could never find.

It was around the 21 min. mark in that Beat Diggin’ documentary (used to be on YouTube but it was taken down). [ Here‘s an alt. link ]

Anybody heard this before/know where it’s from?

Comment by jzs 06.29.10 @

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