Reviewing The Reviewers

This was amusing…four members of the Internets Commenting Committee who were less than thrilled with my opinion on Kanye‘s song:

fiasco says:

Reading the Unkut review brings me back to why I stopped reading that site. They are so in love with their own authenticity they constantly listening to terrible music because it’s “real”.


Well I guess somebody needed to give him 2 1/2, lol. gave the worst review I have ever read (Bono & Sting?) and it sure looks awkward amongst all the 4 and 5 ratings. I would have argued about the mix before I talked about navel-gazing. Really?


Robbie and Unkut really did give a fairly weak review. Half of that write up was dedicated to lenghty ass similies. You tripping if you think otherwise


THe Unkut bad review does not surprise me at all. Whoever does their reviews of albums clearly has a slanted view of music nowadays. Specifically it seems that they are stuck in the 90’s and they want to bring it back desperately . Don’t get me wrong the Unkut site is based on giving props to 90’s artist, which I love. Except they give almost every album review a good review, for those 90’s artists. The problem is that most of them don’t deserve a high praise. A lot of those albums are half-ass to say the least. Listen I am from that era and I do want those artists to still succeed, but don’t front like the albums they are putting out now are on the same level as their old stuff. Most of the time they are not, sorry Robbie Ettelson that’s the truth about your site.

And four clear-minded individuals who kept it 100:

Kid Captain Coolout

Props to Unkut for keeping it eye-level. When Kanye stays out of Other Peoples Politics, he gets unbiased critique. That’s a formula that will work for him and it’s proven on this entry. Stick to the music and kill the shenanigans

LeWave ’s revue was the most accurate. This song is trash, kanYe is trash. Period


props to Robbie Ettelson + Unkut… this song sucks.


Tastemakers? More like dickriders. Most gave it a 4 (and some gave it a perfect 5!). What the fuck? Did we lower our standards? The truth is that the song is decent – the beat is cool and the lyrics are garbage. And wtf is this “I’m just glad he’s rapping again” bullshit? He still has to make good music! I don’t care what he does – rapping, singing, producing. It still has to be good!! What happened to having standards and being an independent thinker? Props to unkut for having at least having an opinion and not following the herd of sycophantic short-sighted pseudo-hiphop hypocrites who don’t give a shit.

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I agreed with your view. Seems the other reviewers weren’t willing to trash Kanye. Time will tell.

Comment by My Type of Hype 06.01.10 @

I thought you were being pretty kind about it too…
That song is 100% ass as is most of kanye’s egotistical output.

Comment by RowanB 06.01.10 @

Wow that kanye track is ass, sounds like hes rapping over an indian pow wow beat lol.

Comment by AboveBeyond69 06.01.10 @

Honesty is always the best policy!

Comment by JP 06.01.10 @

Didn’t like the beat or the rapping


Bring back the 70’s,80’s and 90’s!

Comment by Jaz 06.01.10 @

…Tastemakers? More like dickriders
Like most of them media assholes who trying to be “relevant”.
Go Robbie!

Comment by andrewfromrussia 06.01.10 @

Yeah I was reading the other reviews and AONN’s comments some it up perfectly, what a bunch of clowns, they all was ass grazing Ye’s backside like a bunch starving cattle.. And I love how as soon as we expect more from hip hop artists than cheesy simpleton beats, uninspired lyrics and an overly simplified delivery we are written off as “stuck in the 90’s” how much BS is that… What a shitfest – alright Imma go listen to Exxecution again and feel better…

Comment by The J 06.01.10 @

I didn’t even listen to the song, so low has my opinion of Kanye sunk. So you were probably right in your review. Kanye sucks.

Comment by Mag7Music 06.01.10 @

I’m just glad I found this site where I can be stuck wherever the fuck I want to. Every time Kanye opens his mouth, God molests a kitten.

Comment by A'Pex 06.01.10 @

Agreed… I read a bunch of internets posts before listening to that joint and I was expecting like revolutionary boom bap or somethin @ least;mufuckas was salivating to hold this songs nutsack! And then I heard the joint… “MAN FUCK THAT!!” (c) Ol Dirty —- The truth is; that it’s the dickriders that ruin shit, this song could have just leaked out and made it’s way into the atmosphere and what not and it would have been ‘ok’ here today gone tomorrow whatever; but no…There is just too many skirts thesedays!

Comment by bboycult 06.01.10 @

S1 produced the track for Kanye. Isn’t he like an underground god producer or something?

Comment by Thomas 06.01.10 @

@Mag7Music. I agree totally, I didn’t listen to the song either, but I feel the review from Unkut, albeit harsh was probably the most truthful. I never liked Kanye and I don’t think being subjected to another one of his (most likely) hideous attempts at music will change my opinion.

Wu-Tang is for the children.

Comment by Crisis 06.02.10 @


Comment by TYBO2020 06.02.10 @

I wasn’t expecting much from the rhyme anyway, but from all the hype i thought the beat was gonna be bannanas, but when I heard it the beat wasn’t that hot either, kinda different sounding but yeah not the revolution that all these trendies were proclaiming…

Comment by JonnySimps 06.02.10 @

Jesus christ- where do I start?

First of all, to the person who said that this site jocks certain shit- what do you expect? Do you expect someone’s tastes to be all over the place? This site makes no secret about its Queensbridge bias. Guess what? All listeners do. I’ve always had a bias. I’ve been telling people how dope Pacewon is for 15 years and Elzhi for close to ten. So when a new Pace or El album drops, I’m prolly gonna like it… That’s not to say it’s always gonna be dope (Pacewon’s Telepathy album was a mess), but I went into it wanting to like it. Like Tribe’s Beats, Rhymes, and Life- sure, objectively it doesn’t live up to their older shit but I like the album because I like those guys and was pleased with the overall product. What would you prefer? Robbie’s telling you what he likes, he’s not making factual statements. If says the new Rocky Marciano is dope, I believe him because I’ve always liked Roc. If he says all this crazy shit about how good the new Big Twinz is, do I necessarily believe him? No, but it’s his opinion and he’s entitled to it. As long as he’s not on the take (and I don’t believe he is) I don’t have a problem with him praising anyone’s new records.

To a certain degree, I don’t even understand why people write really negative reviews. Talk about a bias- that’s where biases appear the most. Why review the new Nicki Minaj record when you know it’s gonna be bad? When you know you won’t like it. I mean, if you really believe it’s good, then go for it. But most reviewers wanna bash the new Young Joc album as soon as they get the chance. Why?- To prove you were right? 85 percent of people think he sucks. I knew I was gonna hate the last Cage album, Depart From Me, and this is after I said the Leak Bros. album was one of the top three albums. Why would I write a review telling everyone how bad it is? In my opinion, if you heard it you know how bad it is, and I’ll leave it at that. But in most cases, I don’t understand why anyone would write a majority of negative reviews. It’s cheap journalism, and in some cases, it makes people care less about your opinion. Who wants to guess Pitchfork doesn’t like the next anticon release- 5 years after dickriding them? Oh they love the new Clipse? After a half-decade of degrading mainstream hip hop? That’s why no one cares what they say… So, again, I appreciate it when Robbie writes a review about something he likes. It’ll make me check for it. I’d rather have someone tell me what they like and what they don’t. Hey, I’m hungry- anyone want to tell me about 2-star restaurant?

Now, in the case of Robbie’s Kanye review- it’s a little different. Somebody asked him what he thought- it’s not just him saying shit when no one asked him to. Somebody wanted to know what he thought- now, of course he’s gonna give his opinion. Am I surprised he didn’t like it? No, he had a history of not liking Kanye’s music. It doesn’t mean it’s superdope and he’s hating nor does it mean that it’s the worst record ever. He’s just saying that he didn’t like it. I thought it was okay- maybe like a 3/5, but hey, I like Kanye. I wanted to like the record. Overall, I thought it was what it was- a good, not great record. Like Robbie, I hated that Eminem song and I knew I’d dislike it. But I’m not going around telling everyone how horrible it is because what’s the point? It is what it is. However, if I thought it was good, I’d prolly tell a few people.. and that’s why most people read reviews still- to find out what’s good.

Comment by Daniel Beaulieu 06.02.10 @

lmao. props

Comment by bloodshed 06.02.10 @

BTW I meant the Leak Bros. album was one of the top 3 albums of 2004, not in the history of music.. hahah.

Comment by Daniel Beaulieu 06.02.10 @

those who are slagging have (unwittingly) nailed why I keep my subscription to Unkut as my interest in other hip hop blogs wane. keep on keepin’ on robbie. the song is pants i fail to understand how anyone could see it differently

Comment by Jim 06.03.10 @

after having listened to the ye track, the ending is corny, the beat is quite banging, most of it is not so good, at 2:45 he almost begins spitting some rapid fire, high caliber, and then it just goes back to boring slow mo raps with his retarded drawl, gonna have to agree with you 100 on this Robbie, eff those marks who ride ye like a horse at the rodeo, the track was rather meh, the beat better than the spitting

Comment by gstatty 06.04.10 @

I think its fine for Robbie to be super-critical. I don’t know about anyone else, but when its time to recommend music, I usually will take the word of someone who hates everything over just about anyone else. I would download, say, a Counterstrike mixtape or the Intervention by DJ Davito before I fucked with anything those other dudes had on their sites.

Comment by daboroboy 06.06.10 @

Love this site but I’m gonna do a lone dissenting voice thing here and say it: the track is not great, but it’s not as wack as you say. I hated it on the first listen but it grows on you. Beat is pretty rocking. Lyrics suck except for at the 2-minute mark the verses are pretty strong and the line about being ‘the abomination of Obama’s nation.’ Dwele’s vocals at the end are cool. He’s made much worse (and better) music. I’d give it a solid three stars.

To all the people saying everything Kanye’s ever done is wack, y’all are nuts.

Comment by ans 06.06.10 @

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