Round 2: What Is Show’s Greatest Beat?

For the second round knock out, let’s focus on the work Showbiz was contributed to his D.I.T.C. peoples. The final round will of course be dedicated to his classic work with Andre The Giant

Round 1

Big L – ‘Devil’s Son’

Big L – ‘No Endz, No Skinz’

Big Pun – ‘Parental Discretion’

Diamond D – ‘Sally Got A One Track Mind’ [Showbiz Remix]

D.I.T.C. – ‘All Love’ [Remix]

Fat Joe feat. Big Pun And Raekwon – ‘Firewater’

Fat Joe – ‘I Got This In A Smash’

Lord Finesse feat. Percee-P and AG – ‘Yes You May’

Milano – ‘Deal With A Feeling’

OC – ‘The Crow’

Round 2: What Is Show's Best Beat?

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Firewater was too serious and it was the 1st time I heard pun…
but ummm…
soul clap? jingle jangle? nexx level?
whats the verdict?

Comment by QUNYC 06.04.10 @

^ Dres did ‘Jingle Jangle’, and Show & AG tracks are all in Round 3.

Comment by Robbie 06.04.10 @

Devil’s Son goes hard!!!!

Comment by Brock 06.04.10 @

the Crow followed closely by Deal w a feelin. it was a hard descion but the Crow is just unique even amongst Show beats. Ive never heard a heavir piano line.

I cant see why anyone would vote for “yes you may” tho lol Now it would be diffrent if u were talkin about the T Ray remix….

Comment by ABROCK 06.04.10 @

There is NO fucking with Firewater…

Comment by Iggy Chop 06.04.10 @

I vote Parental Discretion. It’s simple but effective.

Comment by hl 06.04.10 @

I always thought Buckwild did Devil’s Son. Oh well…Firewater was exactly that.

Comment by oskamadison 06.04.10 @

The Crow.

Comment by OpnHds 06.04.10 @

KRS 1 – friend, wicked beat

Comment by antony112 06.04.10 @

This is like asking a parent who is your favorite kid in front of the kids on christmas.
I loved everything hes ever done.”Fat Pockets” is up there and the remix…SOUL CLAP….SILENCE OF THE LAMBS might be my favorite.
And DEAL WITH A FEELING was the greastest Beat he did for somebody besides AG.

Comment by DJ DAVITO 06.04.10 @

What about “Stand Strong” ?…….That is some evil sounding shit…Straight murder..

Comment by SHAMZ 06.04.10 @

firewater up against these tracks one cant go wrong.. the original all luv was better.. deal wit a feeling is hot also.. some of these beats are some of his worst shit imo.who makes the list to choose from??

Comment by aRKayeM 06.04.10 @

gotta go with ‘firewater’ from this list..but NO’drop it heavy’ is a big over-sight imo

Comment by dj blendz 06.04.10 @

^ ‘Drop It Heavy’ is in the next round, seeing as though it’s off a Show & AG record.

Comment by Robbie 06.04.10 @

I have to think on this one, great tracks to choose from though.

Comment by Jaz 06.05.10 @

Devil’s Son is best in this round but there is sure to be a few belters in the final round!!

Comment by Big Braveheart 06.05.10 @

Robbie, are you getting pissed off with all these cats mentioning Show and AG material, yet?!? Take ’em to school! Amazing site, one for the true heads…..

Comment by vollsticks 06.05.10 @

I voted ‘Firewater’, although I was almost leaning toward the ‘Sally…’ remix. I tend to forget he did that, cause it’s a Diamond record so I always assumed he did it.

But yeah, “Firewater’.

I don’t even like the beat to ‘Devil’s Son’, to be honest. I liked L’s lyrics enough to like the song, but yeah… not my fav. beat of Show’s by far.


Comment by DANJ! 06.05.10 @

sally remix easily…that loop is so sick

Comment by mercilesz 06.05.10 @

sorry fellas eye gotta add my late ass two cents in… 7% vote on yes you may? damn, that beat was the most technical had loops , it had mad chops,and it was bouncy to makes you wanna wild out on a dance floor.PLUS!!! CLASSIC CLASSIC lyrical content!!!!!!!!!!!!!come on.. listen to them drums! peace im audi!

Comment by shosuki 06.05.10 @

There’s a big track missing here – it’s a joint he laced for O.C. and released on the Japanese label Next Level Recordings called ‘Showtime’.

Comment by Ross 06.05.10 @

…also, DITC’s Way of Life.

Comment by Ross 06.05.10 @

Of the joints on here, “Firewater” is the choice. Extra credit for A.L., Eddie Brock, Swigga killing even worse than the original line-up did on that Mekalek and Unknown mixtape that is the best mixtape of all time that nobody ever mentions in the discussions about best mixtapes of all time.

Overall, though, it’s “Next Level.”

Comment by digglahhh 06.06.10 @

Dres might have his name on the beat, but Jingle Jangle is Showbiz like Journey Into Fear is Orson Welles, The Longest Nite is Johnny To, and The Thing (’51) is Howard Hawks.

Comment by Lam Suet 06.06.10 @

“Jingle Jangle” is Showbiz like “Dope on Plastic” is MC Shan, and like “I got an attitude” is Rakim…

Comment by ABROCK 06.06.10 @

devil’s son is a dirty sounding beat, the best of showbiz imo, why is it that dirty, grimy sounding beats that sound like a producer’s early work is always the best (see rza’s catalog), matter of fact, rza for the next greatest beat segment, even though his body of work is almost too big

Comment by gstatty 06.07.10 @

“JINGLE JANGLE” is neither a SHOW or DRES track!! It was produced by MOLECULES of THE LEGION!!! SHOW produced WHOs IT ON PT1 on THE LEGIONs album. They all ran togethr during THE GOLDEN ERA OF HIP HOP!The original GIANT IN A MENTAL off of the cassette tape they sold in the streets made me a BELIEVER! SHOWS THE TRUTH!!……..SHOUT OUT TO ALL BRONX BLOCKS…..1

Comment by bx10473 06.13.10 @

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