Round 3: What Is Show’s Greatest Beat?

Truth be told, the entire Runaway Slave album should be nominated for Show‘s greatest work with Andre The Giant, but since I’m sticking to the script of ten per round, that’s not going to happen. I don’t want to sway the votes here, but you’d be hard-pressed to find better beats than ‘Medicine’ and ‘Stand Strong’ in any producers discography.

Round 1

Round 2

Showbiz & AG – ‘Soul Clap’ [Off Beat Mix]

Show & AG feat. Diamond D – ‘Put It In Your System’

Show & AG feat. KRS-One & Big Pun – ‘Drop It Heavy’

Show & AG – ‘Medicine’

Show & AG – ‘Next Level’

Show & AG – ‘Spit’

Show & AG – ‘Stand Strong’

Showbiz & AG feat. Big L, Deshawn & Lord Finesse – ‘Represent’

Showbiz & AG feat. Diamond D – ‘Still Diggin’

Showbiz & AG – ‘Fat Pockets’ [Radio Remix]

Round 3: What Is Show's Best Beat?

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Comment by ABROCK 06.07.10 @

Definitely Spit. That whole EP is a classic!

Comment by HipHopHistorian 06.07.10 @

Drop It Heavy

Comment by BK's Finest 06.07.10 @

Spit >>>

Drop it Heavy is crazy too. That EP was mean…

Comment by hl 06.07.10 @

these are some good ones !!! spit tops this list. last two lists also. where in the hell was boom bap off oc & ag oasis???

Comment by aRKayeM 06.07.10 @

I’m still waitin’ on that “Hold Ya Head”!

One of the best lines off that album came from Showbiz, “Young Boys thought they was ready… step to this, they made wrong moves cause that ass got rock steady”

There was a cymbal crash in the beat as he was saying the last part of the line for even greater effect! Shit was the best!

Comment by Sublime 06.07.10 @

Ok, I was off-topic for a second, my vote would go for “Represent” because I played that song til words rubbed off. What was Big L like 15 years old? Crazy.

Comment by Sublime 06.07.10 @

I went for Fat Pockets remix because it just sounds so damn good and was great early stuff from Show, Drop It Heavy and Represent were cool too and i aslos have to agree with Sublime that i did love Hold Ya Head – slammin’ joint and should’ve been on list!

Comment by Big Braveheart 06.07.10 @

drop it heavy all day…but the medicine and fat pockets rmx come in close too

Comment by dj blendz 06.07.10 @

still diggin…..easily

Comment by mercilesz 06.07.10 @

Where the fuck is Party Groove!? Nothing is messin’ wit dat shit. Nothing.

Comment by crusher 06.07.10 @

Under pressure is another smoker…but spit is too evil!

Comment by Dialect 06.07.10 @

Of the list..Still Diggin.

Another vote here for Hold Ya Head.

Comment by Beatlover 06.07.10 @

Co sign Spit.

Comment by PetePablo 06.07.10 @

Again all tracks here are dope as hell. But Next Level can’t be compared. That might be my favorite beat in all of Hip Hop. If I could only listen to one song for the rest of my life it would be that.

Comment by A'Pex 06.07.10 @

So many classics.

Comment by eric 06.08.10 @

“Represent” all day.

Which also happens to be the greatest posse cut of all time as well.

Comment by Hooligan 06.08.10 @

goodfellas all day.

Comment by swordfish 06.08.10 @

Showbiz & AG feat. Big L, Deshawn & Lord Finesse – ‘Represent’ for me EVERYONE just destroys the mic and Show’s Jack Bruce sampling beat is ridiculous.

Comment by Jaz 06.08.10 @


I would say “The Symphony” for the 80’s and “Represent” for the 90’s?.

Comment by Jaz 06.08.10 @

Got shocked not to see Hold Ya Head on the list. That is top 3 from Runaway Slave any day.
Went for Represent.

Comment by Grass 06.08.10 @

uh, thats a tough decision. robbie you named it, the whole runaway slave should be nominated here. voted for “Fat Pockets”, even if “40 Acres And My Props” is my fav. joint on the LP.

Comment by Benson 06.08.10 @

Never know your luck, ‘Hold Ya Head’ might appear as a wild card entry in the final…

Comment by Robbie 06.08.10 @

Next Level

Comment by OpnHds 06.08.10 @

“Which also happens to be the greatest posse cut of all time as well.”

Represent is great but I’d have to point towards something like Live at the BBQ for that honour.

I went for Medicine as it creates such an atmosphere. For me, the Premo remix of Next Level was better (probably why it comes before the original on Goodfellas).

Comment by Ross 06.09.10 @

Voted for ‘Next Level’… I was teetering btwn that and the ‘Fat Pockets’ remix.

I woulda taken ‘Soul Clap’ had it been the original version and not that one, and ‘Party Groove’ not being on here is wild.


Comment by DANJ! 06.09.10 @

Or Catchin wreck for that matter…or even diggin in the crates….

Comment by mercilesz 06.09.10 @

I had to vote represent, thats just classic DITC shit right there

Comment by gstatty 06.11.10 @

I just wanna say thx fellas 4 the luv and support ova the yrs!! Im blessed 2 be apart of hiphop in pure form,blogs and comments like this is wat keeps me knowing that it was and will always be a lane 4 wat we as hiphop heads do! THX DITC RIP BIGL!!!

Comment by SHOW 06.12.10 @

Robbie THX 4 THE LUV !!!! UNKUT!!

Comment by SHOW 06.12.10 @

Couldn’t vote for “Next Level” becuz the Primo remix got too much burn. I voted for “Fat Pockets”… and I couldn’t agree more with Danji on that “Soul Clap”/”Party Groove” comment. The original Soul Clap was the hardest and the version of “Party Groove” with the horns and Chuck D’s “wicked!!” is the greatest!

Comment by Kid Captain Coolout 06.19.10 @

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