TR Love & DJ Moe Love Release Ultramagnetic Foundation Album

Those of you who caught the early snippets of the Ultra re-union project may have been dissapointed when you heard the finished album, which seemed to have no trace of DJ Moe Love or TR Love, and sounded more like a Kool Keith album featuring Ced-Gee. Now those original sessions have been collected for the Ultra Laboratory Stories album, which is out now in digital form and will be available on double vinyl and CD through Black Pegasus in a couple of weeks. I caught up with Moe and TR to find out what went down:

Robbie: What’s the story on the new album?

TR Love: It’s an album of all our production – me, myself and Maurice production – from the last three Ultra albums and other side things we were working on, and we tried to pull the best songs that we had, production-wise. There were some discrepancies going on during the production of the record. We didn’t get a chance to use the records the way we wanted to, so we’ve got an opportunity to use them now.

Moe Love: Most of the songs on this album are songs that we did during the time that we were making Best Kept Secret. What happened was Ced and Keith wanted to do the album – they wanted to have creative control on the album – so some of the songs on this album were meant to be on that album. Since these guys don’t want these songs on the album, me and TR decided to put them out ourselves.

TR Love: This is our first volume, we’ve got two other volumes that are ready to go as well, but we’re just going to see how it feels with the masses. If people like it then we’ll come back with the other ones.The next project is a Street Ruckus album that we’re putting out, and that’s leading up to my solo album. It’s going to be mostly my production, and it’s also going to have Moe’s production and my other partner Ariel. I’ve been talking to Moe Bee, Primo, Pete Rock and Large Professor and a couple of other cats…Finesse. We just trying to do some collaborations and do some things and get situated.

Where is Fred Beanz from?

Moe Love: That’s one of TR’s partners. He’s from the Boogie-Down Bronx.

TR Love: We have a new group called Street Ruckus MC’s, he’s one of the main vocalists in the group. They’ve been around me for a little while, I was just nurturing them, trying to get them ready while I was doing my other little Ultra stuff and Raw Breed and things of that nature. I had them in the cut, waiting, trying to get them ready and getting them situated with the game and the business so they could understand what they’re dealing with when it’s time for them to come out.

How did you feel about the Best Kept Secret album?

Moe Love: I never liked that album, to be honest. They did the album within one week! It definitely wasn’t a Critical Beatdown album…[laughs] Ultra fans I’m quite sure were very disappointed when they heard that album – to be honest, I was very disappointed too when I heard the album.

There seems to be a lot of unreleased Ultra material to choose from.

Moe Love: Some of the songs that are on this album are songs we did within the last five or six years. But back in the days when we was doing Ultra, we lived in the studio. Everyday we would record like five songs. That was in the blood, we just loved recording. Get up in the morning – record. It was like a 9-5 job. We lived in the studio, our ears were always focused on what was going on the radio, and we’d just record. If you were to ask me ‘Is there any plans of doing another Ultramagnetic album’? I don’t think so. If it do, it’ll be on those guys. I’m not going to be a part of it. After they did that last album…they did that album behind my back, actually. I only went in the studio two times – I laid down my track, and the next time that I go the studio was to mix my song down. The songs on the …Foundation album were supposed to be on the album, but Ced and them didn’t want to go that route. They wanted to go the Black Eyed Peas route…[laughs] A lot of people were disappointed, they were like, ‘What happened?’ I was like, ‘I don’t know what happened, I wasn’t involved in the album’. I listen to all types of music, but if I’mma do it, I’mma do hardcore. I like the hardcore music.

TR Love: Anybody who’s a true, core fan of Ultramagentic or has been following us for the longest, I don’t think they’ll be disappointed by this Ultramagentic Foundation album. It’s a top-notch record for my Ultra fans. For people who’ve been feeling disappointed for a period of time, I’m here to rip the shit and let them know that we do have the real material and we do have the real stuff coming back out – they don’t have to worry. It’s available online as a digital download, and the wax and CD’s will be available in two weeks.

Digital version of the album @ Amazon

Ultramagnetic MC’s – ‘Is It Them’

Street Ruckus MC’s, Fred Beanz, & Ced-Gee – ‘Pain & Changes’

Fred Beanz & Diabolique – ‘Mind Games’

Tim Dog & Fred Beanz – ‘Throw Your Hands Up’

‘TR’s Verse’

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tunes soundin way better than that horrible album.

Comment by swordfish 06.12.10 @

Dope Piece Robbie!!

Comment by Marc Davis 06.12.10 @

Surprised how good these are.
Can you ask them about the OG of MC Champions Robbie??

Comment by Beatlover 06.12.10 @

Thank you…..” Pain & Changes ” is the heater of the bunch…

Comment by shamz 06.12.10 @

These Joynts are bangers!! I Need this on wax!!

Comment by Tony G. 06.12.10 @

this is my shit right here….

Comment by T.S. 06.13.10 @

Excellent interview Robbie, glad to hear the real Ultramagnetic sound again !

Comment by CrateDigga78 06.13.10 @

The older tracks w/ Kool Keith are nice, but these new guys Moe and TR are working with sound mediocre. Nevertheless this album is a welcome reminder of the OG Ultramagnetic’s advanced styling, plus Make It Rain and Mix It Down definitely gave Ultra heads a good feel about a comeback in the early 2000s. Thanks for this one, Robbie!

Comment by Chulee ManSun 06.13.10 @

Wow, this is the type of Ultra production I wanted to hear in the reunion!

Comment by eLphonics 06.13.10 @

All tracks here are purchasable/bumpable. “Pain & Changes” is memorable. Nice work.

Comment by A'Pex 06.13.10 @

“Pain & Changes” and all of them are dope even the “TR’s Verse” sounds real gritty like how Ultra soppose to sound. Ultra is back!

Comment by Delta Force Dan 06.13.10 @


Comment by TYBO2020 06.13.10 @

If only I could listen to these tracks at work, damn old school internet explorer, yah the last ultramag album was pretty trash. There were like 2 or 3 bangers and the rest was meh. Looking forward to hearing this and the official vinyl drop.

Comment by gstatty 06.14.10 @

That “Mind Games” is dope as fuck!

Comment by Trakball 06.15.10 @

Finally some proper Mc Ultra, thanks for the post! Im going for the physical form on this one, no doubt!

Comment by PAS 06.16.10 @

Mind Games is on Tim Dog’s BX Warrior album, along with ‘Love For Us’ which also features Ced and Keith. Both dope as hell! Damn, hearing this good stuff makes you think the last Ultramagnetic album could have ben so damn good. What the fuck happened?

Comment by End Level Boss 06.16.10 @


Comment by TR.LOVE.AKA.WILLIE RANDOLPH 06.18.10 @

Props to TR Love for coming through with a comment ! Please keep doing what you do. Peace.

Comment by CrateDigga78 06.20.10 @

TR you just ripped the shit out of that beat, the minute long solo verse was bananas, that first track is the best beat i’ve heard keith spit on in at least a couple of albums, will cop on vinyl, thx robbie and ultramag crew

Comment by gstatty 06.22.10 @

Wow, those songs are fuckin nice!! Shit sounds like how it’s supposed to sound.

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 06.23.10 @

The LP Comes out on AUGUST,24th,2010…
For everyone concerned CD,And VYNIL.. Digital Download is available Now.. Will Repost Right Away with the Real artwork..
THANKS AGAIN To All Of THE ULTRA Heads IN the UNIVERSE.. Blessings..

Comment by TR.LOVE-ULTRA MAGS 07.18.10 @

Thanks for the update !

Comment by CrateDigga78 07.19.10 @

tr and moe keep doing what you doing. Ultra is the best rap group ever. I need that foundation like HGTV

Comment by Arch the Firm 08.01.10 @

Yes yall Ultra are back in EFFECT. New sound but still rugged . Huge fan of CED GEE and TR. WE love ULTRA ..Wouldnt it be good if they came out with a Message from the Boss Part II ! Think about… By the way that TR verse Heard before years ago over Funky Drummer when you guys came to UK freestyling. True genuine fan.
PS The bootleg – Mc Champion was there ever a verse by James Call Us what you want as CED Gee described towards the end that has been buggin me for years. Someone let me know.

Comment by ROBGEE 11.23.10 @

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