Vaulted Godfather Don Album Released
Tuesday June 08th 2010,
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It would appear that Hydra Entertainment is back in effect with the release of Godfather Don‘s Donnie Brasco. I guess this is the project that Jerry Famolari told me about years ago:

Jerry Famolari: I’m actually working on a Don album right now. An unreleased album. I just put together a Hydra single – a white label – that I’m going to release next month. This is gonna be like a “Best of”. There’ll be about fifteen unreleased records on there, so there’ll be about twenty, twenty two cuts. I’m walking around with the work DAT today, actually, just looking for songs to pull, songs to mix. It’s tough because after Diabolique, him and I worked on about fifteen, twenty songs – but we never released anything. The stuff that I have that I’m mixing now is crazy, because some of it is from ‘99, 2000 and 2001, and a lot of the stuff is still hot! There are some good little records. The only thing is, sound quality on a lot of these things is gonna be tough because I don’t have the reels of some of these records. Anything I find the reel on, I’m bringing up and remixing. There’s stuff that we didn’t use for Diabolique, which is about another dozen songs that we had as well.

I’m enjoying this collection of vaulted Don material, since it reflects the era that he had moved past the abstract vocal styles and adapted a slightly ignorant Brooknam delivery, which is one part Biggie Smalls, a dash of Masta Ace and two parts his own unique shit. Production-wise, it reflects the stripped down sound of Diabolique rather than the obscure jazz chops of his earlier work. While nothing on here is on the level of ‘Seeds of Hate’ or ‘Piece of the Action’, it’s well worth a place in your collection as a companion piece to Diabolique.

Godfather Don – ‘Raw’

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Diabolique is a great album. Hard as hell to find though.

Man I thought Marcberg was the only rap album I was going to buy this year. Been playing that one non stop the last few days, it’s almost like his flow changes everytime I listen to it.

Comment by Fishscale 06.09.10 @

This sounds very promising Rob, ’bout time for some new Don material!

Comment by The Funkologist 06.09.10 @

Yo check this : Hydra Records will also release “Diabolique Deluxe” as a 2 disc (damn!!) digipack on July!
No word yet what’s on that second disc – hoping for bonus songs instead of instrumentals…

Comment by Blanco 06.09.10 @

Why wait for the Diabolique re-release when some joker is charging £120 for the original on amazon ! (that’s new of course, you can get a used copy for a bargin 72.56 plus postage)

Comment by CrateDigga78 06.09.10 @

While this is not close to Diabolique for me, I like it and there are some dope tracks and any unreleased Godfather Don material is better than no Godfather Don material.

The re-release sounds dope, I might sell my original CD and get that one.

Comment by Jaz 06.09.10 @

This shit sucks. I never wanna hear post Diabolique Don shit ever again. Nah, I mean there’s decent tracks, but compared to his pre diabolique LP, this album sucks. It’s just not Don. It’s Don trying to thug it up for Hydra. If this is the direction he was going, I’m glad he retired after diabolique.
I’m a huge Don fan. Honestly, when it first dropped, I was even disappointed with diabolique. But it grew on me(nh) and there’s some classics on there like “live and let die”. But still didn’t compare with his earlier work.

I hope Jerry busts out something better next time.

Like maybe throw that demo version of Status with the extra kynn collins singin in the intro, on vinyl? I’d buy that shit in a minute.

Comment by verge 06.10.10 @

EDIT: meant “Lynn Collins” and not even positive on that but I know it was one of James Brown’s girl singers that was sampled.

Comment by verge 06.10.10 @

Agree with verge. Don dumbed it down on Diabolique and the Biggie biting was type annoying at times. Bit of a boring LP, but yeah, it has some jams. Pre-Diabolique Don was really something.

Comment by Rood 06.11.10 @

Don was quintessential 90s. So I guess it’s not surprising he seemed a bit out of place in the 00s.

Comment by eric 06.11.10 @

don is a monster on production,but the beats on this album we know why it was never released…

Comment by T.S. 06.11.10 @

I can see why this was never released.

Wow, I had no idea my copy of Diabolique was so valuable. I wonder if my instrumentals LP is worth anything?

Comment by finally 06.12.10 @

Now it’s confirmed – 2nd disc of “Diabolique” will include instrumentals for every track.

Comment by Blanco 06.21.10 @

I caught on late to Godfather Don, if I heard him at the time, I would have never stopped collecting hip hop records. First time I heard diabolique I didn’t like it, I was still coming off the high of his earlier stuff. Listened to it later and again and again, realized diabolique is a dope album. So is brasco. Especially donnie brasco, shows off his now clean production and vocal delivery which is more controlled and musical. Check child in the city. I think this is don’s mature sound from those abstract jazz days. Everything the godfather touches is dope. Dam, I wish I discovered him earlier.

Comment by neegeoson 09.09.10 @

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