Round 1: What Is Show’s Greatest Beat?

Mistakes were made in the last ‘Search For The Best Beat’ feature…namely, Alchemist has too may cot damn tracks! This time I’ve selected a producer who is a little more restrained in terms of his musical output, but still a beast on the beat – the Bronx Bomber himself, Show. While his early work featured a signature sound that was easily identifiable, Show’s style developed into a tighter, more refined minimalism by the time Goodfellas was released. While the majority of his work has been with his Diggin’ In The Crates crew and Wildlife, he’s contributed tracks for a select few over the years. The first round is dedicated to production outside of his immediate D.I.T.C. circle. Hopefully we can get this one sorted out in three round this time.

Maestro Fresh Wes feat. Showbiz – ‘Fine Tune Da Mic’

Artifacts – ‘The Ultimate’ [Showbiz Remix]’

KRS-One – ‘Sound of Da Police’

Scaramanga – ‘Mind IC Mine’

Molecules – ‘Revenge’

Sadat X – ‘Stages & Lights’

Organized Konfusion – ‘Confrontations’

Joell Ortiz – ‘Brooklyn Bullshit’

Freestyle Professors – ‘Down With The Freestyle Professors’

Smiley The Ghetto Child – ‘Bronx Baby’

Round 1: What Is Show's Best Beat?

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for me stages & lights…that shit is brilliance…
then I gotta go brooklyn bullshit…then maybe Mind IC mine, I got a weak spot for sonny carson samples and jansport rap…

Comment by QUNYC 06.02.10 @

They’re all dope, but Fine Tune Da Mic really smacks you in the head!

Comment by End Level Boss 06.02.10 @

‘Sound Of Da Police’ by a country mile but ‘Stages & Lights’ is a real nice beat and ‘ Brooklyn Bullshit’ was a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of recent pish. Fat Pockets remix is also a highlight!
Can we have a bigger list?

Comment by Big Braveheart 06.02.10 @

SoulClap was my funk. With a nod to “Hold Ya Head”.

Comment by Sublime 06.02.10 @

“Confrontations” is my favorite song from your choices but, beat-wise I ran with KRS. This list aint got jack on Runaway Slave tho… his best shit is on that LP. And that “Soul Clap” remix

Comment by Kid Captain Coolout 06.02.10 @

You gotta include “Next Level” in the next round! and some one mentioned “Fat Pockets”, this is also a heat rock!

Comment by BKThoroughbred 06.02.10 @

I grew listening to all this but “Brooklyn Bullshit” isn’t as dated sounding as all the other tracks.

So I go with Brooklyn Bullshit

Comment by W. J. Rice 06.02.10 @

Sound of da police, then Stages & Lights.
Spit by Show & AG is i.m.o his best beat.

Comment by dopefiend dave 06.02.10 @

of the ones you listed Sound of the police but my fav Show beats are 3)Friend-KRS, 2)The Crow-OC & 1)Spit-Show & AG.
its about time Show gets his props!

Comment by ABROCK 06.02.10 @

BTW I always said The Legions-Jingle Jangle is the best show beat Show never made LOL

Comment by ABROCK 06.02.10 @

No “Hold ya head”, “40 acres and my props”, “Full Scale”, KRS’s “A Friend”? Show got too many bangers to limit to such a small sample! Most definitely one of the most slept on producers.

Comment by x7an 06.02.10 @

Scaramanga FTW. Sound of da police a (very) close 2nd tho. Then soul clap.

Comment by KQ 06.02.10 @

Das Efx-Represent the real HAS to be on this list!

Comment by ABROCK 06.02.10 @

stick to the list!! lol!! hard to do when he has a lot of heat!! stages & lights does it for me. but it wont make it too far!! too much heat!!

Comment by aRKayeM 06.02.10 @

other “inhouse/crew” beats Drop it heavy & deal w a feelin

Comment by ABROCK 06.02.10 @

Gotta be my local Homeboys ArtiFacts Ultimate remix..yup

Comment by mercilesz 06.02.10 @

I like “Sound of Da Police” and “Stages and Lights” both beats are sick

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Comment by Music Supervisor 06.02.10 @

Show & AG/DITC beats in the next round, as mentioned in the intro…

Comment by Robbie 06.02.10 @

Stages & Lights is wild funky.To my ear,it posesses One of the hardest bass loops ever, One of my favorite tunes by Sadat also!

Comment by chronwell 06.02.10 @

You need to do a poll on either Easy Mo Bee or Buckwild. These two are on my top 5 favorite producers of all time. Oh and Confrontations is the shit.

Comment by Vandal 06.02.10 @

“Parental Discretion” off Big Pun’s debut. That joint is H1N1.

Comment by sooch 06.02.10 @

1 Fat Pockets (remix), 2 Next Level, and 3 Medicine.

Comment by Vincent 06.02.10 @

ultimate for this round..the next level for the win

Comment by Nick Le'par 06.02.10 @

Great post Robbie…I didn’t even know Showbiz did some of those beats…


Comment by hl 06.02.10 @

Yeah Sound of Da Police is a big tune but the drums are so heavy on Fine Tune Da Mic & c’mon Hip Hop is based round DRUMZZZ!!!

Comment by Scrapheap Lover 06.02.10 @


I forgot all about “Jingle Jangle” that beat was LETHAL!

Comment by Sublime 06.02.10 @

Yo Robbie don’t 4get about Milano’s “Deal With A Feeling”! That’s my all time fav Showbiz beat! Hope that makes Round 2!

Comment by DJ Grouch 06.02.10 @

for this rd. i picked ‘Sound of da police’ but how can u NOT have ‘Drop it heavy’ on the list is craaazy..You’ll be forgiven ONLY if u have it on the next list

Comment by dj blendz 06.02.10 @

Jingle Jangle was show? oh shittt Easily the best of his career.
Where’s the Show and AG joints? I gotta go with stages and lights personally.

Comment by krmnl 06.02.10 @

Scaramanga got my vote

Comment by TRUST WINTERS 06.02.10 @

Mind IC Mine is a beast beat. I feel bad for frontin’ on the others but at the same time, that track is straight fire. Definite headphones, back seat of the bus, looking all crazy eyed at the other commuters type of beat!

Comment by Crisis 06.02.10 @

Definately Sound Of Da Police, but Mind IC Mine is a personal fav’.

Comment by MF 06.03.10 @

Sound Of Da Police.

Lord Finesse would be good for this also..

Comment by Beatlover 06.03.10 @

Stages & Lights

Comment by OpnHds 06.03.10 @

how is not a single one DITC joint included (including solo albums, Show/AG, etc.)?? i hope they will appear in future rounds cuz that’s where Show’s real best beats lays. shit like “Q&A”, “Represent”, “No Endz, No Skinz”, “I Got This In A Smash”, “Next Level”, etc, etc, etc.

Comment by claaa7 06.03.10 @

Show is nice across the board but all his beats pale in comparison to what he did on “check the method” by Lord Finesse; That beat has gotta be top 10 all time.

Comment by RowanB 06.03.10 @

Actually scratch that, i’m not certain it was show i think it might be a ‘ness beat.

Comment by RowanB 06.03.10 @

Stages & Lights takes the crown of this list. Spit needed to be on there tho. Show was ill with the loops.

Comment by K-V 06.03.10 @

what about the crow for o.c. jewels

Comment by tim 06.03.10 @

Ghetto Dwellas “Who’s the Dirtiest?”

Comment by eric 06.03.10 @

I forgot ‘ Parental Discretian ‘ – that beat knocks hard and how can nobody mention ‘Devil’s Son’ with Big L as that is an absolute bonafide classic without a doubt!!! I’m sure there is more gems that we haven’t noticed, Show is brilliant!

Comment by Big Braveheart 06.03.10 @

Organized Konfusion – ‘Confrontations’ one of the best bass lines in hiphop…

Comment by cenzi 06.03.10 @

All these are that shit. But this discussion begins and ends with “Next Level.” Keep posting more joints by all means though!

Comment by A'Pex 06.03.10 @

“Sound Of Da Police” from this list…

I’d also go for “Next Level”, “He Say She Say”, “Firewater” by Fat Joe, or the “Fat Pockets” remix.


Comment by DANJ! 06.03.10 @

Stages and Lights is the sh*t. Dotty X drops nicer verses than Kris, but Sound of the Police was THE banger for a hot minute.

Comment by J Smalls 06.03.10 @


Comment by TYBO2020 06.03.10 @

I voted Mind I.C. Mine

shit is dope, dark, gritty and raw.

I love that track.

Themes, Dreams & Schemes is another Show B.I. favorite

Stages & Lights ia bangin too though!

Comment by AFFEX 06.04.10 @

KRS-One – ‘Sound of Da Police’

Comment by Jaz 06.04.10 @

Mind IC Mine

Comment by BK's Finest 06.04.10 @

that Scaramanga joint is fire. gotta vote for that.

another banger that comes to my mind is “I Come To War” by Freddie Foxxx

too bad that nowadays we get to hear hardly any new stuff produced by Show BI

Comment by Benson 06.04.10 @

1. Fine Tune Da Mic
2. Sound of Da Police
3. Revenge
4. Down With The Freestyle Professors
5. Brooklyn Bullshit

Comment by Weng 06.07.10 @

Showbiz best work to me is the GOODFELLAS ALBUM…REMARKABLE also Freestyleprofessors FP’S PLEDGE..Fatpockets ReMIX..PARTYGROOVE…and WHO’S It On featuring tha legend

Comment by dj spins 06.21.10 @

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