Meyhem Lauren – New York Where You At?

World premier of the new track from my dude Meyhem, produced by P.F. Cuttin’. Taken from Self-Induced Illness, due this Fall.

Meyhem Lauren – ‘New York Where You At?’

Lord Finesse Selling His SP-1200

Looking for a classic sampler responsible for making some timeless rap classics? It could all be yours:

Lord Finesse’s SP-1200 ebay auction

Since the username saint163 had zero feedback, it seemed worthy of investigation to see if this was legit. Here was the response:

That’s the codename alias in DITC.. saint or seldomseen.. 163.. is the street in Forest Projects.. where I grew up at. There’s nothing to be concerned about.. This is my first and maybe last time posting an item.. on E bay.. I get at least a handful of questions everyday about my SP1200 some are of interest.. some are just irrelevant.. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to post my SP1200 and give fans a chance to obtain a item of such importance & history to me.. If you win the bid you can pay cash & collect it in person … not a problem.. I have a pleasant surprise for the winner of the SP…


Pre-Order: Tragedy – Black Rage Demos EP

DWG009 – INTELLIGENT HOODLUM / TRAGEDY – ‘BLACK RAGE DEMOS’ (sticker sleeve / limited to 250 hand numbered copies)

Containing 3 previously unreleased Intelligent Hoodlum / Tragedy tracks (together with the 3 final album versions on the flipside) re-mastered for optimum audio quality. This release is endorsed by 25 To Life and will directly benefit Trag who is now working on new projects to revitalise his career.

Media Watch: The Prodigal Son of Bazerk Return
Friday July 30th 2010,
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Great feature on Son Of Bazerk in the Village Voice by esteemed Unkut associate Phillip “Beer Baron” Mlynar:

The Prodigal Son of Bazerk Return

Searching For The Perfect Remix: Pete Rock

Now we’re pulling out the big guns. Pete Rock has had a long and varied career, but in terms of his remixing work, he really peaked early on in as a result of being the ‘go to’ guy for much of the early 90’s. His two primary techniques during this period were to either add subtle but effective tweaks to the original formula, as he did with the ‘Slow Down’ remix and the vastly improved ‘Straighten It Out’ remix, or to completely flip the original and recreate it as a hyped-up, horn-soaked assault on the senses. Regardless of the style he utilized, he was able to make even the worst MC listenable for 4 minutes, which pretty much says it all.

Video: Duck Down 15 Year Anniversary Show Highlights
Thursday July 29th 2010,
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Respect due to Duck Down for making it this far in the inDUCKstry.

Note to rap audiences: You look like douche-hammers trying to film shows on your phone. Leave it to the experts and watch the effin’ show!

Will Vill – Man Listen
Wednesday July 28th 2010,
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Here’s a little something from an up-and-comer from Washington Heights who’s about to drop a tape with Superstar Jay, and is also working with my dude Chaze from GRIM Team.

Will Vill – ‘Man Listen’

Grand Daddy I.U. – Hooker’s Got A Boyfriend [Biz Markie Reference Track]

Here’s another track from the Steady Flow vaults. This time it’s a little something that the I Dot U Dot gave Biz Markie for the All Samples Cleared album.

“I wrote and produced a song for him called ‘Hooker Got A Boyfriend’ – he fucked it up”.

Grand Daddy I.U. – ‘Hooker Got A Boyfriend’

Biz Markie – ‘Hooker Got A Boyfriend’

Reloaded, Nutso and Lame Names
Tuesday July 27th 2010,
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Remember how Reloaded was going to be a free download of 15 new songs that dropped the day after the album? It turns out that it’s now going to be an official CD, with guest production from Alchemist, Just Blaze, Q-Tip, Madlib, Pete Rock, Ray West and Large Professornot a remix album as was incorrectly reported elsewhere. Then again, if you read the latest Unkut interview with dude you’d know most of this already…

Also worth noting is the fact that Nutso has released his King Of The Project Hallway EP produced by Reef via iTunes. You can’t lose with songs like ‘So Tired’ and ‘This Is My Hood’ with Royal Flush and Mic Geronimo.

And finally, the question for the day is:

Are there any rappers who you refuse to listen to on the strength of their stupid-ass name? Off the top of my head I’ve boycotted Lupe Fiasco, Red Cafe, Fabolous, and anyone with ‘Lil’ in their name who isn’t in M.O.P.

Chucky Smash From The Legion – The Unkut Interview

[left to right] Molecules,Chucky Smash & Cee-Low

If you’re a fan of Showbiz & AG‘s Runaway Slave (and if you’re not, kill yourself) then you should recall your first introduction to The Legion, as they chanted ‘Who’s It On?’ in one of the skits. Soon afterwards they signed to DresOne Love imprint and dropped the amazing Theme + Echo = Krill album. I was able to get into contact with Chuck Smash after he left a comment on my original post about his crew. Chuck also co-hosts the Digging In The Crates radio show with DJ Bill Skillz, on WVKR at 2am every Monday.

Robbie: Can you break down The Legion for those who aren’t familiar?

Chucky Smash: It’s me, myself – Chucky Smash; Molecules – who’s pretty much our leader; and you got Cee-Low 4,5,6 – The Dice Man. Dice is like a street politician – he’s well loved on the street and can pretty much go to any hood and he’s loved. The three of us collectively, we always bring something to the table. I’ve always been more into the classic hip-hop, into graffiti and the break dancing. Dice was the ladies man, the partier. ‘Cules was the street cat, the DJ and the beat guy, and we always brought those three elements together, and that’s what keeps us a crew and friends to this day.

Chi-Ali went to school with my younger brother Rolo, who’s actually on one of the cuts on the album. They were best friends in high school, and Molecules was around with Chi-Ali and he actually bumped into Dres through the hip-hop circuit. It turns out him and Dres grew-up around the same area of Queens – ‘Cules’ pops was around the same section as were Dres was from out in Corona, Queens. So ‘Cules actually started out as a road manager for Black Sheep, and my brother Rolo was the stage hypeman for Chi-Ali. As time started going along, Dres would bring out Molecules from time to time to kick a freestyle. But in actuality, Molecules was actually a DJ. He wasn’t really an MC but because we’d been around hip-hop since the 70’s, growing up in the Bronx, you’d just always be able to kick a verse! We’d all end up doing collaborations with Chi-Ali and just rhyming together, so that’s how we got put on to be signed to Mercury.

Video: Amazing Maze feat. Lord Tariq & Wyldbunch – My Story Is Yours
Monday July 26th 2010,
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Counter Strike alumni Amazing Maze just laced me with the video to this outstanding track he put together with Lord Tariq and Wyldbunch. There may be a vinyl release in the near future, but for now you can support this project by copping it from iTunes or Amazon.

Video: Show Discusses New Album With KRS-One
Sunday July 25th 2010,
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Be on the look-out for the Show & KRS-One album titled Godsville later this year. I’ve gotta say that I haven’t heard the Blastmasta sound this invigorated in a long time…must be the beats!

Spotted at Crate Kings, thanks to grandgood.

Remembering Rammellzee
Friday July 23rd 2010,
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Dave Tompkins wrote a great piece remembering his friend Rammellzee recently:

Canticle for Rip Cord Rex

Phone conversation with myself and Rammellzee (first voice), from October, 19th, 2007:

“You like oysters, boss?”
“I’ve got a spot over here for you. We can watch the boats sink.”
“I’ll let you hold the bomb.”
“Do you know anyone at the Smithsonian Institute?”
“Working on that one.”
“You need to talk to someone in the Department of Space.”
“The Andromeda Galaxy is going to be here in 5 million years. It will consume this galaxy.”
“This means something to me.”
“Of course.”
“It’s sending a master blaster radio cloud ahead of itself.”
“That one will be here in 10,000 years.”
“I know it’s a little far off, but you might want to take a look at it.”
“And finish my book before it happens?”

Time enough.

While you’re there, order his book How To Wreck A Nice Beach. I finally did.

Searching For The Perfect Remix: DJ Premier

I recently bumped into Premier backstage when he was last in town, having promised Marco Polo that I’d drink his share of the free beers. I vaguely recall exchanging a few wisecracks and sharing some weed with him, as well as witnessing Masta Ace eat an entire bowl of fresh fruit and Ed OG betting Premo that he’d be the last to leave the hotel tomorrow or some shit….[end name-dropping session]

Why have I chosen these eight remixes from the Works of Mart discography? Because they bang the hardest. Cue comments complaining that I’ve forgotten his stuff for Da King & I or that overrated Ras Kass remix.

NORE’s Notable Quotables

Your arms too short to box with the God….

“A full steezie is a bitch that will suck your dick in front of your peoples. She doesn’t really care, she’ll suck your dick in front of everybody. She’ll suck all your niggas dicks…that’s basically my everyday plan. I find a new full steezie…I’m being honest with you, ‘cause I know this ain’t getting to New York, so…You know, I piss on bitches. [laughter] It’s nothing. I love full steezies. And even I like the full steezies that won’t suck everyone else’s dick, but they’ll suck your dick in front of your man. I like those, too. I’m very uncivilized. Then you got the ones that’ll suck your dick behind closed doors, all day every day. Those are cool, too. It’s all full steezies, but there’s different ways of being full steezie. That’s my everyday life. I discover a new full steezie every other day. And I like to smoke a lot of marijuana. You got marijuana?”

Video: The Doppelgangaz – The Groggy Pack

This reminds me that I need to type out the interview I did with these sick fucks. Taken from the superb 2012: The New Beginning LP, which is available for download here and on CD here.

Grand Daddy I.U. Opens The Vaults

The I Dot U Dot just blessed me with some tracks from his vaults to share with the Unkut regulars, with a quick description of four of his favorites:

Searching For The Perfect Remix: Buckwild

A case could be made for Buckwild being the most sophisticated remix scientist in hip-hop. He has a knack for being able to transform a good song into something incredible, as well as the ability to completely change the feel of a track without losing the essence of the original. Buckwild’s ‘Remix #1’ of ‘Life’s A Bitch’ flips the smoothed-out album version into an eerie vision of paranoia, while his interpretation ‘Daaam!’ twists a rowdy party starter into a smoked-out head nodder, while his version of ‘Rock On’ is nothing short of genius.

Video: Nutso – So Tired
Tuesday July 13th 2010,
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New track from Nutso aka Nut-Rageous from his King of the Project Hallway EP, available July 20th. Produced by Reef.

Capone-N-Noreaga feat. Raekwon – Dutches v. Phillies v. Bamboo
Tuesday July 13th 2010,
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Capone-N-Noreaga feat. Raekwon – ‘Dutches v. Phillies v. Bamboo’

Produced by Scram Jones. The War Report 2 out tomorrow.

Video: Capone-N-Noreaga – ‘Pain’ [Produced By Alchemist]:

Video: Ras Kass featuring Mel Gibson – Pussy From Behind

Who said that celebrity phone call recordings, auto-tune and shitty beats don’t ever make for a good combination?

Searching For The Perfect Remix: Large Professor

Trying to pick the best Paul Mitchell remix is like trying to pick your favorite type of booze – they all work in the real situation. But since I’m restricting each round to eight selections, stuff like the “Resurrection’ remixes just missed out on making the cut.

Six Vintage D.I.T.C. Photos

Just got put on to some timeless gems over at Lord Finesse‘s Facebook gallery, featuring a teenage Fat Joe, Big L, DJ Premier, GURU and more. “Whole lotta memories…” (c) Iz The Wiz.

Greatest. Trailer. Ever.
Thursday July 08th 2010,
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Looks like the rumors about Robert Robriguez’ fake trailer from Grindhouse getting made into a full-length feature were true after all!

Machette is hitting cinema’s on September 3, 2010.

Update/Late-pass: Damn…according to Wikipedia:

The United States release is set for September 3, 2010 by 20th Century Fox. On May 5, 2010, Robert Rodriguez responded to Arizona’s controversial immigration law by releasing an “illegal” trailer on Ain’t It Cool News. The fake trailer combined elements of the Machete trailer that appeared in Grindhouse with footage from the actual film, and implied that the film would be about Machete leading a revolt against anti-immigration politicians and border vigilantes. Several movie websites, including Internet Movie Database, reported that it was the official teaser for the film. However, Rodriguez later revealed the trailer to be a joke, explaining “it was Cinco de Mayo and I had too much tequila.” It has now been confirmed by Robert Rodriguez that a new trailer for Machete would be released with Predators.

Searching For The Perfect Remix: Da Beatminerz

What’s the greatest remix in rap? Tough question. A lot of people might say Pete Rock‘s remix of ‘Shut ‘Em Down’, but I figure the best way to narrow down the field is to group it by artist or crew for each round. You might want to grab some popcorn, this could take a while…

Mr. Walt & DJ Evil Dee are the foundation of Da Beatminerz crew, even though it’s membership has at various stages included Baby Paul, Rick Black, Chocolate Ty. and even Aaron “Freedom” Lyles and Ike Lee for the ‘Poppa Large’ remix (which Walt and Evil Dee weren’t involved with so I’m excluding it). While the crew has delivered some of their strongest work on original projects, they’ve also laced some top-notch remixes over the years. Here are eight of the best: