Lord Finesse Selling His SP-1200

Looking for a classic sampler responsible for making some timeless rap classics? It could all be yours:

Lord Finesse’s SP-1200 ebay auction

Since the username saint163 had zero feedback, it seemed worthy of investigation to see if this was legit. Here was the response:

That’s the codename alias in DITC.. saint or seldomseen.. 163.. is the street in Forest Projects.. where I grew up at. There’s nothing to be concerned about.. This is my first and maybe last time posting an item.. on E bay.. I get at least a handful of questions everyday about my SP1200 some are of interest.. some are just irrelevant.. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to post my SP1200 and give fans a chance to obtain a item of such importance & history to me.. If you win the bid you can pay cash & collect it in person … not a problem.. I have a pleasant surprise for the winner of the SP…

I can also verify that the sig is legit, since it’s the same thing he wrote on my Return of the Funkyman tape…

The question is – are you enough of a D.I.T.C. stan to pay $1,400 for the SP that made the ‘Party & Bullshit’ remix, ‘Channel 10’ and a bunch of Big L songs? Maybe we need to start the Unkut Real Rap Museum and get everyone to throw in $10 each…

Thanks to Phillip for the tip.

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Comment by TYBO2020 07.30.10 @


Comment by TYBO2020 07.30.10 @

@TYBO2020: The only other explanation is some kid took his SP to Finesse’s house, then got him to sign it and pose with it? Why would you bother?

Comment by Robbie 07.30.10 @

Wow, that is some ill history right there, I hope it goes to the right beat maker, I mean this is Finesse’s SP for crying out loud.

Comment by Jaz 07.30.10 @

Next 9th Wonder will sell his Fruity Loops license on eBay.

I would like to see the Experience Music Project (museum) in Seattle buy this for their somewhat-pitiful hip hop exhibit.

Comment by Alex Stange 07.30.10 @

I’m hoping he has another and this is just his spare. I realize times have changed, but the SP must remain present.

Comment by haroon 07.30.10 @

Sounds a little cheap no? I’d buy it if I could afford it.

Comment by hl 07.30.10 @

@hl: That’s only the starting price though. If it gets a few bids it could go through the roof.

Comment by Robbie 07.30.10 @

I say we chip in and buy it. Im serious.

Comment by keatso 07.30.10 @

Too bad I already have an SP12 — I would bid. SP1200s in good shape are going for $1800-2200 nowadays. It won’t go for less than $2500-3000.

Ballpark figure — I personally think it’s going to close around $5000. But again Finesse — why sell it???

Comment by haroon 07.31.10 @

I just dont understand why niggas do shit like this…

Comment by QUNYC 07.31.10 @

It’s the end of an era, like the Queen of England selling the Crown Jewels :/

Comment by Jonnycuba 07.31.10 @

Whoever gets that is mad lucky. He shouldn’t sell it though he still got more classics in him. :)

Comment by RowanB 07.31.10 @

I wanna cop can’t front….

Comment by junMaf*ckn 07.31.10 @

im probably the only one who loves teh sp1200 enough to say I wouldnt want anyones signature on it. and im a ditc fan til death. haha sign my records and leave my sp alone. hey if we were talkin about a grey sp we might be talkin about some history. thats a reissue tho…

Comment by dface 07.31.10 @

yeah i honestly wish i had a couple grand layin around, i would cop, even though i don’t know how to work the sp12s, i’d have to get some online tutorials for this legendary piece of equipment

Comment by gstatty 07.31.10 @

cant be that hard to actually contact him or his agent, ect and find out if its really his.

Comment by iLLa 07.31.10 @

@hl: That’s only the starting price though. If it gets a few bids it could go through the roof.

^True, I didn’t think of that.

Comment by hl 08.01.10 @

Only four bids, fucking scandalous. It finishes in a couple of hours too, people…

Comment by vollsticks 08.03.10 @

caution-remember when you buy it that you are not actually lord finesse. Production maketh the beat
..not the previous owner.

Comment by Tom Dice 08.04.10 @

I just wonder why he’d wanna sell that??? Crazy…

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 08.05.10 @

That’s a crying shame…..al his newer MPC 4000 beats have been mad thin & corny sounding….more sampling time just makes producers lazy….the SP & 950 combo is perfect for that raw Hip Hop that Finesse & them DITC cats were known for….now they just sound like everybody else with them boring, moody, lazy beats…..if it ain’t broken don’t fix it & def don’t sell it!!

Comment by J Hustle 08.05.10 @

Is that OC & AG “Oasis” album worth getting?

Comment by vollsticks 08.07.10 @

Hey I know this is off topic but does anyone know why on “The Awakening” Lp in the credits it says “Notorious B.I.G appears courtesy of Bad Boy records” but I dont hear him on there unless its a sample or something – I could be wrong because I havent listened to the whole thing front to back recently but Im guessing its a misprint?

Comment by D.Baskett 08.08.10 @

@D.Baskett: “Release the brainstorm, to make something kinda lyrical, a strange form, something kinda lyrical”

Comment by verge 08.09.10 @

@Verge – Thanks man that was bugging the shit out of me, appreciate that

Comment by D.Baskett 08.12.10 @

Still Phenin’ for Finesse’s SP!

Comment by junMaf*ckn 09.12.10 @

YO I’M SELL MY SP-1200 RIGHT NOW MY NAME IS DANA LUCCI aka MIXMASTA D of THE BIZZIE BOYZ some of you may remember us. if you need one hit me danalucci@aol.com

Comment by LUCCI 10.14.12 @

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