NORE’s Notable Quotables

Your arms too short to box with the God….

“A full steezie is a bitch that will suck your dick in front of your peoples. She doesn’t really care, she’ll suck your dick in front of everybody. She’ll suck all your niggas dicks…that’s basically my everyday plan. I find a new full steezie…I’m being honest with you, ‘cause I know this ain’t getting to New York, so…You know, I piss on bitches. [laughter] It’s nothing. I love full steezies. And even I like the full steezies that won’t suck everyone else’s dick, but they’ll suck your dick in front of your man. I like those, too. I’m very uncivilized. Then you got the ones that’ll suck your dick behind closed doors, all day every day. Those are cool, too. It’s all full steezies, but there’s different ways of being full steezie. That’s my everyday life. I discover a new full steezie every other day. And I like to smoke a lot of marijuana. You got marijuana?”

“Well, when you light a candle, that’s saluting your dead peoples. Light a Candle. And then, what’s the English Channel? It’s a big pool of water and it’s overseas.So I’m trying to say that when I light a candle I’m that strong that I can run laps around the English Channel. And Neptunes have a cocker spaniel. ‘Cos they homo”1

“The first line that comes, ’Yo Melvin Flynt drop, my whole collasso stop/I can’t believe I fucked up and made a half-ass album/My excuse is, my pops just died, and I ain’t wanna make music/My pops just died.’ Well, it was so much on my mind and I wanted to be honest with the fans. It wasn’t even about dissing my last project, or dissing myself, it was just about being honest. That’s just how I felt and it was so much on my mind, it wrote itself. Premier played the beat, I sat there and wrote the rhymes, and I was like, “Let me get this shit off my chest.” What better way to get it off my chest then a Premier beat? I was lucky enough for the world to feel that. But you see Eminem took my shit, right? Eminem just said, ‘Let’s be honest, that Relapse album was ehhh.’ I’m like, “Yo, I respect you, Eminem, but you know where you got that from.” [Laughs.] There’s never been another rapper on planet Earth that dissed himself. I was the first person to do it.”

“I could never be a Queensbridge dude because I’m from Lefrak. I just wanted my hood to shine so bad. If you could count how many times I said Lefrak or Iraq on the The War Report, you would be a genius, because I said it an infinite amount of times”

“In the studio, that’s when I realized Nashiem is an excellent drinker. We would be in there from eight to eight and he would drink Hennessey the whole time, maintain his composure, and make a hit. Yo man, I call myself a drink champion, but I haven’t hung out with Nashiem lately so I don’t know if I deserve that title. But I didn’t care about the drunkenness, I cared about the hit”2

Thrasher Magazine: Red told me he smokes 20-25 blunts a day. Could you hang with that?

NORE: I smoke about 30-35 blunts a day, so I imagine he is trying to keep up with me.3

“I don’t have beef with anybody who’s really gay. When I really say that’s gay or that’s homo, it’s because it’s a act that a straight man shouldn’t do. I said something about Kanye West that I really didn’t mean. What I meant was, I’m friends with Kanye and Kanye defends that community. I have no beef with the gay community, but I was caught in the moment and was just so hyper because this Perez Hilton dude he’s kind of got under my skin, because I knew he didn’t know who I was and for him to make those vulgarous statements, he was under my skin. So I would like to fully apologize to Kanye West, because that’s what I meant by it. Because I sincerely believe that Kanye is not gay. I think he defends the gay community to get a lot of pussy, to tell you the truth. Girls like feminine guys who are not gay. And I think Kanye gets a lot of ass and I think that’s what he does. So at the end of the day, that’s what I meant by it. I definitely didn’t mean anything bad by it. Kanye, I apologize.”4

“I dropped out in 7th grade. I never really felt school. I never gave-a-fuck about school. I never was that type of dude. I was more into the streets. And I was the dude that was “in the movie theatre when the movie Juice came out and a kid got shot at the movie theatre”, in Queens. That was me and God Bless the dead to the dude that I shot. He’s dead now. I had nothin’ to do with his murder some time later, but God Bless him. Times change and people change and things change. Then and there I felt like shootin’ a nigga to make me be well respected. But that shit is nothin, man!”

“Look, I was the first person with a Two-way pager. When I had my Two-way pager they told me I’m walkin’ around with a fax machine or a VCR on my hip. Or I got a Internet on my hip. You know what? Two years later, look at it! Everybody at the table got a Two-way. Everybody in Hip Hop got a Two-way. Every Record label got a Two-way. I INVENTED TWO-WAYS (Like Al Gore & the Internet?). And I take full credit for ME! The ONLY person in THE INDUSTRY that had a Two-way before me was DJ Clue. And that’s it. But Clue did not do anything with his Two-way.”5

“Bloggers are good for one thing. If you wanna motivate yourself, read some of these comments [Laughs]. ‘Cause I was called everything: fat guacamole Mexican. [But] I’ll let you know how powerful a computer is, a computer only means something if you turn it on. But if you don’t turn it on, that computer means nothing. So that’s for all the bloggers who [post] negative comments. Y’all only powerful to the people who read these dumb-ass comments. But if you really stay away from these comments, then there’s nothing to be mad about. But this was not a time to stay away from the bloggers. This was a time to have the negative bloggers…I needed their motivation to do this. When I took the shirt off I just kept reading those comments. And I woke up everyday and I kept running outside. I woke up everyday and read more comments, and then I went and I ran more outside.”6

Grand Daddy I.U. You don’t even know who this is, do you? [laughs] He’s always been one of the top emcees that I’ve loved from that late 80’s / early 90’s period. If you look at Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt cover it sort of resembles that I.U.’s album cover where he had the same outfit on. Grand Daddy I.U. was one of the most lyrical, wordplay having emcees. Young artists like Murda Mook, Reed Dollars; they don’t understand a lot of their style was fathered by Grand Daddy I.U. A lot of people think it came from Big Daddy Kane and Jay-Z. I.U. was one of the originators of punchlines. He had this one line “I knew a girl named Kenya / From West Virginia / Boy would I like to stick something in her.” He had so many lines I could go on for days. Another reason I relate to I.U. is because he got no credit for anything that he did. As an artist and person, I also don’t get credit for a lot of things that I’ve done.”7

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Cant remember if its on an album or just an interview somewhere where he’s talking about in jail having a “Suzie” where you roll up a warm towel and stick your dick in it – That shit had me laughin for days

Comment by D.Baskett 07.19.10 @

neptunes….homo?!?!? news to me.

Comment by dmfslimm 07.19.10 @


Comment by Peter M 07.19.10 @

you dont call the shots on whos homo. nore calls the shots.

Comment by gx 07.19.10 @

Vulgarous. @D.baskett I thought that was called a “fifi”

Comment by keatso 07.19.10 @

Nore is obviously re-tar-ded

Comment by yea yea 07.19.10 @

whoa, i had to stop the fucking interview…did he just claim that eminem stole his idea of dissing himself, saying that his previous album was lackluster? a retarded emcee wouldn’t steal rhymes from this guy, are you kidding me!?

Comment by nore? more like boring! 07.19.10 @

Did not have any inkling of an idea how dumb dude is.

Lefrak herb

What what

Comment by Sooch 07.19.10 @

Actually, Slick Rick is the first rapper to consistently dis himself on wax. The moment I feared, mistakes of women, sitting in my car, etc. thats his trademark.

Comment by mista dynamite 07.19.10 @

He is not talented, but he is fucking entertaining. Felt the War Report when it dropped, everything else dude has made since mostly sucks. The Reunion was good, but Primo can save just about anyone. The funny part is this motherfucker is serious with what he says. Getting head in the whip and not crashing it.

Comment by BIGSPICE 07.19.10 @

They’ve done studies ya know. 60 percent of the time, it works everytime.

Comment by BIGSPICE 07.19.10 @

This post was f*cking amazing. Thank you for this Robbie.

Comment by timmSee 07.19.10 @

some how while reading this i got lost lol

Comment by jazzy 07.20.10 @

Cosign Sooch, I had no idea about the magnitude. Simple and plain, fucked up. Thanks for the post!

Comment by PAS 07.20.10 @

He seems like the kind of dude that blows all his money at a rundown mall then eats a box of donuts for dinner before passing out on a filthy couch.

Comment by Fishscale 07.20.10 @

best rapper alive

Comment by tareq 07.20.10 @

Brillant post.

Comment by Soltan 07.20.10 @

this guy is a clown for real!!!!

Comment by aRKayeM 07.20.10 @

Did he just admit to murder at a movie theater in an interview? dude must be missin a suzie like a muthafucka

Comment by Don Mecca 07.20.10 @

Offical fuck comments other then that. NORE is the best!

Comment by QYOU 07.20.10 @

Top class ignorance! Chyeah!

Comment by End Level Boss 07.20.10 @

That Life Sucks Die interview is one of the best artist interviews of all time. Classic.

LSD: Pessimist or Optimist?
Noreage: Thugginest.

Comment by Echo Leader 07.20.10 @

What a jack ass….only ever liked the rikers island track he didwith kool g..

Bring back real hip hop someone please?..

Comment by Kevlar 07.20.10 @

@Don Mecca: nah he said he shot a guy at a screening of Juice. The guy lived but was later murdered by someone else. Thats how i read it..

Nore is definitely not GOAT rapper but entertaining as hell and unique voice and delivery. There are many worse out there getting props!

Comment by apples 07.21.10 @

Whadda dick. I tuned out after War Report–which was STILL over-rated to fuck.

Comment by vollsticks 07.21.10 @

30-35 blunts a day. Ok You could probly get 20 nice blunts outta OZ so that like bunnin down a lb evry 2 weeks and maybe 3 or 4 G’s spent on herb a month?!!

Comment by chronwell 07.21.10 @

NORE is Legend

Comment by BR 07.21.10 @

The question is…does HE actually believe the shit he says?

Comment by the sheik 07.23.10 @

Quotable quotables:

Or I got a Internet on my hip

I smoke about 30-35 blunts a day, so I imagine he is trying to keep up with me

I’ll let you know how powerful a computer is, a computer only means something if you turn it on. But if you don’t turn it on, that computer means nothing.

This is easily the most ignorant yet most genius thing I have read in awhile. Probably the best since Prodigy’s all caps rant.

Comment by gstatty 07.23.10 @

Man, this was a GREAT read, haha! NORE is pure entertainment.

Comment by LEX 07.24.10 @

lol, just stumbled onto this blog post…I love Nore yall super critical Dude just Buggin Out… talkin crazy ‘ish

Comment by brandon 12.06.12 @

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