Pre-Order: Tragedy – Black Rage Demos EP

DWG009 – INTELLIGENT HOODLUM / TRAGEDY – ‘BLACK RAGE DEMOS’ (sticker sleeve / limited to 250 hand numbered copies)

Containing 3 previously unreleased Intelligent Hoodlum / Tragedy tracks (together with the 3 final album versions on the flipside) re-mastered for optimum audio quality. This release is endorsed by 25 To Life and will directly benefit Trag who is now working on new projects to revitalise his career.

First 75 orders will be on marbled red vinyl with sleeves signed by Tragedy (strictly one coloured vinyl/signed sleeve per customer)

(unmastered snippets of the side A tracks)


1: Death Row
2: At Large
3: Pump The Funk





We have tried to make the postage costs as simple as possible, if in doubt or placing a large order (if ordering more than 6 records please contact us first) drop us an e-mail and we’ll get back to you:

UK – Royal Mail 1st class standard = £3.00 for the first record / add 50p per record thereafter

Europe – 1st class airmail = £4.00 for the first record / each extra record add £1.00

USA / Japan / Australia – 1st class airmail = £7.00 for the first record / each extra record add £2.00

***for postal insurance, please add £5.00: we are not responsible for lost packages***


To place your order simply work out your total and send payment to

We will try to confirm all orders in due course but please be patient as this may take some time, so long as you send the money to the correct paypal address then you can assume that we have received your order.

Please ensure that you have the correct address linked to your paypal account as this is the address that we will be shipping your order to!

.: We anticipate shipping commencing the weekend of August 30th, 2010 :.

If you have any questions please e-mail:

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Nice… who’s on the boards for each track?

Comment by M.Turn 08.02.10 @

I would imagine Marley was involved. The original At Large uses the same beat as At Your Own Risk (Marley Marl Remix).

Comment by turtle 08.02.10 @

Fuck these asshole trying to get rich off bullshit releases. DWG, you a bunch of no good jew fucks!

Comment by Phuc.DWG 08.03.10 @

^ Too much of a bootleg-supporting pussyhole to put your real name to those comments? Thought so.

Big up Trag. Great to see these cuts on an Trag-endorsed official release, rather than shitty bootlegs.

Comment by The WURM 08.05.10 @

I love the demo of “Death Row”. The other two I don’t care for as much cuz I love the versions already released a lot better. I’d buy this if it was $12.99 or less. I’m not into spending a whole lot on some vinyl release… No vinyls are worth that much. I love all these demo and “from the vaults” type exclusive releases on DWG and OLU and all that, but shit, to some cat like me who’s been diggin since ’89, it’s wack to have to spend $40, $50, $80, $100 for these fuckin “limited releases” and what not. The most I ever spent on a record in my life was $25ish, and that was cuz it was a Japan only release.

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 08.05.10 @

Yo, I’ve been buying vinyl since ’85, sometimes you just have to pay more to get records you want, I’ve found plenty for $3 or less in thifts so it all evens out.

I think theres only one track (“At large”) which has been released officially on vinyl before, cool release though.


Comment by Fresh-Mesh 08.06.10 @

What is the point of pressing just 250 copies of a record and selling them at £25.00 each when you could quite easily sell 2000 of these? Are you nerds doing it just to keep them limited? It’s pretty dumb to me. Tragedy would be better off taken the demos to Fat Beats or Traffic where he could make more cash.

Comment by Ino Best 08.07.10 @

LOL at the idea of selling 2000 copies of anything on wax today. Most people download music these days, they don’t buy it. Looking at past history of certain ‘distribution’ companies, the artists rarely get paid anything from those deals.

Comment by Uno Nothin 08.08.10 @

fact of the matter is: nobody buys music anymore. by putting out a limited release at a higher price it’s pretty sure to sell out quickly and thus generate as much money just as quickly as a regular release would after a year or two. I’m not liking that policy either, been supporting artists by buying records since 89 too but that’s just the sign of the times it seems. I’d pick it up for 15 Euros max. but that’s just me

Comment by boogs 08.08.10 @

Do you think TRAGEDY would have authorized this project and SIGNED the red vinyl copies if he hadn’t been down with this and the way it goes down? Go figure. Who cares how much you will or won’t spend on a record…? To true fans this shit is PRICELESS.

Comment by Russ RockWell 08.10.10 @

yeah,50-100 for these is redic…big up to trag though…real shit don’t even get the opportunity to be sold these days. big ups to all involved…wont be copping that though..3 songs?

Comment by wreck elect... 08.11.10 @

Russ. The ‘true fans’ I know aren’t going to be able to own this record. It was too expensive and too exclusive for any everyday trag fan to own, only those glued to forums all day and night. It may be endorsed by trag, but who wouldn’t sign a bunch of their own records if they were given some cash? Surely it’s better to meet the artist and get them sign it than have a pre-signed record anyway, it’s too easy these days. The red vinyl would be dope, but I wouldn’t be boethered if it was signed without even meeting the man and getting him to sign it to me in person.

Comment by at large 08.13.10 @

Good to hear peoples thoughts on this, I’ve been meaning to post on here for a while.

I copped this Trag record without hesitation – £25 isn’t that expensive in the scheme of things for tracks that I’ve been after for almost 20 years… no one puts a gun to anyones head to make em buy expensive records – I’ve passed on the shit stuff, but releases by the Juice Crew, Finesse and Trag are no brainers.

The market for vinyl is really small, I can understand why these specialist labels are pressing in small quants at a higher price, its much easier to shift 250 records in a few days/weeks than 1000+ over a year.

If there was normal / profitable marketplace for vinyl then surely proper labels would be taking the time to track artists down and put these records out.

Comment by quaid 08.13.10 @

DOPE! If you sleep on this then dont bother gettin outta bed for the rest of the week cause yous a sucka.

I missed out on the Marley Marl & Godfather Don DWG releases if you have either of these for trade or sale HOLLA.

Comment by chubz 08.14.10 @

I’d rather see demos get released legitimately (with the artists full consent) than not at all, so this gets my full props. Pressing 2,000 copies of this 12″ in order to price it lower as someone suggested is just not feasible this day and age with the hip-hop vinyl market being too small. As a consumer, though, I can honestly relate to some of the complaints people have with the higher-priced limiteds, but I also notice a recent trend going on – limited labels decreasing their prices to make it more affordable for us. Peep No Sleep for example: decreasing their $80 limiteds to $40-50 this year. In retrospect, DWG has always kept it reasonable compared to the $80-100 pieces. So big ups to DWG, Iller Regime, and Trag. I would prob never come across these demos myself in my lifetime (and you guys prob wouldn’t either, don’t lie lol), so coughing up some dough to get it on signed red wax will do just perfect for me. Co-sign Fresh-Mesh – I just went digging today and picked up some classics and just plain dope singles. At 2-5 bucks a pop, you’re right – it does even out somewhat.

Comment by Hannah 09.03.10 @

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