Reloaded, Nutso and Lame Names
Tuesday July 27th 2010,
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Remember how Reloaded was going to be a free download of 15 new songs that dropped the day after the album? It turns out that it’s now going to be an official CD, with guest production from Alchemist, Just Blaze, Q-Tip, Madlib, Pete Rock, Ray West and Large Professornot a remix album as was incorrectly reported elsewhere. Then again, if you read the latest Unkut interview with dude you’d know most of this already…

Also worth noting is the fact that Nutso has released his King Of The Project Hallway EP produced by Reef via iTunes. You can’t lose with songs like ‘So Tired’ and ‘This Is My Hood’ with Royal Flush and Mic Geronimo.

And finally, the question for the day is:

Are there any rappers who you refuse to listen to on the strength of their stupid-ass name? Off the top of my head I’ve boycotted Lupe Fiasco, Red Cafe, Fabolous, and anyone with ‘Lil’ in their name who isn’t in M.O.P.

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“with guest production from Alchemist, Just Blaze, Q-Tip, Madlib, Pete Rock, Ray West and Large Professor”

^OMG! I might have to take the day off of work on the release date…

Comment by hl 07.27.10 @

Is this gonna be released on CD?

Comment by LEX 07.27.10 @

@LEX: Apparently so.

Comment by Robbie 07.27.10 @

lame names: Rhymefest, Jay Electronica, Wacka Flacka Flame and The Game come to mind.

Jay E. might get a pass.

Comment by binary star 07.27.10 @

Hey you forgot the Nut-Rageous name LOL!

Comment by CUBAN 07.27.10 @

any word on the release date?

Comment by crates 07.27.10 @

I used to hate on Fabolous, but I couldn’t front any longer. The guy’s wordplay is reeediculous.

Red Cafe is a grimey street dude. All hardcore rap gets a pass.

Lupe’s OK…he’s got above average flow & lyrics, but his style is a little too sterile and clean cut for my taste.

Comment by tres 07.27.10 @

fruitay tabasco is the wackest of them all..skateboard raps stay losing

Comment by Dialect 07.28.10 @

Gucci Mane. That dude has to be garbage. I shall brook no argument.

Comment by A'Pex 07.28.10 @

Made this mistake of boycotting Bubba Sparxx’s album “Deliverence” based on his name and what I thought he stood for. Huge mistake, that album is amazing

Comment by Gunzoid 07.28.10 @

howq ’bout big Pooh?

Comment by dj blendz 07.28.10 @

Grafph(or however he spells it), all lil’s & young’s(coupla exceptions), Curt@!^s, Dom kennedy, Bishop Lamont,

Comment by Dee 07.28.10 @

lol @ CUBAN. I like Nutso’s music, but I gotta co-sign Nut-Rageous being a terrible rap name.. It took me a while to even listen to a Jay Electronica song because of his name. That dude is a beast tho.

Comment by LEX 07.29.10 @

The Nonce. That’s what they call paedophiles where I come from

Comment by End Level Boss 07.29.10 @

YO i feel you Lex i manage Nutso formerly known as Nut-Rageous we would get stuff about the name all the time.One thing is Nutso has rhyming Skills so after they heard him spit they forgot about the name.

Comment by CUBAN 07.29.10 @

Son of Bazerk!, gonna have to dig to see if I was wrong.

Comment by Dan E Fresh 08.02.10 @

French Montana, Mystidious Misfits, Oj Da Juiceman, Questionmark Asylum, Bun B(He’s dope but that name just sounds soft), Fu-Schnickens(Sorry.. now that I’m older that name is wack),Papoose,JT The Bigga Figga(He’s a legend though), I could go on for days but… Wakka Flack Flames might take the crown .

Comment by Lo Pan 08.08.10 @

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