Searching For The Perfect Remix: Buckwild

A case could be made for Buckwild being the most sophisticated remix scientist in hip-hop. He has a knack for being able to transform a good song into something incredible, as well as the ability to completely change the feel of a track without losing the essence of the original. Buckwild’s ‘Remix #1’ of ‘Life’s A Bitch’ flips the smoothed-out album version into an eerie vision of paranoia, while his interpretation ‘Daaam!’ twists a rowdy party starter into a smoked-out head nodder, while his version of ‘Rock On’ is nothing short of genius.

Artifacts feat. Busta Rhymes – ‘C’mon Wit Da Git Down’ [Remix]

Beastie Boys feat. Q-Tip – ‘Get It Together’ [Remix]

Brand Nubian – ‘Word Is Bond’ [Remix]

Channel Live – ‘Mad Izm’ [Remix]

Funkdoobiest – ‘Rock On’ [Remix]

Nas feat. AZ- ‘Life’s A Bitch’ [Remix # 1]

Organized Konfusion – ‘Bring It On’ [The Lost Remix]

Tha Alkaholiks – ‘Daaam!’ [Buckwild Remix]

What Is Buckwild's Best Remix?

  • Funkdoobiest - ‘Rock On’ [Remix] (24%, 61 Votes)
  • Artifacts feat. Busta Rhymes - ‘C’mon Wit Da Git Down’ [Remix] (19%, 48 Votes)
  • Organized Konfusion - ‘Bring It On’ [The Lost Remix] (18%, 46 Votes)
  • Tha Alkaholiks - ‘Daaam!’ [Buckwild Remix] (13%, 34 Votes)
  • Nas feat. AZ- ‘Life’s A Bitch’ [Remix # 1] (11%, 27 Votes)
  • Beastie Boys feat. Q-Tip - ‘Get It Together’ [Remix] (6%, 16 Votes)
  • Brand Nubian - ‘Word Is Bond’ [Remix] (5%, 12 Votes)
  • Channel Live - ‘Mad Izm’ [Remix] (4%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 254

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31 Comments so far
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Surprisingly I gotta go with the Funkdoobiest remix.

Comment by hl 07.14.10 @

“C’Mon Wit The Get Down”!!!! This is where DITC began their love affair with David Axelrod, lol.

Comment by oskamadison 07.14.10 @

The Nas remix is straight up sinister.

Comment by K-V 07.14.10 @

Most of his unreleased/remixes album Diggin’ In The Crates is somewhat spectacular.

Comment by A.S. 07.14.10 @

Damn that’s a tough choice! His other Mad Izm remix is dope too

Comment by Cro 07.14.10 @

The other Mad Izm remix is the best Buckwild remix imo.

Comment by Lotuz 07.14.10 @

C’mon Wit The Git Down is a cool remix but got the feeling there i sone really dope remix that Buck did that isn’t here! What can you say about the guy who
made Time’s Up? Classic raw shit!!

Comment by Big Braveheart 07.14.10 @


Comment by TYBO2020 07.14.10 @


Comment by TYBO2020 07.14.10 @

too hard to choose…hes too dope.

Comment by mercilesz 07.14.10 @

@ TYBO2020

oh shit, i aint know he made times up. fuck that, times up his best beat. sorry i know this is supposed to be about his remix’s but that’s one of the hottest beats of the 90’s….

Comment by Big Gist from brooklyn 07.14.10 @

All of these are ill, but the Nas remix is my favorite.

Comment by crusher 07.14.10 @

Bring It On

Comment by BK's Finest 07.14.10 @

Where’s the puba “I like it” remix

Comment by dolo 07.14.10 @

Artifacts feat. Busta Rhymes – ‘C’mon Wit Da Git Down’ [Remix]

Comment by Jaz 07.14.10 @

Alright. I’m with you fellas.

Comment by A'Peks 07.14.10 @

Bring It On. I mean, it improves on the orginal in so many ways that it’s incredible. And IMHO that’s the primary reason for doing a remix.

Comment by reiser 07.15.10 @

Said it before, Artifacts.

Comment by vollsticks 07.15.10 @

rock on all day

Comment by KrmnL 07.16.10 @

the other Mad ism remix is the best though

Comment by KrmnL 07.16.10 @

That Liks remix is crazy. DITCH blessed them, cause the Diamond D remix of the Next Level is crazy too.

Comment by The Funkologist 07.16.10 @

I always liked that sound of like spray paint cans on “Rock On”

Comment by keatso 07.16.10 @

How bout best Buckwild tracks besides Times UP this list is boring .. nothing special ..Alladat from EVERYTHING IS EVERYTHING “Quiet baldhead is like a bad motherfucker” my 2c

Comment by setrule 07.16.10 @

times up is dope, but the les demerele sample makes up most of what that instrumental is.
always preferred the arsenal rmx to life’s a bitch.

Comment by the snow donkey 07.17.10 @

You can never, ever, ever, ever go wrong with a Cal Tejader sample…”Daaamn” wins all the way.

Dee El Sends

Comment by Big Dee El 07.17.10 @

We know who Buck was listening to when he did these remixes…it’s like he raided the catolog.

Dee el Sends

Comment by Big Dee El 07.17.10 @

cosign setrule. the list is “eh”.

Comment by dmfslimm 07.17.10 @

The hard, dusty drums. The weeded xylophone loops.
I like all of them but I’ll pick Bring It On. To my ears,OK over DITC beats equals audio gold!

Comment by chronwell 07.21.10 @

Oh i forgot the Guru “respect the architect ” remix by buck…

Comment by dolo 07.22.10 @

I would’ve voted for the “Fat Pockets” remix, but it’s not here. That’s one of my favorite beats by anyone ever. Did it not qualify because it was for his own group?

Comment by Urkel Moe Dee 07.23.10 @

artifacts and buss. sometimes i pull out “between a rock…” just fa that remix…

Comment by blue terrible 08.08.10 @

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