Searching For The Perfect Remix: DJ Premier

I recently bumped into Premier backstage when he was last in town, having promised Marco Polo that I’d drink his share of the free beers. I vaguely recall exchanging a few wisecracks and sharing some weed with him, as well as witnessing Masta Ace eat an entire bowl of fresh fruit and Ed OG betting Premo that he’d be the last to leave the hotel tomorrow or some shit….[end name-dropping session]

Why have I chosen these eight remixes from the Works of Mart discography? Because they bang the hardest. Cue comments complaining that I’ve forgotten his stuff for Da King & I or that overrated Ras Kass remix.

Fat Joe – ‘The Shit Is Real’ [DJ Premier Remix]

Jay-Z – ‘A Million And One Questions’ [Remix]

Kool G Rap – ‘First Nigga’ [DJ Premier Remix]

M.O.P. – ‘Handle Ur Business’ [Remix]

Show & AG – ‘Next Level’ [Nyte Time Mix]

Special Ed – ‘Freaky Flow’ [DJ Premier Remix]

Shyheim – ‘On and On’

Biggie Smalls – ‘Machine Gun Funk’ [Remix]

What Is Premier's Best Remix?

  • Show & AG - ‘Next Level’ [Nyte Time Mix] (42%, 146 Votes)
  • Fat Joe – ‘The Shit Is Real’ [DJ Premier Remix] (23%, 81 Votes)
  • Jay-Z – ‘A Million And One Questions’ [Remix] (15%, 52 Votes)
  • Kool G Rap - ‘First Nigga’ [DJ Premier Remix] (6%, 21 Votes)
  • Special Ed - ‘Freaky Flow’ [DJ Premier Remix] (6%, 21 Votes)
  • Biggie Smalls - ‘Machine Gun Funk’ [Remix] (5%, 18 Votes)
  • M.O.P. - ‘Handle Ur Business’ [Remix] (3%, 10 Votes)
  • Shyheim - 'On and On' [Remix] (0%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 350

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58 Comments so far
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I voted for Fat Joe because I have always liked that track and the music video was also pretty tight. I can’t stand Jay-Z but that is an excellent remix.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 07.22.10 @


Comment by jesse 07.22.10 @

Tie between Freaky Flow and Next Level. Next Level is a little more complex and creative though in terms of chopping.

Comment by haroon 07.22.10 @

BTW: This is a mix tape I did of nothing but Primo’s rarer tracks, many of them remixes:

Comment by haroon 07.22.10 @

when joe that success joint.
and i go for dat next level shit.
premo never fails.

Comment by swordfish 07.22.10 @

Got a freaky freaky freaky freaky flow. Special Ed!

Comment by ADA 07.22.10 @

they were about to play verbal intercourse after that Machine Gun Funk remix mp3 CM Famalam show

Comment by QBD1 07.22.10 @

Premier is clearly a better producer than remixer but Next Level is one of his best prodctions ever. VOTE.

Comment by Ross 07.22.10 @

“Next Level” all day…

Comment by hl 07.22.10 @

it was a hard choice between jigga and next level; went with jigga.

Comment by Biggist from brooklyn 07.22.10 @

Jay, followed by Show & AG, followed by Biggie.

Comment by KQ 07.22.10 @

Preem’s remix of Jeru’s Me Not the Papes is hands down the best remix Primo has ever done. That shit is just slick and sinister, those pianos hit hard!

Comment by Bruce 07.22.10 @

On and On remix sukked. I actually always preferred Show’s original bassier version.. The Fat Joe Remix hands down ..theres gonna be a part 2 right ??

Comment by dolo 07.22.10 @

Da King and I remix was sick
Rugged Neva Smoov
That Das Efx remix with the Droppin Science sample
ill post some more when i remember..

Comment by dolo 07.22.10 @

next level epitomes the remix surpassin th original.

hate to be that guy but what bout his west coast remixes? comptons most wanted, too short etc, one of those coulda replaced the handle ur bizness remix, always thought it was overrated and just reminded you of the far superior original

Comment by done 07.22.10 @

HOW IN THE WORLD IS PREMO’s RMX FOR TOO SHORT’s IN THE TRUNK NOT ON THIS LIST? I’m just sayin, it’s my favorite by far. Obviously still the most slept-on if it’s not on Unkut’s feature on Premo’s RMX’s, and that’s a compliment, of course.

Comment by ACthePD 07.22.10 @

Heh I hoped the Next Level remix would get the most votes…we’ll see, we’ll see…heheh Robbie, you’re right about the King & I comments so I won’t repeat!
Amazing site by the way, I can lose myself for days in the archives, you’re one knowledgeable mother-fucker!

Comment by vollsticks 07.22.10 @

Special Ed remix is hype, too–I seem to recall that that album was really under-rated when it dropped. And it was approaching classic status! Dude’s first album (with the cheesy cover photo–heheh the red suit-jacket, all smiling and fluttering his eyelashes!) was wicked, too.

Comment by vollsticks 07.22.10 @

Damn… I don’t wanna be that dude either…


Das EFX’s ‘Kaught in da Ak’ remix bangs. Hard as fuck.

But yeah, all of these bang. I was caught between ‘Shit Is Real’ and ‘Next Level’… went with the ‘Next Level’ joint tho’.


Comment by DANJ! 07.22.10 @

@ volisticks that ‘red suit jacket’ cover was his second album, ‘Legal’.


Comment by DANJ! 07.22.10 @

Gotta be show & A.G. but outta his whole discog there are loads. “keep the crowd listening” remix is his finest though still.

Comment by RowanB 07.22.10 @

A million & 1…Preemo king of the beats

Comment by dj blendz 07.22.10 @

show & ag next level all day

Comment by aRKayeM 07.22.10 @

Only reason I didn’t select A Million and One Questions/Rhyme No More is that the version of the song you put up is not the remix it’s the original.

The best DJ Premier remix is Keep the Crowd Listening.

Comment by Dick B. 07.22.10 @

wicked sounds on all of them, but my favorite has to be the Fat Joe remix

Comment by DJ Mad Wax 07.22.10 @

I voted for Showbiz and AG’s next level remix. that song is the epitome of underground, mid-90s Hip Hop. We used to bump that all summer. A Shame it didn’t get on Doo Wop’s 95 live tape because it was the same summer.

My second vote would go to A Million and One Questions. The way the second beat drops in in the 3rd verse is a masterpiece.

The First Nigga Remix was insane. Unfortunately, it didn’t make much noise when it dropped and I don’t think it ever came out on an album.

Comment by 5 grand 07.22.10 @

Next Level is one of the greatest TRACKS ever made. BTW I could listen to a tape with all these remixes everyday all day and still ask for more. Premo is Hip-Hop, no question.

Comment by ceedub 07.22.10 @

next level is def a classic but that machine gun funk beat is tooooooooo nice. biggie + preemo was the best preemo pairing imo.

Comment by fredMS 07.22.10 @

For me it’s a tie between “Shit Is Real” and “Next Level”. But i go with “Shit Is Real” coz beat is so atmospheric.

And by the way Jay-Z’s “A Million And One Question” is not the remix, it’s the only album version.

Comment by andrewfromrussia 07.22.10 @

This is where I bitch that “Next Level” remix < the original and I have come to dislike the Remix because everybody plays that instead of Showbiz's joint. fuck that.

Special Ed.

Comment by A'Peks 07.22.10 @

The fat Joe, Hova & Showbiz & AG gets my vote.
its hard to choose one tho.
but i sure do miss the Fat Joe that was on that track, if anybody seen him let me know.

Comment by Brandan E. 07.22.10 @

For me it’s a tie between “Shit Is Real” and “Next Level”. But i go with “Shit Is Real” coz beat is so atmospheric.
Comment by andrewfromrussia 07.22.10 @

Exactly. Video was tough too.

Comment by KrmnL 07.22.10 @

I’m w/ A’Peks on this. I prefer Show’s version. Not hating either. It’s a dope remix… but Primo’s best? I dunno man. Personally, I prefer The Shit is Real.

Comment by Rap Hands 07.23.10 @

Totally agree with A’Peks, the Showbiz version of Next Level is the best.

Comment by CrateDigga78 07.23.10 @

The Jigga remix is exactly the same as the orginal. He just added an extra verse.

Comment by The Funkologist 07.23.10 @

Kool G for me, never heard or seen the original but Primo laced it
Jay in close 2nd

Comment by lem167 07.23.10 @

Love the handle ur business remix…

one of my favoutite primo remixes is Rawcotics Hardcore Hip hop

Comment by JonnySimps 07.23.10 @

I too say that the original Next Level is vastly superior to the remix.

Premier’s version is booooring, plus I prefer the sunnier vibe of the original.

Comment by A.S. 07.23.10 @

Well, alright then! I ;thought I was completely alone on that. Maybe I can start enjoying the Remix again.

Comment by A'Peks 07.23.10 @

i forgot the ag and show shit, but shit is real gets my vote.

Comment by dmfslimm 07.23.10 @

where’s def wish remix by cmw.

Comment by dmfslimm 07.23.10 @

Danj–ah okay, I didn’t know that. Something else to check out! Thanks.

Comment by vollsticks 07.23.10 @

Btwn Joe and Show & Ag, I went with Show & AG. Crazee track, AG sounded great over the track., I also loved the original but of this list, I go with Next Level. As someone else wrote above, the Jeru rmx he did is his best remix,

Comment by shawamar 07.23.10 @

Jeru’s ‘Me, Not The Paper’ is great but it’s a whole new song, not a remix.

Comment by Robbie 07.23.10 @

I agree with anyone who thinks the original “Next Level” is better than the remix. I like both, but the original is vastly underrated.

Comment by Urkel Moe Dee 07.23.10 @

Whoa, have never heard that Freaky Flow remix before. Mad dope.

Shit, to vote for just one is like impossible but if I have to choose I’d go with “Next Level” (Nyte Time Remix)


Comment by Uhh 07.23.10 @

The Show and A joint and Shit Is real are classics but I picked the Jiggaman remix, 2 hot Preme beats on one track!

Comment by chronwell 07.24.10 @

I still nominate “Rugged Neva Smoov” ..

Comment by dolo 07.25.10 @

Voted for handle ur Bizness. When I first heard that it fucked my head up. Joe came in a close second for me.

Comment by bronxbomma 07.25.10 @

A million and one followed closely by Joe

Comment by BIGSPICE 07.26.10 @

Next Level hands down followed up by Million and One in a real close second.

Comment by Ruffianroni 07.26.10 @

Hard to choose one between the fat joe/show & A/special ed, but had to go with “shit is real”… Totally random, but strictly for the beat, the “music evolution” rmx is definitely in my top 5 Preem remixes… and i donʻt throw that lightly, the Waxmaster is my GOAT producer.

Comment by syze 1 07.27.10 @

I had to run with the Fat Joe joint but don’t sleep on his other Fat Joe remix for Success. Also, an overlooked gem, although on some R&B shit: D’Angelo’s Lady remix. Preme murked it on some simple shit.

Comment by oskamadison 07.27.10 @

Enough dope remixes 4 a 2nd round, most already mentioned: d’angelo ft AZ, Macy Gray ft Mos Def, Rawcotics, afu ra, D&D all stars, Lord Finesse, Buckshot Lefonque, Fat Joe “success”, queen Latifah ft Defari, Ras Kass, MOP “rugged neva smooth”, Nas “memory lane remix” (unreleased but heard on the halftime show), the Nike “classic” remix and so on…

Comment by Gregxl 07.27.10 @

Got to be Special Ed for me, as the beat is far superior to the original.

Comment by M.Turn 07.28.10 @

Show and AG, but yeah, gotta second ACthePD in that the Too Short remix is sadly missing from this list…

Comment by Eyechild 07.29.10 @

I saw this post when it was first posted and I still can’t decide.

Comment by Jaz 07.29.10 @

Next Level….that was amazing when that dropped. Preem killed it! I was expecting to see Blahzay Blah on that list tho’.>
I used to have these radio shows on tape that Premier did, playing all doubles off his remixes. I remember that Fat Joe & Shyiem getting juggled proper.

Comment by Lenny Dunn 07.30.10 @

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