Video: Show Discusses New Album With KRS-One
Sunday July 25th 2010,
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Be on the look-out for the Show & KRS-One album titled Godsville later this year. I’ve gotta say that I haven’t heard the Blastmasta sound this invigorated in a long time…must be the beats!

Spotted at Crate Kings, thanks to grandgood.

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this is really great news, this came out of nowhere and based on the samples above this shit is sounding SERIOUS! damn, i’ve been wishing for a Show/KRS-One collabo forever, based on the songs they did together in the past – more or less ALL CLASSICS.

the first song in the video is sounding like a masterpiece right there. i’m just suprised tho cuz there’s been three KRS-One albums promised this year already lol – Show, DJ Premier and True Master. can’t complain tho, just hopes it actually all goes down.

Comment by claaa7 07.25.10 @

here’s part 1 of the interview i believe. some more snippets as well:

Comment by claaa7 07.25.10 @

dopest dope on dope!!!

Comment by andrewfromrussia 07.25.10 @

Yeah, KRS sounds great on these snippets. He sounded good on that last alchemist album as well. Wasn’t too big a fan of that album he did with Buckshot, but I’m looking forward to this. AG, Diamond, Showbiz, and even Fat Joe are making some great music right now.

Comment by 07.25.10 @

Damn! Nigga flipped the Jill Scott shit on the last joint.

Comment by bronxbomma 07.25.10 @

showbiz has been really lacking with the beats lately… i guess he aint relly digging in the crates anymore…

Comment by T.S. 07.25.10 @

apparantly krs and just ice released an ep this year, and i youtubed it cos of the above video and most of it was actually good, i was amazed. even the bad parts are hilarious, probably unintentionally:

kinda made me feel like lookin up some of their later work, only maybe tho ha

Comment by done 07.25.10 @

KRS vocals sound nice a lot, a lot of the times he ruins choruses, but his verses are almost always nice… too bad great rhymes don’t make good albums for him since 97… and Show appears very out of touch … tell him to tell Capri that HipHop music don’t change with the times, it alwasys was, is and will be years ahead of the times … obviously great yet unfamiliar … those beats sound very trendy, like somebody who is trying to keep up with the times … when Show was always fresh in the 90s, ahead of the average producers, with fresh loops … the FRESH LOOP … that’s the change it needs, flipping and freaking fresh loops, creating some brand new funk … this sounds very Rap, very little HipHop …

Comment by ACthePD 07.29.10 @

I like the beats in that part 1 video.
I’ll definitely give the album an ear when it drops

Comment by e-digga 08.02.10 @

@T.S.& ACthePD

My points exactly,a KRS & SHOW collabo would have been great,”about 10 + years ago”….but this does not sound like the SHOW that gave us,”Sound of the police”or any of those ’90’s classics.I mean,even Large Pro went into the basement and grabbed his 4 track for Nas’s-Stillmatic to give that album some”classic”feel.And I guess after having to turn over his entire[pre-Sneak attack]cataloge to Jive records to get released from his bum deal,the”Blastmaster”is…just about done.

Comment by R.Jones 08.02.10 @

Gaye shirt….gaye watch….gaye beats…..

Showbiz is out of touch with Hip Hop & trying to be in touch with rap.

Ummm Primo is next door still flipping samples on some hard Hip Hop shit! ….varying results I admit but he still drops bangers.

Flip some nice loops with some heavy drums…it’s not rocket science…….ill never understand why/how such dope producers fall of so hard!!

Comment by J Hustle 08.03.10 @

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