You Don’t Know Rap Trivia Game
Wednesday July 07th 2010,
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As a promotion for the new Rapstar video game, here’s a trivia quiz for you too eff around with. It’s also made me realize that I need to get rid of the grey border’s on this site one of these days…

My initial results:

Score: 1472
Respect: 37%
Rank: Rapstar

I’m about to go in again, since I loves me some rap trivia – even if it is 90% Def Jam related…

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Sheeeeitttt. I scored a 42% even though I guessed on questions about Nik Minaj’s high school and Waht city was Plies born in.

Fucking ridiculous. If this is considered history I may as well start wiping my ass with my Word Up magazine collection.

Comment by Fishscale 07.07.10 @

I quit when it said “Brownish Nova” not “Stolen Nova” was the right answer and when it said Primo didn’t live in Texas most of his life until coming to NYC in the late 80s.

Comment by haroon 07.07.10 @

I’m fine on the 80s stuff, but when it asks me about L’il Wayne lyrics, or where TI was born I’m fucked.

Comment by Mag7Music 07.07.10 @

1082… ko’d of the elimination round on the first question because I don’t know Juelz Santana’s middle name lolers! I don’t even know that fools FIRST name! And I’m not too proud to say that I like some of his raps.

And how the fuk am I supposed to know where Plies was born?

Comment by a-one 07.07.10 @

Oh baby you, you “are holding my seed” / But you say “we’re going to Maury”

Comment by CENZI 07.07.10 @


Comment by TYBO2020 07.07.10 @

Where was Jeezy born? Thats an insult to this culture

Comment by keatso 07.07.10 @

da fuck is a guda gudda?

Comment by verge 07.07.10 @

They should have consulted unkut before making this

Comment by keatso 07.08.10 @

who the fuck is Plies?

Comment by Lethal 07.08.10 @


And i’m not even speak english. LOL

Comment by andrewfromrussia 07.08.10 @


Dunno, but I always subconsciously read it as ‘Piles’ — as in hemorrhoids.

Comment by haroon 07.08.10 @

too many questions about artists i could’nt give a fuck about

Comment by dj blendz 07.08.10 @

I got every answer right when it came to 80s,and mid 90s shit.I got piles right which was a guess because I have no clue who he is.
This game would be better if it delt with DEF JAM Classic shit.NOT LIL WAYNE QUESTIONS.
I understand they do that so younger heads can play and kids who like wack shit BUT KIDS WHO ARE YOUNGER AND LIKE WACK SHIT??? ARENT GONNA PLAY THIS GAME.

Comment by DJ DAVITO 07.08.10 @

Oi – Redman’s Muddy Waters did NOT feature him buried in mud with his head sticking out the ground, dammit.

Comment by A.S. 07.08.10 @

Pretty addictive though.

Keep getting a question about the lyrics of 50 Cent’s I Get Money.

Sounds shit.

Comment by A.S. 07.08.10 @

“I never thought it could happen this _______ stuff”

Notorious B.I.G.

I answered (A) rappin’

Then they hit with an ill record scratch, told me the correct answer is (C) mackin’

Comment by Fishscale 07.09.10 @

i correctly(?) answered that the skinny boys are from bridgeport, “CN”. rap sales may have dried up, but def jam is still powerful enough to invent states.

Comment by mark 07.09.10 @

i played that shit and its fuckin corny as hell!!!!

Comment by aRKayeM 07.13.10 @


Score: 1106
Respect: 26%
Rank: Rapstar

Comment by @Stellaskid 07.13.10 @

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