10 Fat Joe Songs You Might Have Missed

Fat Joe has released ten albums? You’ve got to respect that kind of dedication, despite his fondness for shitty club music on three quarters of them. But regardless of the direction that he may taken over the years in order to survive in the music game, Crack has done pretty well for a guy who admits he couldn’t rap for shit when he started out and had to strong-arm himself into the spotlight. He once admitted that he knew he was wack back in the days, but no one had the heart to tell him when he grabbed the mic in case he broke their nose with a right hook. While his debut was carried by top-notch D.I.T.C. beats, by the time he delivered Jealous One’s Envy he had refined his Shout Rap style into something more convincing, and continued to display and great ear for music. Once Big Punisher came into the picture, Joe was forced to step his game up in a major way and ever since has made the most of his somewhat limited vocal talents. I was surprised to find that his latest, The Darkside, has a few burner’s on it. Even more shocking is the fact that Cool & Dre actually out-shined the Premier and Just Blaze contributions.

Anyways, I though this would be a good opportunity to throw a few of Joey’s less renown work out there. Beyond the posse cuts, ‘Twinz ’98’, ‘Flow Joe’ and ‘Lean Back’, here are some of the big fella’s finest moments:

Fat Joe & Big L – ‘Da Enemy’

Come to think of it, this is pretty well known, but it’s so dope that it had to be included. Joe and L kill it, and Premier delivers a track that’s straight murder.

Fat Joe & Big Pun – ‘Best Behavior’

Taken from Show‘s Wild Life releases, this is another great team-up from the Twinz.

Fat Joe & Party Arty – ‘My Bad’

With a beat that sounds like ‘Something For The Ladies’ Part 2, how can you go wrong?

Fat Joe feat. KRS-One – ‘Bronx Tale’

This was the moment that Joe graduated from Diamond D‘s weed carrier to a real rapper dude.

Fat Joe- ‘Dat Gangsta Shit’

Another chapter in a long line of quality Joey Crack/DJ Premier creations.

Fat Joe – ‘Hard Not To Kill’

During the course of my research I found this album cut that didn’t suck. That vocal sample seals the deal.

Fat Joe – ‘Livin Fat’

Da Gangsta was pretty rough around the edges on the mic back then, but this Lord Finesse track is nothing short of gold.

Fat Joe – ‘Safe 2 Say (The Incredible)’

If you need someone to flip your organ, Just Blaze is that dude….*cough*

Fat Joe – ‘That White’

This song would have been so much better without Joe doing that horrible hook. Good thing he scores back any lost points by using the term ‘fuck boy’ at the end.

Fat Joe – ‘Valley of Death’

Newest, latest….

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You probably could get by just posting the entire Don Cartagena lol

Comment by TC 08.04.10 @

been a fan since the first album which i still listen to. ya his lyrics weren’t the greatest on there but its a raw album with great production.

Comment by JP 08.04.10 @

“Big Apples Gone Rotten” with Armageddon is straight flames too.

Good post….

Comment by shamz 08.04.10 @

People knock Joe but you can’t argue with a list like that – add those more well known tracks you mentioned and that’s a pretty strong Greatest Hits album…

What about adding ‘Boriqua’s On Da Set’ by Frankie Cutlass?

Comment by don king 08.04.10 @

i second TC’s comment. i always liked the don, shit even back when i saw the video for got a flow joe.

Comment by iLLa 08.04.10 @

the best thing he ever spit on was the bottom of those jordans.

Comment by wackjoe 08.04.10 @

Nice list. I also would’ve included”:
“Respect Mine”
“Shit Is Real” (Primo Remix)
“The Crack Attack”
“Find Out”
“Still Real”
“Hey Joe” (original non-album version)

Joe has a great ear for beats and maximizes his limited rap abilities.

Comment by The ILLatino 08.04.10 @

Good choices.

The slightly different 12″ version of My Bad was better than the album version, imo. On My Way with Party Arty again was another great Joe song from that Show album.

Comment by MF 08.04.10 @


Comment by haroon 08.04.10 @

I couldn’t agree more, The Darkside has some heat on it.

Comment by TM 08.04.10 @

http://thesidetracked.com/ actually has a really good writeup about fat joes The Darkside

Comment by FloWz 08.04.10 @

personally ive loved Joes tracks since his promos on 98.7..but what do i know.

Comment by mercilesz 08.04.10 @

I have always been a Joe fan. Joe made the most of his talent. I even liked his graff back in the day. Remember seeing him and TS chillin at the Rock Steady joint back in the day. He has got a surprisingly long list of good joints, so thanks Robbie for posting this.

Comment by BIGSPICE 08.04.10 @

^He had a “Crack” simple style that ran on the BQE near Meeker/Morgran for years. It seems with this new album his able to reconcile the DITC side with his “Whats Love” side. You cant front, shit is real. Dude is from BX, down with DITC, wrote graf, hustled, and makes money. He does have a gift for picking beats and making something out of not much (lyrcially speaking).
Always thought some white MC should have killed the “that white” instrumental…

Comment by keatso 08.04.10 @

Good list. Original version of “Hey Joe” and “Victim” would have been good additions too.

Comment by B-Easy 08.04.10 @

Thanks for this one! Agree with BIGSPICE, Joe made something out of nothing! Joe is a hustla not a customer!
Mad Props n Respect to Joe. My favorite: Jealous One’s Envy!

Comment by Nems 08.04.10 @

Most backpackers/nerds/haters will dismiss Joe as a pop dude post-Don Cartagena, but those who’ve kept up and listened to all his joints when they dropped know that he’s consistently had a good share of grimey tracks on every album.

“My Lifestyle” and “Wild Life” off the J.O.S.E. album.

Comment by tres 08.04.10 @

Reminds me of the first time I seen dude on Video Music Box. Of course I was able to find the clip online, god bless these internetz:

Comment by keatso 08.04.10 @

this is tough, why did you do this…it all started a year before that effin flow joe. dj red alert had this hot ass promo by none other than fat joe. this promo was bigger than chi ali’s, i mean the beat was insane, the voice was raw, and the lyrics (for a promo) was hot. i even recorded it on my cassette tape and listened to it in my walkman (im old!)…a year later, on video music box(nyc), i see flow joe. the beat is the same(cool), the hook is OK, but the third verse was the FUCKIN PROMO FROM A YEAR AGO!!! i may be the only one but i was hurt. he had so much potential, no one repeats their promo’s not even CHI ALI!!!

Comment by biggist from brooklyn 08.05.10 @

i guess i had a little too much to drink, but i do respect his work ethic. he’s done alot for the culture, and he was there from the beginning. aside from the club hits he has my repect, and he got graf skills. rappers today dont know shit about taggin…

Comment by biggist from brooklyn 08.05.10 @

Was always a fan of Fat Joe, but yeah, his albums have been garbage since ’99. I still always checked them for the one or two possible street joints, but never bought any. Always enjoyed the shit he still did with DITC over the last 10 years like some of the shit you posted. Primo’s been spinnin that “Valley Of Death” joint on his Live From HeadQCourterz radio show, it’s dope, just like a few of the other joints on the new album (surprisingly).

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 08.05.10 @

co sign “Shit Is Real” (Primo Remix)
Always liked that one.

Comment by PR2 08.05.10 @

john blaze of don cartegena. and co-sign shams on big apples gone rotten.

Comment by gx 08.05.10 @

Good, desereved post.
Now how bout:

Tequila Sunrise (Remix) –
Cypress Hill ft. Fat Joe

and the 1st D&D posse cut…

Comment by ?uestion Marc 08.05.10 @

“I Shot Ya” – LL Cool J feat Keith Murray, Prodigy, Fat Joe, Foxy Brown

Comment by 5 Grand 08.05.10 @

http://thesidetracked.com/ review was terrible, the Busta feature was so unnecessary, sounding like Sticky Fingaz n shit.
Darkside is really dope though, someone should put together a mix of Joeys hardest cuts.

Comment by Enig Mue 08.05.10 @


Yeah from the looks of it, it wasn’t really a review but more so three tracks he wanted to highlight from the tape. Nonetheless the album was pretty dope in my eyes.

Comment by FloWz 08.05.10 @

it seems that at age 33 all I need is a few new tracks a week to get me from Chicago to Indianapolis and back in time for Mad Men. Several of these will fit the bill. Til I don’t have to make the trek, keep em coming.

Comment by A'Peks 08.05.10 @

Fat Joe went from being consistent, mostly due to his affiliation with real rappers, then he switched up his style (dumb it down) just for hits. Big L must be rolling in his grave.

Comment by Fools 08.06.10 @

that hook on “That White” is incredible, idk what you’re talkin about. What else should a drug dealer say besides “thank god for that whiiiiiiiiite!”

who remembers joe on the doo wop Live 95 joint? “Boriquas on the Set”

“Niggas know the time! Niggas know the deal! Niggas know that nigga Fat Joe is mad real!” lmao

Comment by thiz 08.06.10 @

I don’t relly dig Fat Joe at all, but you forgot about my favorite “My Lifestyle” off J.O.S.E.

Comment by Carl Mygind 08.06.10 @

Fat Joe is the perfect example of once you go mainstream you can never go back to the underground fanbase-

A Look at Fat Joe’s recent first week sales history:
2010: Darkside Vol.1 12k
2009: Jealous Ones Still Envy 28k
2008: The Elephant in the Room 47,125
2006: Me, Myself & I 60k

Comment by D.Baskett 08.07.10 @

I’m a lil hurt and offended, as a true connoisseur of real hip hop music, that nobody posted or even mentioned the joint -The Ways of Life by Fat Joe & Big L.. although I do respect the song choices and some of the songs mentioned by others in this post. Gave me some new stuff to download.. However, I cannot find Big Apples Gone Rotten.. can anybody post up an MP3 to download??

Comment by don of dons 08.07.10 @

jeaulous ones envy ’95 is a classic

Comment by Van Beffen 08.07.10 @

Big fan of this brutha, although I do agree all his party club shit, SUCKS..he still has it in em to pull out a banga. I was a bit pissed at the Preem song on his latest album, I appreciate the shout to Guru, but it underwhelmed me a bit..Should have atleast had another Preem track on the album…Uptown Baby!

Comment by shawamar 08.08.10 @

That white has the best beat imo, best behavior wins for lyrics thanks to big pun, as fat as joe is i’m surprised he doesn’t gasp for his next breath between verses like biggie smalls or big pun, dude must be pulling some chocolate rain mic manipulation by moving away from the mic to breathe in.

Comment by gstatty 08.10.10 @

I woulda listed “Watch the Sound” from the first album up top w/ the posse cuts- that might date me, with the Grand Puba and Diamond D guest spots, but that sample/hook and beat were my favorite on the album besides…. damn what was that REALLY hard joint?? I’ma have to get in my old tape shoeboxes…

Comment by Serjrock 08.10.10 @

i would say ‘success’ as a honorable mention

Comment by bezelup 08.14.10 @

“j.o.s.e.” title track. psycho les beat. sick sample. some of joe’s best lyrics. 2 minutes. this is missing(see toca’s “last of the pro-ricans cd on sequence). i love the muthafucka, too, but i haven’t paid fa shit since that ts joint from ’99. “true story”? bootleg. free. i got my homeboy’s “the darkside, vol. 1”, haven’t given the shit back because of “i’m gone”…

Comment by blue terrible 08.16.10 @

damn! da ILLatino? gtf outta here! da cat is Fake! He aint hiphop! lls! sup my dude! homie its been bout 9 yrs

Comment by Esai d. 08.18.10 @

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