Money Boss Players Stay Bombin’ The Bronx

Before there were Boss Money Gangsters, there were Money Boss Players, and they were awesome. The first time I heard ‘Killed In The Crap Game’, I was hooked. Abrasive electric guitar? Check. Anti-social raps? Check. Quoting ‘The Message’ for the hook? Check!

Money Boss Players - ‘Killed In The Crap Game’

Money Boss Players - ‘Bronx Niggas’

Money Boss Players - ‘Area Code 212′

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  1. Someone needs to put out “Ghetto Chronicle Daily” on CD. I need “What U Saying” in HQ.

  2. That Ghetto Chronicle Daily EP is indeed dope. It’s mad hard to get too. A decent copy will cost you a grip.

  3. this is great stuff. walk with a limp was the a side of crap game…and they had another song on that i used to kill.

  4. Killed In The Crap Game is fucking incredible… The production is faultless.

  5. Always been a fan of these cats and I have all of their vinyl releases (meaning I actually own the vinyls). I think it would be great to have an official CD of “Ghetto Chronicle Daily” maybe which includes all of their other vinyl releases 1994-1996/97. No Sleep or one of them other companies should get on it!

  6. the post’s a little short for those dudes being that great.i got a bootleg cd collection of their work called bronx classics.

  7. What happened with the official re-release ?!?!
    I remember it was supposed to be put out few years ago… I even spoke with their manager few times and he said it was coming…
    Someone should really push them or just help em out with the contacts/labels etc – feels like a Traffic Ent

  8. Still suprised that nobody ever bootlegged Ghetto Chronicles Daily after it leaked onto the web in 2004.

  9. ^^^
    They did,there is a Japanese boot that came out recently.

    The sound quality is shit which isn’t surprising as the original was mastered really badly anyway.

  10. Also there was this CD pre-order last year which was supposed to be released by D.I.T.C.Records – BOSS MONEY “Back To The Future”.
    This tracklisting I’ve seen was mad weird – all those P.Brothers joints + 3 Money Boss joints (“Move Faster”, “Gun Play”, “Players Pinnacle”).
    Seemed quite pointless to re-put those PBros joints out like that again so I hoped that final tracklisting will be something else and we’ll get all those joints we need – unfortunatelly never happened at all….

  11. Can’t front, I never heard anything by these cats when they originally came out and I hated the later Lord Tariq stuff I heard….but “Killed In The Crap Game” is fucking amazing. I think I was put off by their name at the time, they sounded like some third-rate West Coast gangsta rap….I’m kind of ashamed of myself after hearing ‘em, shows you what I knew…

  12. MBP and later Bo$$ Money made some classic music that’s for damn sure, besides all the classic 12″ releases, “Ghetto Chronicle Daily”, they also blew up every Sadat X solo album.

  13. Area Code 212 is my shit! that Walk With A Limp jawn was nice too. Minnesota is slept on as a producer. Some of the Lord’s later stuff, meh. But that 1,2, 1,2, Money Boss, comin thru was my fuckin anthem and I aint even from the BX!!! Big shouts to my brova BigShorty lacin me with the mixtapes back in the days!