Searching For The Perfect Remix: The Stimulated Dummies

Dante Ross broke down the science of the Dummies back in my interview with him last year:

“One thing I gotta say – I had a partner through all this stuff named John Gamble. Up until the second Everlast record I worked on, damn near everything I ever did with him. He was like the engineer of the team, but also a producer, and he’s an incredibly underrated part of the element. Geeby Dajani, he was my partner in the beginning. He put us together and then he wasn’t really involved from a really early point, after maybe the first Brand Nubian record I didn’t really fuck with him on music too much after that. Maybe H2O a little bit, but that was it. The thing was I was more dominant in making the music, so we kinda had to stop working together ‘cos I was just too ambitious and driven, so I just kinda went for mine. The whole time though, I had Gamble next to me, helping me clean my shit up, make it sound better, fixing up my programming – very underrated element. I was just wanna give him thanks, props and praise. I just wanna shout out my partner John Gamble, ‘cos he’s an ill dude.”

Ol’ Dirty Bastard – ‘Give It To Ya Raw’ [SD50 Remix]

3rd Bass – ‘Derelicts of Dialect’ [SD50 Remix]

Brand Nubian – ‘Wake Up’ [Stimulated Dummies Mix]

Del – ‘Hoodz Come In Dozens’ [SD50 Remix]

Grand Puba – ‘360 Degrees’ [SD50’s Remix]

Hard 2 Obtain – ‘L.I. Groove’ [Remix]

L.O.N.S. -‘The International Zone Coaster’ [Remix]

Grand Puba feat. Mary J. Blige – ‘Check It Out’ [Stimulated Dummies Remix]

What Is The SD50's Best Remix?

  • Ol’ Dirty Bastard - ‘Give It To Ya Raw’ [SD50 Remix] (23%, 33 Votes)
  • Brand Nubian - ‘Wake Up’ [Stimulated Dummies Mix] (23%, 32 Votes)
  • L.O.N.S. -’The International Zone Coaster’ [Remix] (13%, 18 Votes)
  • Hard 2 Obtain - ‘L.I. Groove’ [Remix] (10%, 14 Votes)
  • Grand Puba feat. Mary J. Blige – ‘Check It Out’ [Stimulated Dummies Remix] (9%, 13 Votes)
  • 3rd Bass - ‘Derelicts of Dialect’ [SD50 Remix] (9%, 12 Votes)
  • Grand Puba - ’360 Degrees’ [SD50's Remix] (9%, 12 Votes)
  • Del - ‘Hoodz Come In Dozens’ [SD50 Remix] (6%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 141

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Searching For The Perfect Remix: Pete Rock

Searching For The Perfect Remix: DJ Premier

Searching For The Perfect Remix: Buckwild

Searching For The Perfect Remix: Large Professor

Searching For The Perfect Remix: Da Beatminerz

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Honestly, I never heard a Stimulated Dummies Remix I liked. I thought the Wake Up Remix was terrible. I won’t be voting for this poll.

Comment by 5 Grand 08.05.10 @

3rd Bass. That was one of those songs I heard back in the day that made me know I wanna make beats some day.

Comment by haroon 08.05.10 @

^Agree on 3rd Bass. BTW Pete Nice was so underrated, I guess overshadowed by Serch being a buffoon. Pete had ill pimp style too.

Comment by keatso 08.05.10 @

marlboro projects, brooklyn!!! behind the train

Comment by biggist from brooklyn 08.05.10 @

Brand Nubian, follwed by the Del joint.

Comment by KQ 08.05.10 @

Puba’s 360 remix was ill.

Comment by The Funkologist 08.05.10 @

The Wake Up and 360 Degrees remix beats were nice, but kinda wasted since the originals were perfect already.

The Check It Out remix, now that was a remix which made a so-so track into something special. Easily the best Stimulated Dummies remix ever.

Comment by MF 08.05.10 @

BTW Props to Lord Scotch aka Keo for that Stimulated album cover

Comment by keatso 08.05.10 @

A nice effort and a blast from my wasted youth. Thanks.

Comment by A'Peks 08.05.10 @

Ughhh..I remember hearing that ODB Remix the other day and cringing. Fuck me. That LI Groove RMX is Horrible!!


Oh shit a SD 50 post, good one too! The remix for International zone coaster is easily the best of the batch. Outshines the original, while maintaining the quaint atmosphere of the source track. Jaz over at coldrockdaspot put together a dope SD50 comp a while back:
And a volume 2 is on the way soon!

Comment by PAS 08.06.10 @

Grand Puba will be at santos 08/06/10

Comment by mathhattan 08.06.10 @

good to see a person bigging up contributors for once

Comment by Tom Dice 08.06.10 @

Never really cared for the SD50 sound. It might be my ears, but it all sounds a bit muffled, and dare I say it, dull?

Comment by End Level Boss 08.06.10 @

“Yall need to stop dissing Dante on records”

Comment by keatso 08.06.10 @

Not dissin Dante but I gotta agree with End Level. SD50s production always sounded thin and muffled to me. They may have had beats but the mixing/engineering was always off.

Still dig the 360 remix though.

Comment by Rap Hands 08.06.10 @


Comment by beatjunkie299 08.06.10 @

My favorite SD50’s remix was the one for D-Nice “Crumbs on the Table.” Crazy.

And what’s up with all the Stimulated hate? So many great joints in the catalog.

Comment by Scott 08.06.10 @

That ODB remix is dope. I have the old cd single that had the original and the remix and the original version sucks balls. That cd single also had the Lord Digga remix of Brooklyn Zoo which was aight but overshadowed by the legendary original version.

Comment by crusher 08.06.10 @

Cats dissin SD50’s,and I have seen “props” givin to some questionable projects(straight bullshit) on this site,…I’m buggin out right now,SD50’s are legends,these links from Robbie are gems.

Comment by R.Jones 08.06.10 @

One of my favourite production crews….used to buy any 12″ with an SD50 remix on it….always bought the funk with a little bit of Bomb Squad flava thrown in (one mad sample for a break down)…very underrated…funky & raw!!

Comment by J Hustle 08.06.10 @

The SD’s were ill back in the day and all there work was tight, Wake Up remix has to be winner but the 3rd Bass remix was dope too and the ODB remix i never heard but that was really cool stuff!
Dummies wrecked shop!

Comment by Big Braveheart 08.07.10 @

SD50’S got classic shit,but their compilation album sucked dick…

Comment by T.S. 08.07.10 @

I agree SD50’s were always hit or miss. But when they hit they HIT!! Their work with Del,Kurious,KMD & Brand Nubian were always funky. I think they were the poor man’s remixers. Can’t afford Pete Rock or Beatnuts or Large Pro…there you go. I know that sounds like a diss but it’s not SD50’s were mos def top 5 for getting work in the early 90’s and have made some classics.

Comment by 415 08.07.10 @

These cats are real live MONSTERS with beats. Few cats could musically capture the essence of life in ’94 like they did. I love production on the H2O and Kurious albums till this day. Props for these links

Comment by Tokyo Cigar 08.08.10 @

i always dig reading interviews with dante and respect the role he played in so many classic recordings. That being said i got to agree some of the earlier commenters. i remember the sd5o’s being ubiquitous in the early 90’s, but the thing i remember them best for is making remixes that aren’t as good as the originals.

Comment by x7an 08.09.10 @

i dig the beats, i’m usually not a fan of remixes of classic cuts or songs that don’t need to be changed, but when they are done well, respect is due, i voted that odb track, they really are simple beats, base licks and drums, but honestly thats the backbone of hip hop besides djs, b-boys, beatboxin etc.

Comment by gstatty 08.10.10 @

holy sh*t. this is good stuff. unkut top rankin again.

Comment by MI 08.11.10 @

Good shit Robbie I missed this when it first went up I guess. Remixs were cool I always liked my original productions better. Mixing was always a sticky point with us once we got Gamble to relinquesh that role shit sounded better real talk though he was and is a genius he always had a hard time with the low end.

Comment by Dante Ross 09.01.10 @

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