The ‘Lo-End Theory @ Fat Beats
Monday August 23rd 2010,
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My peoples, Timeless Truth, were invited to Fat Beats last week to record some video for U.K. superstar DJ Sarah Love. Timeless Truth always represents the Polo Ralph Lauren lifestyle to the fullest. It is deeper than just getting dipped and making sure you are color coordinated. Its about your presentation to attain the lavish lifestyle through rhyme or crime.

Polo Ralph Lauren is the most Hip-Hop clothing brand of all time. Mainly because PRL aspires to be something greater than it is and Hip-Hop does the same. Hip-Hop wants to escape the projects and the disenfranchisement of its birthplace just like Polo tries to imagine itself on a yacht, center court at Wimbledon or even at a polo match.

You will note that some of your favorite Hip-Hop artists have adopted a name for which to do their art – Crazy Legs, ZEPHYR, Redman and so on. Ralph Lauren changed his last name to present himself as an Anglo instead of a Bronx born jew. Hip-Hop and Polo are both buttressed by aspirations of the high life associated with private jets (no Curren$y).

The ‘Lo-End Theory was designed to show the history that Hip-Hop has with the Polo Ralph Lauren brand by featuring artists like Timeless Truth, Meyhem Lauren, J-Love and the Outdoorsmen, Sean Price and the founders of the ‘Lo-Life collective Fi-‘Lo and Thirstin’ Howl the 3rd. The ‘Lo-End Theory will also feature Polo clothing from 1985 up to this very year that you have seen in videos from some vintage rappers like Zhigge and Grand Puba.

Stay tuned to Unkut for the date and location of the ‘Lo-End Theory. Until then make sure your collars stay crispy and keep your two L’s up.

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back in the days i always admired the lo-lifes style(swag for you youggins). although i hung out with decepticons and they had mad respect in every borough, the lo-lifes had all the honeys. even the adults liked them, it had a positive effect on the parents, they saw their kids go from wearing tims and hoodies to kackies and rugby sweaters like they lived in the hamptons.

Comment by biggist from brooklyn 08.23.10 @

Kind of a wack post. It seems hastily-written and I could give a flying flip who wears this stuff. Yeah, it’s nice clothing and I own some but Jesus Christ, do you really need to carry weed for Ralph Lauren on Unkut? Could you at least mix in a joke or seven if you do?

Comment by A'peks 08.23.10 @

There is still something a lil bit pause about this much devotion to a brand of clothing and showing out. Just saying.

Comment by keatso 08.23.10 @

Its deeper then devotion for a brand. If you havent lived it you probably dont get it which is cool. But regardless of the fashion aspect of the event the line up is 100 percent real hip hop. Peace to Timeless Truth and everyone else on the bill!

Comment by lolifeornolife 08.23.10 @

Dope drop. I lived thru this era, and to see kids still bangin and rockin hardbody make a nigga proud. This isnt for everyone understand, then again this whole site is a testament to that. Those that get it, get it. Heard some stuff from Timeless, and they comin thru official. Good post Robbie.

Comment by StaiBKNY 08.23.10 @

On the contrary par. True stillz NY 90’s cats know how relevant RL is in hip hop. Sounds to me like these niggaz got the right idea simply by not switching their format. FYI urban rap gear aint the go neither. I suppose you think it’s ok that a good 80% of these new rapper dress tighter than their women? I heard a few of these timeless truth kids music, interested in hearing more, but what I heard was hardbody. $.02

Comment by RhythmHittem' 08.23.10 @

yea the Polo plug was a bit too much *pause*

Comment by dj blendz 08.23.10 @


Comment by bboycult 08.23.10 @

Robbie, thanks again for letting me post up at your spot. I’m gonna give a few more drops about rap and Polo Ralph Lauren because I know that this site attracts heads from that era.

Biggist, what Decep you hung with? Please don’t be generic since those are my people MY PEOPLE. No shots at you either because we are all brothers

Hail Meg!

Comment by Dallas 08.23.10 @

Dallas wrote this drop. He’s going to be posting here until his own spot returns, being that he’s Unkut famalama. No pay-offs from Uncle Ralph were involved…

Comment by Robbie 08.23.10 @

Im from Jersey and what Dallas is talking about is the truth. The parrallels he cites between Rl and Hip-Hop are as clear as day and maybe thats why we as teenagers adopted the Polo clothing line as are uniform so naturally. If you didnt experience the era and the unity of the culture 1st hand it may be hard to explain…but if you can, check out the Lo End Theory party and maybe experiencing it first hand will show you how deep the RL fashion culture runs in tri-state/Philly/Miami Hip hop. peace.

Comment by mercilesz 08.23.10 @

forgot dc and chicago too!

Comment by mercilesz 08.23.10 @

And you forgot KILLA KALI too….BOZO !!!!!

Comment by shamz 08.24.10 @

ill post, if u dont get it… dont comment…simple

Comment by QUNYC 08.24.10 @

Truth of this post aside it still reads like a giant ad.

Comment by PR2 08.24.10 @

Ralph Lauren’s Polo gear extends even beyond the Hip Hop Community it was one of the major brands to been seen in for football casuals in the UK from the early 90’s onwards. Polo shirts, jumpers and caps can still caught around the grounds and on CCTV footage today.

Comment by Hooligan 08.24.10 @

I don’t come here for no ad shit. Never mind that really, but that shit about Ralph Lauren changing his name like Redman or Crazy Legs was some of the corniest bullshit ever.

Comment by jack in the box 08.24.10 @

“…It is deeper than just getting dipped and making sure you are color coordinated. Its about your presentation to attain the lavish lifestyle through rhyme or crime”

That’s special.

these dynamos talking think this is an ad. This fine article is about the parallels you can draw between hip-hop and PRL and what they both represent. Rocking the shit stupid these days is just a testament to the days where the real were abundent.


Comment by BRIX 08.24.10 @

UK superstar DJ Sarah Love? LOL

Comment by farns 08.24.10 @

Peace to Timeless Truth doing their thing. I’ll be at the Lo End Theory when it goes down.

Comment by LEX 08.24.10 @

I believe Robbie when he says no pay-offs were involved. If there were the deal would be off when RL PR read this steamer. In fact, they’d probably make Dallas wear one of those queer green hats pictured up there.

Comment by A'Pex 08.24.10 @

“Polo Ralph Lauren is the most Hip-Hop clothing brand of all time” I’d say Nike gets an honorable mention

Comment by D.Baskett 08.25.10 @

You really think ralph wants this kind of event?
Only some vintage shop will be making ends outta this event.
Big up the Lo Heads.

Comment by farns 08.25.10 @

Peace to Timeless Truth.

NysceWorkk-Jon John TV- (Lo Everyday Remix)

Original Lo

Comment by NysceWorkk 08.26.10 @

^^ damn what was that?? nothin 4 nothin, but timeless killed those verses…that mix was a straight injustice to those brothaz!

Comment by ingeneius 08.26.10 @

Curren$Y is dope

Comment by Hassle 08.27.10 @

Peace to Timeless Truth, Solace, Mey Lo and rest of the Lo Lifes.
Lo End Theory is on some dope shit.
Stay dipped!

Comment by AFFEX 08.30.10 @

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