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Wednesday August 25th 2010,
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I learned some crazy shit doing my thing in New York City over the past forty years. Basically, the world is a huge place, but the people that vibe along the same frequency is the smaller subset and y’all will always find each other. That is what used to happen at record stores when you would go there on a Tuesday and meet up with other hip-Hop heads who were trying to copp that same release dropping that day.

I was on the Jamaica Ave strip with a bunch of my homies doing some shit called ‘Sneaker Fiends Unite!’ We travel around the city looking for kicks comeups and peeping how gentrification changes the urban landscape. At a store on the strip this husky dude told me that my ‘Lo scarf was official. I gave him some dap for recognizing that shit. Real recognize real always. Dude said he had some pieces to deal. This is the language that collectors use when they are selling and swapping I.T.’s (items). We exchanged maths and kept it moving.

Later that night when I got back to the lab and started uploading the video footage I had made that afternoon I stopped by UnKut for a minute to just check in on the old head rap scene. If you don’t cut your NahRight or 2DopeBoyz with some UnKut shit you will get rap diabetes from all the saccharine in the game right now. Funny story, true story is that very day Robbie had a drop on his page featuring the dude that I politicked with in that sneaker store – Meyhem Lauren

I ain’t even know son rapped. That shit is hilarious how real dudes find each other to build in some random shit, but basically by living their lifestyle which is by keeping shit realer than most. Fam knew by my presentation that I fuxed with the ‘Lo lifestyle hardbody so his salute to me was essentially on some brotherhood shit. When I see a dude rocking some shit that might be ancient or exclusive I give them their props and usually those dudes aren’t just collectors of clothes, but heads that are on their grizzly to be successful in life. We aren’t trying to look like preps or anglos. We are dreaming about owning boats and planes.

As soon as I saw Meyhem’s drop on UnKut I shot dude a voice-mail. Meyhem and I have been building ever since then. He is one of the most dynamic rappers coming out of NYC in a long time. I see him as a cross between Sean Price and Big Daddy Kane because he is a big hulking dude but he still has lyrical dexterity. What was even more crazy is that Meyhem Lauren’s big homie is J-Love. Me and J-Love got wild history from doing deals on the eBay system. Like I said earlier, if you vibe on the same frequency, the same sine-cosine(co-sign) you will find the people that get down like you do.

Meyhem Lauren and J-Love will be featuring some of their fly new shit, music and Polo Ralph Lauren gear at the ‘Lo-End Theory event. This event is gonna be for you to stunt in your freshest ‘Lo wares without worrying about getting your skull cracked for your ski jacket. New York City ain’t on that shit anymore, but we still make great rap music filled with reality.

Meyhem Lauren – ‘Reality’

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REAL 1: I’ve never, by choice, gone to either Nah Right and 2DopeBoyz and the couple times I followed a link there… I regretted it, immensely. Bol mocking Nah Right is good tho’.

REAL 2: Before BP & Mayhem connected, I’d see ML’s stickers around, including some ‘hoods (Williamsburg) folks are well advised to IGNORE such shit– nice to learn that assumption was mistaken.

Old Head Rap Alert: new Tek ‘street album’ (or whatever) is mostly excellent. Peep Havoc, too, sweatin ‘Lo–

Comment by Willis Still Sunsweet 08.25.10 @

DP not (Fuck) BP!

Comment by Willis Still Sunsweet 08.25.10 @

That’s better. Thanks.

Comment by A'Peks 08.25.10 @

Bad tune, that “Killin’ Every…” beat is ill and Mayhem absolutely kills it…but…I like Polo and got a few bits myself but I sometimes get put off from wearing it because of all the fucking lager-lads that wear it here in the UK. And all that new range with the huge horse and rider symbol? Tacky in the extreme.

Comment by vollsticks 08.25.10 @

Damn!, that reality beat is nice.

Comment by RowanB 08.26.10 @

Damn. This is good Boom Bap Bloggery. Like 2005 shit.



Comment by Renina 08.27.10 @

Meyhem is that dude.

Comment by AFFEX 08.30.10 @

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