Video: Large Pro Talks About Selling His First Beat

Thanks to The Drop NYC for the tip.

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Good shit! But damn, that’s crazy how it’s actually Large Professor who produced “Trag Invasion” and “Game Type” on the Inteligent Hoodlum album in ’90, yet Marley only gave Large the co-producer credit. Marley was always fucked up like that. *shaking head*

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 08.19.10 @


Comment by TYBO2020 08.19.10 @

I’d definitely be interested in hearing today’s going rates for new producers as well as, what veteran producers are making now in comparison to what they were 10 years ago. Hell, even 5 years ago for that matter. I heard 2 recent stories from valid sources that said Mos Def paid all of the producers he used on “The Ecstatic” 10k each. I also heard that Jeezy pays everybody that he works with now, $500 per track.

Comment by Kid Captain Coolout 08.19.10 @

dope. maybe rakim should hit large pro up and they break out that sp 1200 and s950 and get back to basics. cause the let the rhythem hit em album was a superb classic album.

Comment by derrick 08.19.10 @

Paul is way too humble. Dope interview tho, ’bout that time (pun intended) he’ll put out some new material.

Comment by The Funkologist 08.20.10 @

From Flushing known for programming the percussion.

Comment by bob d 08.24.10 @

Thanks for this. This whole exchange with Professor & the bros telling the story is reminder of the artisitic importance of true Hip Hop music. I’m still smiling!

Comment by Pirate 7X 08.29.10 @

Shaun D, I hear but that’s the biz then & now. My understanding its like when you work on an invention for a lab or company: you get paid to research but the company puts their name on it and gets most of loot. At least Large pro got some credit.
At the same time Marley always claimed to be more a remixer. Kane & G Rap say they would bring beats in and marley would shape a song out of it after vocals were laid. And if someone makes a beat that he produces in the studio and works on, he is the producer.

Comment by Pirate 7X 08.29.10 @

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