Kanye Lost
Wednesday September 08th 2010,
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Artwork: The Home Office

RE: ‘Monster’ ‘Power’ [Remix]

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C’mon son, you could write a whole blog on the miseducation of MCs

Comment by W. J. Rice 09.08.10 @

You have the Kanye lost – Van Gogh picture and put the “Re: Monster”.
The lyric in question is in fact from Power, not Monster.

“original poster lost”

Comment by JF 09.08.10 @

Thanks for editing O.P

Comment by JF 09.08.10 @

I don’t think Kanye was actually saying Van Gogh was actually deaf. But whatevs.

Comment by Can 09.08.10 @

this post got ME lost lol..I haven’t listen to no shit Ye’s put out since the Graduation album

Comment by dj blendz 09.08.10 @

…now u gonna have me go check out this power joint u talkin about

Comment by dj blendz 09.08.10 @

The point is he cut his ear off genius.

Comment by MGar 09.08.10 @

Van Gogh cut his ear off…dope Kanye line..

Comment by TY 09.08.10 @

^ I’m no doctor, but you can still hear after having your ears cut off. Didn’t ‘Chopper’ teach you anything?

Comment by Robbie 09.08.10 @

the line was in reference to van gogh cutting his ear off… leave yeezy alone!

Comment by WilliamJacob 09.08.10 @

kanye > killa sha

kanye’s (been) winning & van gogh cut his ear off.

Comment by yeezy 09.08.10 @

Gauguin cut off Van Gogh’s ear.

Comment by Professor History 09.09.10 @

man i wish kanye would cut his ears off.

Comment by hiphopapottamus 09.09.10 @

reads topic … wow people are looking in to this way to hard, whoever wrote this, should grab a gun and shot themselves in the face … twice … just to make sure you got the job done … robbie you are a slack jaw faggot, yeah look it up u dumb bitch!

Comment by yoMoM 09.09.10 @

lol @ “leave yeezy alone!”

Comment by pr2 09.09.10 @

When will unkut just fuck off??? Bunch of old hip hop nobodies angry they didn’t make it.

Comment by Go 09.09.10 @

For real, I’m old school – 36 yrs old. Live for the golden era, but c’mon son. This is just salty. Post some dope remixes and leave the salt on the dinner table.

Comment by Rock 09.09.10 @

Van Gogh died penniless, insane and pretty much unknown. Only after his death did anyone even care. By Hip Hop standards he was a failiure. Plus a painting of a chair will NOT get the club poppin’.

Comment by TonyBones 09.09.10 @

I think one of the saddest things about this Hip Hop thing we all love is that we can’t have public discourse. There is a serious lack of clear-headed discussion. Anything we might learn from disagreements gets lost in the personalizing arguments and petty name-calling. Sad.

Comment by TonyBones 09.09.10 @

Van Gogh cut off his ear wrapped it up and gave it to someone, thats where the line comes from. He wasn’t deaf, do your research before making stupid comments.

Comment by Plain_Pat 09.09.10 @

Ha Ha at the Kanye fans catching ‘feelings’ over unkut

top post rob

Comment by Lumberjack 09.09.10 @

kanye the king
stop the lame ass hating.

Comment by ojmarzo 09.09.10 @

Van Gogh did cut his ear off though… thats all Yeezy was getting at. Keep up.

Comment by ben 09.09.10 @

I am really surprised that no night gown 5XXL, baggy jeans wearing kid called him “a fucking faggot” yet.

Just because the man dresses really good makes him a faggot, get out of your clown ass baggys and fall back

Comment by ... 09.09.10 @

It was actually a reference to a joke in ‘Dinner For Schmucks’ where Steve Carell’s character makes that joke.

You’re super late on this hate.

Comment by uh... 09.09.10 @

I think the point of this post wasn’t about the meaning of the rhyme at all. It was to point out that Kanye mispelled Van Gogh THREE TIMES before he finally got that shit right.

Comment by ZuLou 09.14.10 @

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