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Wednesday September 08th 2010,
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Before I wind-up the Perfect Remix polls with The 45 King edition, I thought I’d give all the remixes that missed out a chance to make the final cut. Whether it was a favorite of yours that didn’t make the original eight per artist (Large Pro‘s Resurrection remixes, for example), or something from a producer or crew that didn’t have enough classics re-workings to get a round of their own, here’s your chance to nominate for the Wild Card Round. What needs to make the cut?

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O.S.T.R. would be good Robbie.

Comment by Blaq 09.08.10 @

Who remixed Black Sheep “Choice Is Yours” REvisited?

Comment by Dan_e_fresh 09.08.10 @

^ Mista Lawnge did the remix.
Beatnuts ‘Get Funky’ remix springs to mind as well.

Comment by Robbie 09.08.10 @

Can I get some run for Cypress Hill’s “Latin Lingo (Prince Paul Remix)” please?

Comment by A'Peks 09.08.10 @

Music Makes Me High (Remix)- The Lost Boyz ft Canibus & Kurupt.

All of them go hard on this one specifically Canibus.

Comment by Pavan 09.08.10 @

Vinyl Reanimators remixes..any and all of them

Comment by tres 09.09.10 @

might just b the only one but i like that Vibesmen remix for ‘World is yours’ from Nas

Comment by dj blendz 09.09.10 @

Sure put the Resurrection remixes in.

Comment by The Funkologist 09.09.10 @

Cypress Hill “Illusions” (Q-Tip Remix)

Comment by dan 09.09.10 @

Do like you said and get the Resurrection remix on there.
DJ Spinna “Verbalize”?

Comment by djbosscrewwrecka 09.09.10 @

The remix of “illegal Search” on the B side of the “Jingling Baby” 12″ or the Beatnut’s remix of Fat Joe’s “Watch the Sound”.

Comment by mutual 07 09.09.10 @

The white label Pal Joey remix of BDP’s ‘Question and Answer’ gets my vote.

Comment by bobd 09.09.10 @

Poppa large east coast remix

the “On the run” remixes by trackmasters

Comment by Jack 09.09.10 @

Diamond D – Best Kept Secret (45 King remix)

Comment by Bunta Sugawara 09.09.10 @

Oh…didn’t read your post properly. Fail.

Comment by Bunta Sugawara 09.09.10 @

Here’s an OG one: EPMD’s Get Off The Bandwagon remix. Q-Tip’s remixes for Nas’ The World Is Yours and Craig Mack’s Get Down comes to mind. I know there’s a bunch I’m forgetting. I’ll be back when I remember them.

Comment by oskamadison 09.09.10 @

Yes! Q-Tip’s Get Down Remix. Oskamadison beat me to to it.

Comment by vollsticks 09.09.10 @

Cold gettin dumb pt 2 – Wasn’t that sort of a remix. The lyrics were still the same, right?

Comment by Jack 09.09.10 @


Comment by indeed 09.09.10 @

Hello guys from London. You guys have a brilliant website, keep up the good work! The remixes which I have been looking for (ages!)are:

1)Black Sheep- North South East West (Showbiz Remix)
2)Mobb Deep- Hell on earth (Vinyl Reanimators Remix)
3)Mobb Deep – GOD Pt. 3 (Godfather Mix)
4)Slick Rick – mistakes of a woman (remix)
5)Digable Planets – Where I’m From (remix)
6)Diamond And The Pyschotic Neurotics – I’m Outta Here (Diamond D Unreleased Remix)
7)Lord Finesse – Praise The Lord (Diamond D’s Mix)

Cheers guys


Arsenal for the Champions League and Premier League 😉

Comment by South London's Finest 09.09.10 @

The Roots Silent Treatment- Beatminers remix
Stakes is High- Spinna remix

Comment by chillo 09.09.10 @

“Get Off The Bandwagon” rmx was a good one Oskamadison. How about the rmx of Das Efx “Mic Checka”.

Comment by Kenny Parker 09.09.10 @

Stakes is high – Dj Spinna remix
Watch the sound – Beatnuts remix
Word life – Dj Celory remix

Comment by Hams 09.09.10 @

Redman’s remix of Tonite’s Da Night is pure heat. The Roots’ Meiso & Proceed Beatminerz remixes are nice, too. Plus the Beatminerz remix of D’Angelo’s Brown Sugar with a G Rap verse, and DJ Spinna’s remix of It’s Gettin’ Hot by the Artifacts.

Comment by Chulee ManSun 09.09.10 @

^ the K-Def remix of “Hot” by Artifacts is dope too.

Comment by dan 09.09.10 @

Mike Zoot “Service” remix is a sweet indy number as well.

Comment by dan 09.09.10 @

Rasco – Run The Line (Lord Finesse Remix)

and i 2nd the beatnuts mix of watch the sound.

originals were fairly weak but the remixes were dope.

Comment by RowanB 09.09.10 @

Kenny Parker, what’s up? What about the remixes for KRS’ I’m Still #1 (to this day, still fire), You Must Learn, and We In There? BTW, Step Into A World did NOT need that Puffy remix but I guess it served its purpose (I Got Next going gold).

Comment by oskamadison 09.09.10 @

Buckwild’s “Fast Life” Remix (Kool G Rap Feat. Nas) was a glaring omission from your original Buckwild post. That said, dude has a lot of dope remixes.

Comment by FoeCion 09.09.10 @

Hmm…Pete Rock & CL Smooth-Mecca & The Soul Brother(remix),The Creator(slide to the side mix),the BIg Mama(Large Professor remix),we might have already seen this posted recently..but The Alkaholiks:Next Level (Diamond D remix)

Comment by R.Jones 09.09.10 @

have you done POPPA LARGE yet?
cant remember

Comment by tareq 09.09.10 @

ice cube – today was a good day remix

Comment by gstatty 09.09.10 @

nas – one love LG remix
cypress hill – illusions q-tip remix
cormega – fallen soldiers alchemist remix
too short – in the trunk DJ Premier remix
ice-t – superfly Mantronik remix

Comment by brytburken 09.09.10 @

k-solo “fugative” rmx by clark kent

Comment by dubz 09.09.10 @

Co-sign on the Stakes Is High Spinna Mix. God Damn. Where have I been?

Comment by A'Pex 09.09.10 @

I got another banger: Erick Sermon’s remix to Redman’s Rockafella. Can’t forget J Dilla’s remix to Keith Murray’s The Rhyme. A slept on one: Pete Rock’s remix to Grand Agent’s This Is What They Meant. And the OG of all OG remixes, possibly the first TRUE remix ever: Run-DMC’s Jam Master Jammin’ (Can’t remember who did it. Larry Smith, perhaps?. If anyone can tell me, let me know.)

Comment by oskamadison 09.10.10 @

Another one: the remix to De La/Common’s Tha Bizness. I forgot who did that joint too.

Comment by oskamadison 09.10.10 @

Prince Pauls remix of Dr.Octagons “Blue Flowers”:

and Digable Planets own remix, I believe Butterfly produced it, of “Where Im from”:

and I always dug Salaam Remis remix of Fugees “Nappy Heads”:

Dope remixes all of them!

Oh,and Alias remix of Slug, Eyedea and Soles track Savior!

Comment by PAS 09.10.10 @

Alright, a 45 King 3-piece for y’all: Flavor Unit Assassination Squad and Rakim’s Microphone Fiend and Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em (not the club joint but the Sequence joint.) Also, Don’t Sweat The Technique (not a full remix but the Kool & The Gang drums is substituted with the Mardi Gras break. The bells went good with that bassline.)

Comment by oskamadison 09.10.10 @

Common – Doonit (Madlib Remix)
Gangstarr – Ex Girl to the Next (Primo(?) Remix)
Public Enemy – Nighttrain (Pete Rock Remix)
L.O.N.S. – What’s Next (Large Pro Remix)
MC Eiht – Thuggin It Up (Spinna Remix)

Comment by floyd moseby 09.10.10 @

Pardon me if I’m flooding this joint but I gotta get ’em in as soon as I think of ’em. Junior Mafia’s Player’s Anthem remix. Clark Kent murdered that Minnie Riperton joint on that.

Comment by oskamadison 09.10.10 @


^^ shit would probably win the entire thing. according to Havoc he holds that as a remix to the first track.

Comment by claaa7 09.10.10 @

i would also like to nominate:


Comment by claaa7 09.10.10 @

mc eiht – geez make the hood go round
dilated peoples – work the angles remix

Comment by sep 09.10.10 @

Yet another OG banger: NWA’s Express Yourself remix. To this day, Dre’s hardest shit.

Comment by oskamadison 09.10.10 @

Eightball & MJG – Break Em Off (Da Beatminerz Remix)

south meets east with excellent results

Comment by DJHeavyset 09.10.10 @

Yet another OG banger: NWA’s Express Yourself remix. To this day, Dre’s hardest shit.

Erick Sermon’s remix to Redman’s Rockafella.

Comment(s) by oskamadison

^ +1

Comment by $yk 09.10.10 @

pete rock + grand agent shit was cold.. when i heard the original i was like “what the??” good one @oskamadison.. for some new heads.. “mars” rmx by de la ft. blu is cwazy..

Comment by dubz 09.10.10 @

k-def’s “5 o’clock” from nonchalant 1996

Comment by mario 09.11.10 @

The original mix of “Niggas Don’t Give a Fuck” by the Dogg Pound from the “Poetic Justice” soundtrack. It has a Bobby Womack sample “Woman’s Gotta Have it” that was rejected for sample clearance. Far nicer, though, than the cut that… well… made the cut! and the 12′ Mix of Preacher Earl’s “Return of the Body Snatcher” would be lovely.

Comment by mutual 07 09.11.10 @

Are we judging these by how dope the track is – point blank. Or, do we have to consider it’s quality in comparison to the original?

Anyway, given all Unkut hatred from Jigga, I’m not all that surprised nobody mentioned it, by how about the “In My Lifetime” remix.

And, what about the “On the Run” Remix, by I guess Dr. Butcher. Also, I might as well ask this question here – I remember having a version of this track on a mixtape back in the day that was slightly longer and had a few extra lyrics and some slightly different lyrics – anybody know what I’m talking about? (That tape also had the original version of Method Man with the third verse on it – ahh, memories)

Has the “I Gothca Opin” remix been mentioned in any of these earlier rounds? If not, put in on the board. I recall “Buck em Down” being mentioned.

Comment by digglahhh 09.11.10 @

check yo self-ice cube/fast life-kool g rap vinyl reanimators remix/illusions-cypress hill muggs remix/whateva man-redman/freaks of the industry-digital underground/street life-intelligent hoodlum/guess who’s back-rakim vinyl reanimators remix/caught in the middle of a 3 way-beastie boys/crossover-epmd trunk mix/yes you may-lord finesse/wu-banga-wu-tang clan

Comment by 4:20 09.11.10 @

KRS still numero uno

Comment by illroy 09.11.10 @

@Big $yk,

What’s up, my dude?

Digglah, I Got Cha Opin, don’t know how I forgot that joint. If you’re going there with In My Lifetime, you might as well throw La, La, La in there too being that it was basically a remix to Excuse Me Miss. Also, anyone ever peeped 9th Wonder’s Black Album remixes? Dirt Off Your Shoulders was ill as fuck.

Comment by oskamadison 09.13.10 @

BTW, dubz, good lookin’.

Comment by oskamadison 09.13.10 @

Buckwild’s “Fast Life” Remix (Kool G Rap Feat. Nas) was a glaring omission from your original Buckwild post.

If you mean this one it was remixed by Salaam Remi (info). It need the add though.

Another cracking remix is Eclipse’s version of OC’s Born 2 Live.

Here’s another: the D-Smooth remix of G. Rap’s ‘Bout That from DJ Rhettmatic’s Exclusive Collection.

Does anyone know if the version of Saukrates feat. Common Sense – Play Dis that appeared on Jazzy Jeff’s Hip-Hop Forever III was official or just his blend. Either way, it brought it to life!

Comment by Ross 09.13.10 @

I second Salaam Remi’s remix of Fugees’ Nappy Heads.

Also, Ready Or Not (Salaam’s Ready For The Show Remix) is much better than the original and L. Hill drops a killer verse too.

Comment by Ross 09.13.10 @

This is pretty hard to find but I just recently copped the 12″ last week. It’s the Buckwild remix to “Guess Who’s back” – Rakim from the 18th Letter LP. There’s another remix on the 12″ called the Prophecy Remix but I can’t recall who produced it off hand.

Otherwise there’s the Can’t Stop the Prophet Remix – Jeru
The World Is Your Remix – Nas
All of the Remixes from Enta The Stage
Rockefella Remix – Redman
Punks Jump Up To get Beatdown Remix – Brand Nubian
Buddy remix – Native Tounges

Comment by 5 grand 09.13.10 @

3 X Dope – No Words REMIX
Boostin’ Kev – I’m A Booster REMIX

Don’t know who did them, but they are both so so dope.

Comment by End Level Boss 09.20.10 @

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