Video: J-Love feat. Meyhem Lauren – Contraband
Thursday September 09th 2010,
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Home-made videos stay winning, as Dallas Penn gives this new track from Egotistical Maniac the visual treatment.

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His forthcoming tax audit will feel like prison rape.

Comment by TokyoSexwale 09.09.10 @

Sub-par track meets uninspired video. J-Love should stick to producing.

Comment by Chulee ManSun 09.09.10 @

contra???? this game was called “gryzor” on the amstrad 6128 back in the 80’s…. I HAD THIS GAME, so i gotta know… 😉 track is not that bangin though….

Comment by DaGrimeyWay 09.09.10 @

I’m sorry but J-Love needs to stop rhyming. He’s embarrassing himself. Dude can hook up a mixtape, no doubt. But this has to stop.

Comment by A'Peks 09.10.10 @


Yo dP, when you coming back fam? N^ggaz need that blog in their life yo, it was way too official issue wax tissue.

* returns to lurkdom and waits to see if dudes throw darts @ a cat giving a homie a compliment *

Comment by $yk 09.10.10 @

@$yk: DP said his blog is coming back in the next week or so.

Comment by Robbie 09.10.10 @

@ Robbie

Good looking fam. Please excuse my extended lurking of your site. I promise to interact more here. Some of the homies I’m familiar with visit here heavily who know my M.O. Accept my late pass.

Comment by $yk 09.10.10 @

Yo J-love, Plz stop rapping! You suck.

Comment by Qwermoo 09.10.10 @

J-Love is from a bygone era of suck on the mic. His weak vocab and poor cadence remind me of amateurish MCs I used to hear back in the mid-90s. Nowadays dudes suck outloud so hard but you can’t understand what the hell they’re saying anyway cuz they mumble or use autotune or whatever the fuck. J-Love is just plain, honest, well-enunciated suck. I actually kind of respect that. But I’m not listening to him anymore. Not on purpose.

Comment by A'Pex 09.12.10 @

J Love needs to stick to making beats and compilations. Shit sounds mad dated. Word to A’Pex, son does sound like one of those throwaway tracks on those 90s mixtapes. The chorus? ASS. Mayhem Lauren should stick to being SECURITY.

Comment by esteeminatti 09.14.10 @

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