Vintage Tape of KRS-One & Scott La Rock Discussing The Bridge Is Over

Original Concept‘s Doctor Dre used to have a radio show called The Operating Room back in the days, and he just happened to get BDP into the studio just as the Bridge Wars started popping-off. There is no other way to describe these recordings other than effin’ awesome. The late, great DJ Scott La Rock and KRS-One don’t mess around as they tell the listeners exactly what they think about Mr. Magic, Shan, Marley, Shante and Poet. Rest assured that many shots are fired.

BDP – ‘Operating Room Interview, Part 1’

BDP – ‘Operating Room Interview, Part 2’

Spotted on the Criminal Minded [Elite Edition] 3CD via Traffic.

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Amazing to hear this.

Comment by End Level Boss 09.29.10 @

blast from the past, that shit took me back for a minute to my 2 bedroom (Marlboro) project apartment. man that was when i couldnt eat-breathe or shit without hip hop. now, i turn the radio down when im driving with my kids in the car.

life goes on, great piece

Comment by biggist from brooklyn 09.29.10 @

Wow! history

Comment by maad 09.29.10 @

yeah i hurd this b4….1st time bdp and pe met.

Comment by mercilesz 09.29.10 @

WBAU was my shit coming up in Corona Queens. Shouts to Dre and Wildman Steve. It never felt any kind of way to me during the so-called Bridge Wars because it was always all about the music.

Trust me that when the Bridge Is Over was played at a party or a club everyone went batshit bananas. BDP and even Public Enemy were the answer to rap music that was being watered down by commercialism.

I fux with the Roots, KanYe and Kid Cudi but I still have hope that Sean Price, Roc Marciano or Meyhem Lauren can craft a soundtrack that brings rap music back to the essence of an emcee and a deejay just being simple, plain and hard.

RIP Scott LaRock

RIP Hip-Hop

Comment by Dallas 09.30.10 @

R.I.P. Scott LaRock. But damn you was a flagrant ass cat. Gotta love this piece of history though.

Comment by SnipersOnDaRoof 09.30.10 @

Wow, That was serious! LOL@Scott sayin “They heart pump Kool-aid” I haven’t heard that in years! Hilarious. Make me thing what BDP additional records would have been like if he lived.

RIP Scott La Rock

Comment by Sublime 09.30.10 @

Biggup Krs and BDP – shit took me way back…..peace.

Comment by gravity 09.30.10 @

RIP Scott La Rock.. keepin it real funky

Comment by KrmnL 09.30.10 @


i think you can get a lot of the show before the interview from, be interested in getting a few more of the shows.

Comment by tareq 09.30.10 @

Thank god we’re not talking about “Marley” any more. The crew played themselves so many times over (The Bridge, Roxanne Shante, claiming Kurt Mantronik was “the end of hip-hop) and now he’s the most important producer in hip-hip? Riiiiiiiight.

Comment by Dave 09.30.10 @

That’s right – in hip-hip. I said it.

Comment by Dave 09.30.10 @

Man this takes me back,I remember KRS saying if Scott had lived”By All means”would have sounded like”criminal Minded”.And I remember ED & Dre having Magic and Shan on an early episode of YO!,introducing them and using BDP’s-Bridge Is Over as intro music to the interview-LOL

Comment by R.Jones 09.30.10 @

Absoltue Classic, glad this moment in Hip Hop history has been preserved. R.I.P. Scott La Rock

Comment by CrateDigga78 10.01.10 @

Wow, this was a nice trip back in time. I had never heard Scott La Rock speak– definitely a more…outspoken character than I expected.

Comment by jack in the box 10.01.10 @

I remember this time vividly. Pre- “Bridge Is Over” I used to think of Queens as the placed that had the flyest girls and where you could live in a nice house.

During this time period my friends from Queens really had to let everyone know that they wasn’t soft, and would regulate in a heartbeat.

RIP Scott La Rock

Comment by BKThoroughbred 10.01.10 @



Comment by FROSTY 10.01.10 @

As always, great stuff. For those who want to hear more: i have two blog posts with KRS One on the Dr. Dre Operating Room and in the Tim Westwood Show on my blog.

Comment by dutch 10.01.10 @

I always thought of Scott as the peacekeeper. A social worker. But to hear him here, shit that motherfucka was cocky!

Comment by CENZI 10.01.10 @

thats right, he was a social worker. didnt he work at some shelter where KRS was staying at. i believe thats how they met.

speakin of KRS, to me the best interview on that guy was from his brother(kenny). that shit was hilarious. if yall never read it just scroll down the list on the left side. that shit could be a movie.

Comment by biggist from brooklyn 10.01.10 @

good shit. thanks

Comment by Kang Munir 10.02.10 @

Good fuckin shit. Its a great thing that this was preserved. As for Scott La Rock bein cocky, I love it! Hiphop is about bein on your own dick. Word up. As cool as it is with all Hiphoppers bein cool with one another these days, I liked it a lot better when cats talked shit and would claim to be the best. Hiphop is too soft these days.

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 10.04.10 @

I agree with Shaun D. It’s about posturing in all forms of hip hop whether the dopest MC, flyest breaker or king of the line.

THe risk of course is another Biggie/Tupac scenario but even as a teenager during the bridge war I never thought it would end in gun play and 25 years later cats are making albums together.

Whilst underground battles are as popular as ever when was the last time “A-list” MCs freestyled against each other.

Comment by Dan E Fresh 10.05.10 @

wow, thanks a lot Robbie.

Comment by Jaz 10.18.10 @

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