How Eminem Won & Lost At The Same Time
Friday October 08th 2010,
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Why do people who don’t even work in the music industry talk about album sales? It makes no sense whatsoever when you think about it, but since the young rap fans of today are often more concerned with what sort of jacket Kanye was wearing in his new video than what he says in his lyrics, it shouldn’t really come as any great surprise. See, there’s this white guy who used to rap about being crazy, going on killing spree’s and unsavory thoughts toward the mother of his child (and his own mum, come to think of it). Nothing unusual there either – pale-faced rappers have often resorted to casting themselves in the role of the lunatic in an attempt to deflect any questions of ‘street cred’ or whatever you want to call it. He sold a hell of a lot of records performing Black music, won an Oscar, then took a break and got strung-out on goofballs and got fat – basically on some Elvis shit. Here’s the thing – he was actually a pretty great rapper. Sure, as his career progressed the quality of the beats steadily declined and the choruses became increasingly annoying, but the kid still had lyrics to go.

Here’s the problem – it seems as though our friend Slim Shady passed away as a result of an unfortunate overdose of prescription drugs during the break, and as a result we’re now left with touchy-feely Emo Eminem. His new album, Recovery, is so god-awful that I’d like to imagine that it’s some sort of belated April Fool’s joke. For starter’s, the song with Lil’ Wang – sorry, I mean Weezy – samples the theme song from Night At The Roxbury in a failed attempt at irony. Then he does a track with Pink, which is great news if you’re an eight year-old girl. What’s that? You’re actually a depressed teenage boy who digs Linkin Park? Em’s got you covered too – ‘Not Afraid’ is the new cutter’s anthem, complete with the worst singing since Biz Markie. Didn’t think it could get any worse? Wrong again, buddy. ‘Your Never Over’ features Marshal warbling over the worst Eurobeat music this side of Aqua. And don’t get me started on his cover of an Ozzy Osbourne’s slow jam…

But what would I know? I hate a lot of shit. Turns out Eminem has a lot of loyal Stans out there. His first week sales of 741,000 units delivered him his sixth straight #1 album, as well as the second biggest digital album sales in history. What does this tell us, when current rap heart-throb Drake fell short of Gold certification (500,000) in his opening week? Could it be that white rap fans are fiercely loyal towards the only cracker that ever mattered on the mic? Or has tapping into the Tween and Emo demographic proved to be a stroke of marketing genius? Or maybe everyone was just so relieved that he wasn’t rhyming in that stupid cartoon dog voice anymore that they bought three copies of the CD each? Regardless, I’m betting that we’ll see an Eminem/Celine Dion Duets album by the end of next year which out-sells Thriller.

Originally published in ACCLAIM #21.

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I haven’t listened to a thing Eminem has done since 2000, but I can bet everything he has done is about the same subject matter he was rapping about a decade ago. Yawn!

Comment by HipHopHistorian 10.08.10 @

If Em came back and made an actually really good album – like his best, early stuff – think it would sell or bomb?

Comment by Werner von Wallenrod 10.08.10 @

^^^ @Werner
That’s a damn good question. If it had just one garbage emo Celine Dion duet and the rest of it was “Just Like Me”/”Still Don’t Give a Fuck”… I bet it would sell plenty of copies. I bet he’s literally incapable of matching those early efforts but I dare him to try.

Comment by A'Peks 10.08.10 @

I haven’t cared for Eminem since 2000 or some so… And I think most true Hiphop heads feel the same. His new album RECOVERY surprisingly has a couple of songs that are cool, like the one about Proof, “Changes” or some shit. I’d still never buy the album though. One of the iTunes only songs was cool too, which I was surprised by again. I will say I was sort of excited when back in 2008 DJ Premier talked about a song called “Keys To The City” that he remixed for and gave to Eminem, but until now, Em hasn’t put it out. Preem said it was dope, peep here…

“I just got a call from Eminem,” Primo revealed exclusively to HipHopDX.

The song, titled “Keys To The City,” will indeed be on Eminem’s upcoming album (possibly leaked as the street single) and will be the first time Slim Shady will put his signature flow behind a DJ Premier backdrop.

“It’s a song that he actually produced and he wasn’t crazy about the track,” Premier says as he recalls the conversation between he and Em. “(I told him) as long as I can strip it clean and do what I do with your vocals it will be dope,” and the final result according to Premier? “It’s dope!”

The former Gangstarr producer explained that he thought the initial song Eminem did with his own production was great but Eminem called, wanting that “DJ Premier sound.”

But how exactly will the two sound together?

“Man…Eminem is back,” Premier continues. “He attacked the track with a new style, just fucking ridiculous, kind of like how he came with ‘The Way I Am’ but even more lyrical like the old Eminem.”

With a legend like DJ Premier saying that the song is “ridiculous” what more can you expect? Be on the lookout for “Keys To The City” off of the as-yet-titled Eminem album dropping this year.

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 10.08.10 @

i’m glad we can all laugh at his expense. it’s too bad one of rap’s most gifted cadence permutators was a one-trick lyricist with poor taste in beats.

aren’t white emcees supposed to have great lyrics and advanced beats, but awful delivery on the mic? em is the total opposite!.. he can rap like a motherfucker, but his lyrics and beats are garbage. er, well, now it all sucks. but once upon a time anyway.

Comment by eric nord 10.08.10 @

cadence permutators own.

Comment by gx 10.08.10 @

dude could rap his ass off but them tracks are beyond listenable.maybe one day he will spit on some decent production.i just don’t give a fuck.

Comment by swordfish 10.09.10 @

He said that he didn’t like Relapse but that had some great shit on it, Dre’s beats were dope and it sounded personal and funny too. What Em needs to do is try and get back to making tracks like ‘ Any Man’ from Soundbombing where he rapped over a Beatminerz track and sounded ill, he needs to get some beats by Large Pro,Pete Rock, Primo, Buckwild, Marco Polo, Statik Selektah and really
go for it and make a pure hip-hop lp. The nearest he’s got to a classic was The Marshall Mathers lp and stand-out songs over the years but he can do better.

Comment by Big Braveheart 10.09.10 @

The writer is a Fuckin racist and all y’all just hating. Eminem is definitely top 5 dead or alive!

Comment by haters 10.09.10 @

Em fell off, Dr Dre sucks balls..let us move on!!

Comment by dlp 10.09.10 @

Yeah I listened to recovery for about a day or two and then deleted that shit off my sd card. The shitty part is that whenever I scrobble my library on on my smartphone, it plays his shitty ass album and I’m forced to ban it from my library for every song that comes up. His beats are meh, his singing is terrible, but his rhymes are on point. All in all, its not listenable. I’d say his singing is the worst since GFK, since GFK would have had the worst singing since Biz Markie.

Side note, you gotta add a tweet button on here Robbie, you’d get so many more pageviews with people tweeting these articles.

Comment by gstatty 10.09.10 @

the irony about that pic is cage had a song agent orange. eminem dissed cage a lot to gain fame.

Comment by iLLa 10.09.10 @

oh yah, and to be honest if he made a cd of nothing but that buffalo bill shit, i could prob get into it big time.

Comment by iLLa 10.09.10 @

Encore was the final straw for me with em. It’s just the same old thing with him now but with worse beats and a annoying voice. And he’s not top five either. Not even top 20 in my eyes.

Comment by carl 10.10.10 @

@illa..That pic is a take on “A Clockwork Orange”…”Agent Orange” is a syndrome developed during the Vietnam war, due to some form of gas exposure causing deformities and mental illness.

Em’s made enough dope songs to fill two blank discs, so he deserves at least half the props he gets but I gotta agree his last album was garbage, his singing has gotten horrible…I thought Relapse was pretty good..lots of dope beats and some sick flows, but yeah the dude has never made a classic album, just has 5 or 6 really dope songs on each Jay-Z or Nas..still he has flipped some styles that no one else has ever done.

Comment by Johnny Hardcore 10.10.10 @

@Johnny Hardcore

you dont think Jay Z or Nas have made classic albums?

Comment by Double R 10.10.10 @

@Big Braveheart

Really. Are you living in a time capsule. Last time I checked this is 2010, not 95-99. Get over it people. Underground rappers will always stay underground and broke. Why. Because it only appeals to Rap nerds and internet dip shits like Robbie. Hate all you want but these are facts.
Burnt toast>>>>> your favorite underground rapper!

Comment by Missing Link 10.10.10 @

Reasonable Doubt and Illmatic are straight classics, and better than anything Em has ever done.

Comment by BIGSPICE 10.10.10 @

@ Missin Link

And yet ur bum ass is in here, right…foh nerd

Comment by Unkut 10.10.10 @

Missin Link is a cock sucker, straight up!

REAL muthafuckin heads do this Hiphop shit for the LOVE!! Of course gettin paid to do somethin you love is ILL, but come on, plenty of “broke” underground rappers have real jobs and do this Hiphop shit on the side. Thing is, of course most underground rappers would like to blow up and get paid, but if it means sacraficing your soul, then most would pass.

People could sit here all day and defend guys like Fat Joe for selling out saying lame shit like “he paid his dues… he earned it” and blah blah, but the thing is, no one should EVER sell their soul and make garbage music for a Pop crowd who doesn’t give a shit about Hiphop Music and Culture. Real talk.

And I agree with Big Braveheart, it would be nice if Eminem hooked up with all them producers mentioned and made a REAL muthafuckin Hiphop album. Get back to the roots!

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 10.11.10 @

word is bond !

Comment by Tom Dice 10.11.10 @

@ Johnny Hardcore. I think illa is referencing the sample that Cage used on that ‘Agent Orange’ track. It samples the soundtrack from the Clockwork Orange movie, and he uses the lingo that ‘Alex and his droogs’ use in the movie … and he even affects a mock Brit accent to boot. Maybe Cage was pissed that Em would reference Clockwork Orange when he had already done so on his ‘Agent Orange’ track.

Comment by Brock 10.11.10 @

I must confess I was expecting the Recovery album to be back to his blistering form from the MMLP, but Slim let me down again. My problem with this LP is the fact he made such a deliberate effort to tone down what I used to like about him: his offensiveness.

Comment by Brock 10.11.10 @

@Big Braveheart
…he needs to get some beats by Large Pro,Pete Rock, Primo, Buckwild, Marco Polo, Statik Selektah and really
go for it and make a pure hip-hop lp…

You’re so naive, man.

Comment by andrewfrumrussia 10.11.10 @

i always thought eminem had quirky ass sounding beats, but as far as lyrics go….c’mon now, he’s one of the best ever. he is an incredible lyricist.

Comment by kaybee 10.11.10 @

“The only white boy who ever mattered on the mic”? With all due respect, 3rd Bass held it down, as well as Everlast and RA the Rugged Man.

Comment by oskamadison 10.11.10 @

nowadays his albums are hit or miss but the 7 dope songs i get out of it are better than all the other bullshit that’s out. he’s a good mc and has a good business sense. that’s why we get the shitty rhianna songs and is why he still sells so crazily.
not ONE rapper wants it with him to this day. they will lose and they know it. he is arguably the greatest rapper ever.
i hate the weezy song but his verse on there is absolutely insane. same with the drake song. and the pink song is crazy. it’s just that underground haters can’t get past the fact that pink is on it. it’s a dope ass song. take the backpack rap goggles off for as second and you might see…
finally, how many rappers even get this many albums deep? most rappers fall off completely after their 1st or 2nd album.
if everlast put out an amazing album people would buy it. there are other white rappers that have mattered on the mic that just eventually stop putting out exciting music and em hasn’t. that’s why he stays winning.
peace dun…

Comment by D-DAY 10.12.10 @

D-Day, you’re a clown, son. You sond like another Feminem STAN! I don’t give a fuck how dope his verses are, fact is if you are making songs with faggits like Lil Wayne and Drake the you lose. Same shit goes for Pink and Rianaha. And you think on average that there are like 7 good songs on a Feminem album??? hahaha Fuckouttahere.I will never take one of your comments serious, ever. Word up.

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 10.12.10 @

^Spell Check

Comment by Johnny Hardcore 10.12.10 @

Em never comes wack with the bars but that beat selection…Nas gets a lot of flack for his but Em’s is worse fo sho. That said there are gems scattered about in recovery. The intro, cold wind blows is straight flames.

Comment by Victor 10.12.10 @

Did someone here say Em is “arguably the greatest rapper ever”? How old are u, 15..16? You better be a teeny bopper spouting that nonsense,or else ur pass get revoked asap …And nah i aint a Em hater i actually like his earlier stuff and a couple his new records but “goat? hell naw!!

Comment by dj blendz 10.13.10 @

All bullshit aside, Em is dope lyricist. His early shit was bomb until “white amerikkka” got a hold to him. They put him on a pedestal thereby disrespecting all who came before him. It was as if Hip Hop didn’t exist until he showed up. I don’t think that sat well with many of us. As if that wasn’t enough, now it appears the “illuminated ones” are using him for their agenda. His material has become repetitive and it angers me that mc’s that are black that can possibly match his skill level are being looked over. They will be told that they are too 90’s etc. but its ok for Em to continue to rap that way while the young black youth get fed Wakka Flakka and these other gay dudes. He was once this silly dude who you could tell loved Hip Hop and somewhat understood black culture. Now its like they said “…fuck you doing? We need you to take focus off them and bring attention back to the master race! Don’t be wearing that shit like your black! Get over here and stop our kids from idolizing them!” I think many of us feel betrayed that once again someone builds an empire off of our backs that does not help our cause or voice in anyway. All in all tho, the dude can put some fucking words together.

Comment by R.B.G.Rider4Life! 10.13.10 @

did anyone notice that this article mentioned AQUA? hilarious for real! anyhow, people buy his albums because he’s a Pop Star and is marketed as such, and produces his albums to appeal to the widest mass of people possible. like other emos kanye, jay-z, and drake. singers and teens like rhianna, pink, justin beiber, jonas brothers. this is their territory and Em is in it. if he was never a good to great rapper, we’d never even talk about him, because let’s face it, he was good enough that we all hope for something more and non-pop oriented. Remember the days when Kool G Rap, Black Moon, Gang Starr, and Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth all had #1 albums and sold tens of millions of copies? no, you don’t.

Comment by MDI 10.13.10 @

…Nas gets a lot of flack for his but Em’s is worse fo sho…

Maybe thats why he’s the highest selling artist in the world for last decade?

Comment by andrewfromrussia 10.13.10 @

@shaun d-feminem,LMAO

Comment by 4:20 10.14.10 @


I do.

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 10.14.10 @

Yeah he’s fallen off but I honestly am happy that he has stopped putting on that wacky “voice”.

Since he works with ALC he should get beats from him and the likes of Marco Polo and Premo and more Dre beats (they were good on Relapse) and combine normal voice with good songs and he’d be set to re-gain some cred.

Won’t happen though…

Comment by Requiem 10.14.10 @

Back in the days cats would do it right. One radio track, two max! the rest was for the fans…get the money off the radio track and the rest pleases the real heads. Shit has flipped now, if we are lucky there is one solid track per lp, with some particular exceptions. Peace WICKED i couldn’t agree with you more! thats why i bump your mixtapes on the reg!

Comment by llingo 10.15.10 @

This might be The BEST display of the difference between an Elitist Blogger/ jourlanist and a Hip Hop Head..

HAHAAAAA!!!! Mang You Blogger’s is takin Em murdering your asses all ova this album pretty damn hard ain’t cha? You miss poor ol immature lil slim shady, (sniff, sniff) …… Sitdown he ain’t went any where, he’ll likely be back on the next one!

The difference between you (a wanna be Hip Hop Head (HHH)) and actual HHH’s is actual HHH’s all agree this Album is f’in SICK! They understand that he left Slim Shady off this album because he came back to get his respect! And he couldn’t do that with slim shady morons!

This is the old `Eminem’! And He’s Pissed! He has Every reason to be pissed! MTV completely publicly disrespected him, when they left him off that Top 10 Hottest MC’s of 09 list! Even tho he won the Grammy for best Rap Album, AND Killed Drake, Wayne & Kanye on Forever, & Drop the World. Yet they were on that list!! Eminem was NOT that respected in your Elite bloggin / journalist rap circles. It’s funny you cry about missing immature Slim Shady shit. Then you either leave him off of every single Top 10 list, or place him at the bottom because of it . Despite everythin he’s contributed to the genre, and overcoming every hurtle one could possibly have thrown at them! In Fact, When them elitist journalist at MTV Made the Top 10 Greatest MC’s of All Time list they placed him as NINE! The most ridiculous shit ever! He wasn’t taken seriously as an Emcee! Ask any Elitist Rap Blogger or Journalist if Eminem is a better lyricist than Nas and Jay-z? Hip Hop Heads would say, of course he is! He’s a modern day Edgar Alan Poe, Relapse re-affirmed this! There is no Emcee in the game that can paint a detailed portrait of characters & emotions better than Eminem, (And that IS what Rap is about, telling stories to timed rhythms.) Oh But they’ll say “Hell no, Eminem is simplistic immature High School humor, he’s incapable of word play with depth!” An Excellent example of what ALL the elitist’s were saying about him, is at Rap Genius, “Renegades who killed whom” written BEFORE Recovery dropped.

Quote “but a few of his lines show his ability to use metaphor and double-meaning to plumb the depths of language in a way Eminem CANNOT match.” …. “he (Jay-z) illustrates the notion that Rap is about more than rhyming; Jay’s voice doesn’t boom quite as Eminem’s does on this track, but his poetry is more intelligent.” … “When Eminem is at the top of his game, his genius is immediately apparent because it sounds great. But Em is usually INCAPABLE of employing double meaning”

Then they use lines from “Im Back” (likely another good ol Slim Shady song that you’re grieving.) as an example to illustrate that! This what ALL you lil punks have always said. Then Recovery drops and pissed all over every single one of you elitist bloggin b-tches! He finally addresses that on this Album using 100% quirky Comic book Loving, Eminem humor to say, oh really you idiots Watch my immature ass spit the VERY First TRUE literary TRIPLE ENTENDRE! And not a Hip Hop defined / jay-z Triple either, where you gotta know something about the artist, or be clued into some inside joke to interpret it 3 different ways. It’s a TRUE literary Triple he spits in Won’t Back Down, (you know that song for teen girls.) And the thing about those is, they DO NOT Exist! And he did it just making a penis joke! As if to say now you really wanna test me you little pricks?

Read that article then go back and listen to Cold Wind Blows, Won’t Back Down, On Fire, And the Untitled Havoc track (one my Favs)! You’ll be saying the same thing every Hip Hop Head that has had to listen to these idiots over the years, is sayin (“HAHAAHAAAAA You Stoopid B-tches!!! SUCK ON THAT!” ..|..) He makes fun of your asses through out this whole album! All of those songs aimed at you are Hilarious!

Heck Seduction the whole song is a Double Entendre. As is 25 to Life until the very last line! That’s what this Album is about! Getting his RESPECT! And why? Because as EVERY Emcee will tell you “A plaque and Platinum status is Wack, If I’m not the baddest!” It’s all they have left when they leave the game!

And he still manages to squeeze in pissing on Carey & Cannon for that publicly humiliating “Obsessed” video! As well as his other personal struggles, He’s gone through. A very humorous retelling of his 8 mile days, (Almost Famous the whole damn song is quotable) And some nonsense in WTP and So Bad. So that everybody gets something!

The more y’all continue with this BS, and you little bobble-head dolls in these comments agree w/ them, the dumber he makes you look! He brutally murdered your asses deal with it! Admit the BS you was spewin after Relapse dropped was wrong, pick up what little credibility you can scrape up and “Get Up baby get move on, like a u-haul!” …. HAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!! ……. smfh

Comment by Tay Holland 10.15.10 @

Here’s the thing in my opinion: Em grew up. No doubt about it. He started thinking and approaching life like a man in his late 30’s. That’s a good thing. He can’t go back to 1999, he’s not in that place in his life anymore. Maybe that’s why no one else has the staying power Em has, other than the fact that their lyrically inferior, they can’t be bothered to grow up.

Comment by tgcali 10.15.10 @

“Recovery, is so god-awful that I’d like to imagine that it’s some sort of belated April Fool’s joke.”

Wow!! you really are pissed that he bitch slapped you guys! lmao!!!

Lets see what real Hip Hip Heads are sayin, See I would classify the guys who spend hours gathering Rhymes from just about every Hip Hop album released and archiving them for everyone to reference like the guys over at Killer Hip Hop as true Hip Hop Heads. Lets see how god awful they think this Album is..

Lyrics frm Killer Hip Hop “Untitled” – Havoc Track (you wanna whine about that production? ..smh..)

like On Fire, is aimed at MTV, and you bloggin fools who were askin why he came back after Relapse dropped, and fans begging him to come back to rescue them from the weak sex, money, and cars bullshit rappers have been cluttering the game with. And he humorously Rapes & MURDERS you Both in all those tracks! LMAO!!!!

“Girl I think you just might of tried to pull a motherf-ckin’ fast one; I’m mad
You just hurt my goddamn feeling and that was the last one I had.
Does this look like an arcade, tryna play games, see this saw blade?
See this silhouette of a stalker in your walkway? Better cooperate
Or get sauteed, and rotisseried, while you’re hog-tied.
MC’s get so quiet you can hear a motherf-ckin’ dog whistle when I walk by.
Colt Seavers on a mule stuntin’ on that a-s like a f-ckin’ Fall Guy!
I don’t gas my Mercedes after midnight, I treat it like a Mogwai,
Cuz it will turn into a gremlin, and run over kids, women and men.
Vrinn Vrinn, motor so big you can fit a midget in his engine!
B-tch gimme them digits while you cringin’ — Sooo Sick!

Get up baby, get a move on, like a U-Haul
You can rack your brain like pool balls
Who would never think of this sh-t,
“yeah honey you called?”
Well here I come, Havoc on a beat, I reek it
Evil, I see, hear, and speak it.. —- lol!

You can count every motherf-ckin’ chicken ‘fore it hatches
Cuz you can bet your ass that, we gon’ get it crackin’
Like the Kraken in Titans when they clashin’!
Get your brains bashed in so bad, you gon’ have Kurt Kobain askin’
To autograph a bloodstained napkin! — LOL!!! That’s is just Retardedly SICK!
Unfashionable and ’bout as rational as a rash on a fag’s asshole
Now let’s take that line run it up the flagpole
With Elton, see if he’s cool with it!
Don’t stand there and look stupid at me
B-tch I ain’t in the mood for this shit!
Get my d-ck Google it, til it pops up!
Y’all just so motherf-ckin’ full of shit that you stopped up
Me I’m always shittin’ diarrhea of the mouth
Til your speakers crap out, pfft, huh what?
Girl you got a hot butt, like a lit cigarette
“jr-Jrrigga what” But you won’t get a hot fudge sundae — (lol! he ain’t talkin about food!) From me so don’t strut my way, sl-t because…

And now that I got your panties in a bunch and your bowels in an uproar
Imma show you why I came so you stop asking me what the fuck for!
Now look you little sl-t, c-nt whore, I know you want more.
B-tch it’s time to put the math back into Mathers cuz I’m a f-ckin’ [problem], Run Boy!
Every flow got it mastered, so every last word that you f-ckin’ fags heard
comes straight from the fishes ass, yeah in other words I’m a bass(turd)
Lookin’ at me like I killed Kenny, — (get it? “you Bastard!”)
Gas in the tank, yeah still plenty
No morals are instilled in me, so remorse, I really don’t feel any!
Eat your heart out Hannibal, understandable
Why you jealous, f-ckin’ animal,
I got cannibal magnitism, cant resist em now can you hoe?
“Shady I don’t understand your flow”, understand my flow?
B-tch I flow like Troy polamalu’s hair boy
Don’t you dare try to follow or compare boy!” — Lmao!!

I don’t get it man, is there a void? All this weak shit? what am I steroids?
Well b-tch I’m back, with some shit for that ass
And your trunk, “elephant, [hemorrhoids]”
And remember boys…

You don’t own me.
Now here we go, go go!

Thank you for coming out!
Hope you enjoyed the show!
Until next time… haha

Hahaaaaa! Murda!!! Go Cry in your corners!!!

To Quote Killer Hip Hop: “This is the final track on Recovery and Eminem used it to spazz out! Yep Em’s officially back!”

And there’s Rhymes like these all through out the album! Keep runnin your mouths! He makes y’all look like morons. hahaaaaa!

Comment by lily Russell 10.15.10 @

“Could it be that white rap fans are fiercely loyal towards the only cracker that ever mattered on the mic?”

And I ain’t white Ho!

Comment by Tay Holland 10.15.10 @

@Robbie “Here’s the thing – he was actually a pretty great rapper.”

@dj blendz Did someone here say Em is “arguably the greatest rapper ever”? How old are u, 15..16? You better be a teeny bopper spouting that nonsense,or else ur pass get revoked asap …And nah i aint a Em hater i actually like his earlier stuff and a couple his new records but “goat? hell naw!!

I’m 35, and I would argue that he is.. He’s not my favorite Emcee, Royce Da 5’9″ is my number 1. But is he the best MC dead or alive?

But I think hip hop critic’s and underground snobs haven’t shown Eminem any of the appreciation and respect he deserves for his lyrical ability. However, his peer’s, people who truly know the difficulties and appreciate Rap skills, because they practice it themselves, hold him in VERY High regard. I was actually guilty of this myself before I read Paul Edwards Book. He interviewed 104 notable Rappers from Kool Moe Dee, to Masta Ace on how they write and perform their lyrics, as well as their take on newer Artists Like Eminem. And by the time I was done reading, I realized Eminem was the most praised Rap artist, because he’s mastered more techniques with in the Art than any other artist.

In that book numerous MC’s praise him for having mastered, all of these various techniques: His various and his humorous subject matter (His broad range transcends race and class),complex rhyme schemes (likely the most complex of any artist), He is arguablt The best at employing assonance and consonance, his use of multi-syllabic rhymes, fitting many rhymes in each bar, foreshadowing, phraseology, mastering a broad range of wordplay, (metaphors, puns, similes, spoonerisms, Metathesis and Rhetorical metathesis (which is his ability to bend words and restructure sentences so that they rhyme and flow eloquently) blending & obscuring word meanings, clever rhetorical excursions, crafting coherent yet oddly formed sentences),

That’s what made me take another look at his whole body of work. He is not the best at All of them. However, how many Rap Artists can you even find with that many aspects in their literary technique, much less say they are skillfull at all of them? Now Guerilla Black says in that book he thinks Shady got to that level because he studied everyone – “Eminem listened to everything and that’s what made him one of the greats” But look we all know why Eminem HAD to get to this level to be taken seriously. AND why the elitist critics and undergound snobs still choose to disregard his lyrical skills. “this Fcking Black cloud keeps following me around” and he’s mainstream.

Now add to that his broad range of flows, and his ability to flow threw complex rhythms (there is no one else in this game who’s come-up with more complex flows than him, he’s made even your favorite rapper’s jaw drop! don’t lie!, his use of syncopation, and maintaining clear enunciation. Well now people can understand why Em fans can say he’s Best Rapper, with 100% confidence!! They can back that shit up!

Comment by Elizabeth 10.15.10 @

@ Tay Holland The only “blogger” Em has ever referred to on a track and a freestyle is Elliott Wilson. It’s no secret Em does not like him. Em also does not believe he is better than every one and puts many ahead of him.

Comment by smfh 10.15.10 @

Yeah… even if he did release something like “Low Down Dirty” or “Just Don’t Give A Fuck” again I am not sure I could care less either. We have all kinda moved on from shock value, punchline rap now. He is just never going to be good again, ever.

Comment by Shantan Wantan Ichiban 10.15.10 @

Em went fag long ago…
Fuck all yall stanley bitches.
Rob you smack dab on the money wit this one.

Comment by D-BO 10.16.10 @

Em is not my favorite rapper, nor is he likely the favorite of many of the Unkut regulars. But, if you’re honest with yourself, you admit that Eminem can do a lot of things that your favorite rapper can’t do. …Your favorite rapper will admit that, so you should get over yourself and do that too.

Em has tons of classic material, most of which was pre-Marshall Mathers. I’ve barely listened to any of his newer shit, but just about everything I hear sounds bad. The thing is, I can respect Eminem as a man and an artist if he’s seriously on to another page in his life. I may not feel his work like I did, but I’d rather hear him be true to an evovled self than fail trying to recreate his early brilliance.

And, Elizabeth makes some very good points. I mean, there are others who I’d give a lot of props to on those same grounds, but Em really does excel on the sort of “technical” level of rhyme writing. He’s also one of the few who really figured out that it’s all about vowel sounds – that’s the key to making anything you want rhyme.

But, it’s his flow that really put him over the top. Because at this point, I don’t even think his early stuff holds the crown for best white lyricist (or non-white for that matter). I mean, have you guys heard Liar and a Thief?

Comment by digglahhh 10.16.10 @

…Oh, and get over this Cage identity theft shit? He’s jocking Cage because he agreed to do a photo shoot in the Clockwork Orange theme, and Cage sampled the movie in a track like a decade and a half ago?

Aight, which black rapper “patented” Scarface references? It’s so ridiculous that this was such a huge issue when like 90% of the entire rapper population are almost carbon copies of one another. Even if it’s true, it’s dog bites man.

Comment by digglahhh 10.16.10 @

Yo big up llingo! Keep doin your thing my man… And hopefully another Drumz & Llingo project out soon?

But yo, some of you are DILLUSIONAL!! Especially this Elizabeth chick and a few others. Yes, Feminem has GREAT skills, but the thing is, when you make GARBAGE songs then your skills mean NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! Feminem has been making GARBAGE for 9 fuckin years now. He’ll BARELY have one good song on each album. On this last album, he was lucky to have a couple of good songs. But still, the album was pretty shitty.

It’s funny how Fem grew up listening to the same shit a lot of us true heads listened to, yet he makes TRASH Rap now. It’s like where the fuck is the Hiphop??? How come you can’t make songs with people like DJ Premier and Large Professor and Marco Polo? Oh, cuz he’d rather get lame Dre beats and produce a bunch of trash himself.

You gotta love all the Feminem STANS!!! *shaking head*

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 10.19.10 @

@ Shaun D. aka Wicked

WDF??? My Name Is, Bad Meets Evil, 97 Bonnie and Clyde, Guilty Conscience, Rock Bottom, If I Had, Just Don’t Give A F-ck, Brain Damage, LOSE YOURSELF, The Way I am, STAN, Kill You, Criminal, Under The Influence, RENEGADES (Both versions, Which HE produced btw) Kim, I’m Back, Drug Ballad, When I’m Gone, White America, Cleaning out My Closet, Business, Till I collapse, Square Dance, Sing For the Moment, Superman, Say What You Say, You gon say those tracks is Garbage? Man sitdown you gotz no credibility… smh

And Right Now I’m rydin Cold Wind Blows, On Fire, Seduction, Almost Famous, and the Untiled Havoc track…. Shut da hell up man… smh

Comment by Tay Holland 10.19.10 @

@ Smfh Sooo You have to name every blogger in order to murder them all? WTF? Half this album is making fun critics & bloggers… Man you guys are in serious need of headin over to Rap Genius, cuz y’all don’t even understand the songs on this album…. sad…

Comment by Tay Holland 10.19.10 @

Yo Tay Holland, RELAX!! I was a fan of Feminem from ’96/’97-‘2000/01. If you would open your fuckin EYES you might have read that shit.

But yes, the rest is pretty much GARBAGE! I don’t give a fuck how great of an Emcee he is… If the beats are not dope, then NO THANKS! Oh well…

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 10.20.10 @

yo who let all the em groupies in??

go bak to droppin acid & techno-dancing!!

Comment by Unkut 10.20.10 @



EMINEM IS A POP STAR. He left Hip hop a loooooong time ago.

He is not real hip hop. Most of his albums as of late have been sucking to high hell.

What pisses me off is the STANS coming into UNKUT and dissing the members here.

Most of the members here are REAL hip hop.

We go back to 89, when eminem was just little bitch with an alf shit listening to what we made.

He used black culture to get big and then he took a big shit on it and left us hanging.

I don’t care if he hangs out with blacks or he does this or that.

Truth is, dude has become soft and he is making shit because he knows it will sell.


He even let another dude put his balls in his mouth. Word, Eminem sold out a loooooong time ago.

Comment by The Ill Microphone 10.21.10 @

damn, most of u have jealousy issues. ma bad or is it ‘My’ bad. really, u dumb odds and ends out there don’t know shit about talent. Just a bunch of complacence idiots who figured out how to use the net.
What would the world b without you anyways. Em, Wayne, Kanye are doing well. I haven’t heard of any of u. DAMN was that cliché. You dunno the difference do u?
Get a f***king life bra. If Em helped some white boy out there so what. OH did I say “white”. For me he’s the best thing since Pac. He’s surpassed Dre the godfather of rap ages ago. Em luvs the shit he does. If all you dumb fuckers knew that then maybe people as dumb as you would also complain about u.

Comment by Servero^ 11.02.10 @

Old Cage > slim shady
New Cage > eminem (new & old)

Cage well always be better then feminem, and fuck all of you who disagree.

Comment by TheTruth 11.28.10 @

Eminem did fall off after Marshall Mathers LP but that and the Slim Shady LP are some of the best, rawest albums out there. And Recovery was dope, just cuz hes maturing doesn’t make it whack. See if you can follow the lyrics next time, Robbie. And his underground and off the radar shit is fire. Check the Tim Westwood mixtapes for some flow, and his new song Despicable was fucking mind-blowing, but to quote Em, “guess [he] just made you stupid and bamboozled, confused as usual.” There is not a rapper that could touch him since Pac, B.I.G., and Big L.

Comment by Devin 11.28.10 @

em has been horrible the past 10 years, horrible tracks, horrible collabs,,,with drake?? come on….pink??? lil wayne? get the fuck outta here!!! he is in pop world…..a white mc that gets no love is Rob Sonic……peep his songs……..! peace

Comment by CHRIS HALL 12.01.10 @

@ Johnny Hardcore…Eminem and Cage had beef due to Em’s appropriating of Cage’s crazy white boy image…and FYI A Clockwork Orange was Cage’s theme when he came out, thus the name he used “Alex” which was the main character…not to mention that “Agent Orange” samples the soundtrack…so this photo is Em biting once again, thats what illa was getting at…SN: Cage is now a fruit pie, so screw him too

Comment by dlp 01.03.11 @

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