New Big L Album Due In November
Wednesday October 13th 2010,
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A new collection of unreleased Big L material, titled Return of the Devil’s Son, is due next month:

‘This album is supported 100% by the Big L family.” Said Big L’s older brother Donald Phinazee “I’ve been talking about this album for the last six years and it means everything to me. This is an original Big L album and I’m excited to put my brother out. This album will show where he should have been and where he was about to go. It’s going on 12 years since he’s been gone. He would have been that one; this project will show where he should have been at’.

Return of the Devil’s Son on Distrolord/SMC Recordings will be available online and in stores November 23, 2010.

Track listing:

1.Return Of The Devil’s Son [Prod. by Showbiz]
2. Devil’s Son [Prod. by Showbiz]
3. Zone Of Danger [Prod. by J-Love]
4. Sandman 118
5. School Days
6. Principle Of The New School [Prod. by Showbiz]
7. Unexpected Flava [Prod. by Lord Finesse]
8. Tony’s Touch
9. Right To The Top (feat. Royal Flush & Kool G Rap) [Prod. by Domingo]
10. Once Again
11. Harlem World Universal
12. I Won’t
13. Hard To Kill
14. Power Moves
15. If You Not Aware
16. I Should Have Used A Rubber
17. Doo Wop #5
18. Yes You Can
19. Audition
20. MC’s What’s Going On [Prod. by Showbiz]
21. Slaying The Mic

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Great news despite all that talk about there never being another Big L album released!

Comment by Andyman187 10.13.10 @

I’ve heard that the long wait for another posthumousness L album is because Lord Finesse refused to release the material because L’s father, whom Finesse had issues with, would reap most of the benefits. True, false, conspiracy theory?

Comment by paulg 10.13.10 @

Look forward to it. L was that dude.

Comment by Bronxbomma 10.13.10 @

Mind blowing!

Comment by don chalant 10.13.10 @

This isn’t the L album Preem and Finesse were talkin’ about, right?

Comment by The Funkologist 10.14.10 @

i cannot wait for this

Comment by 4:20 10.14.10 @

Wow, this looks great! I hope there’s producer info for all of the songs though. I also hope they put the year for each song as well. I wonder if this will also be pressed on wax???

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 10.14.10 @

I guess SMC means no vinyl

Comment by Krisch 10.14.10 @


Any idea how this is possible, comparing with what was said by Lord Finesse in this hiphopdx article:

To quote: “So now, since he’s the father, even though he’s never been there, [for his] kid’s whole career, his whole life, by law, and by blood, he’s in charge [of L’s estate] now.”

If L’s father is in charge of the estate, how is the album supported by “100% of the Big L family”?

Thanks for the update on this dude!

Comment by Theotis Jones 10.14.10 @

half these joints are already out on vinyl if you dig hard enough..

Comment by Stylus 10.15.10 @

nice, will look forward to hearing the devil’s son again on some new new

Comment by gstatty 10.15.10 @

Sounds like another re-hash album coming soon.These tracks look very familiar,new beats over old verses = Wack,I doubt if any of these tracks are the Finesse tracks from his vaults.So until Finesse breaks the seal on The REAL BIG L tracks…I’m good-RIP-BIG L

Comment by R.Jones 10.15.10 @

6. Principle Of The New School [Prod. by Showbiz]
7. Unexpected Flava [Prod. by Lord Finesse]

Those 2 tracks are from 1993-94 and were released on some limited vinyls by Lord Finesse in 2009, So I guess there is some “Vault material” on this album.
Also some of these tracks been around for years but was never officially released(School Days, I Should Have Used A Rubber, Devil’s Son)

Comment by Qwermoo 10.17.10 @

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