Rap Rock Team-Ups That Make You Want To Break A Glass In Your Own Face
Monday October 18th 2010,
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Rock is one of the foundations of this great music we call hip-hop, having provided so many of the founding break beats that we all know like the back of our hands. At some point in the early 90’s, however, some evil genius figured out that really shitty rock and metal groups should get on the rap bandwagon, having been mortal enemies for years before that. The end result was of course Fred Durst, who’s only notable achievement was banging a bunch of girls who were way out of his league. Here are some of the Rap Rock collaborations that will make you want to take to your ears with a rusty razor…

A marketer’s dream and a music fans nightmare, all rolled into one.

KRS went though an unfortunate period when he made that H.E.A.L. album and hung-out with R.E.M. Let’s just call it his ‘College Period’, when he experimented with cheap LSD and had his first lesbian experience.

Puffy‘s voice against the replayed ‘Kashmir’ riff couldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight. Guess he never heard Schoolly D‘s ‘Signifying Rapper’, huh?

Jigga, this is why Sade turned you down. Having your balls caught in a paper shredder > listening to Linkin Park.

There was a time when Chuck D could do no wrong. This was not one of those times.

What’s the best way to disrespect the legacy of a great hip-hop lyricist just months after his death? Take his vocals and mix them with shitty God Rock.

Some of Judgement Night‘s team-ups worked. This one? Not so much.

Surely a rock remake of a rap classic couldn’t be that bad, right? Wrong!

Bonus: When Rock Rap becomes Fudge Rap. Is ‘Butterfly’ some kind of code used in public toilets?

See also: The entire career of the Insane Clown Posse.

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yo i wasn’t allowed to listen to rap music as a little kid, but you better believe I blasted the fucking hell out of the Chuck D/Antrax Bring tha noise when playing Tony Hawk, fucking knew every word without know a clue what he was talking about. So i’m completely biased with that one, but i feel its going to definitely cause some fanboys to act up lmao

Comment by murphy 10.18.10 @

Two worst ever:
2 Live Crew f. Motley Crue: Crew to Crue – 2LC had the restraint to not release it for years, and they don’t even know what restraint is.

Alice Cooper f. Xzibit – Stand – It’s conceivable if they were on some dark shit this could work, but it was a charity song for the Olympics! Even knowing its for that (buying hurdles for Nigerians?) it still shouldn’t exist.

Comment by DJ BO 10.19.10 @

It could work tho: both Onyx collabos with Biohazard were actually listenable.

Comment by The Funkologist 10.19.10 @

Ugh Radio Song….REM trying to be “funky” and KRS struggling to keep up. “First lesbian experience” HAH!

Comment by vollsticks 10.19.10 @

That is some absolutely terrible album art, too.

Comment by vollsticks 10.19.10 @

never occured to me that those butterfly dudes were actually trying to rap.

Comment by gx 10.19.10 @

whenever you make the list of songs that actually worked, don’t forget to include Sir Mix A Lot’s “Iron Man”. And although everyone hated on M.O.P.’s Mash Out Posse, the rock version of “Fire” > original.

Comment by CENZI 10.19.10 @

my favorite hip hop / rock joint is this….

Comment by DaGrimeyWay 10.19.10 @


Comment by BRIX BLANCO 10.19.10 @


Comment by BRIX BLANCO 10.19.10 @

De La Soul & Teenage Fanclub hooked up “Fallin” something lovely though…

Comment by Trakball 10.19.10 @

Del the Funkee Homosapien & Dinosaur Jr. rocked that shit really hard too

Comment by Trakball 10.19.10 @

i think the jay z/linkin park one is the onyl one i ever actually listened to
i thought that was kinda ill

Comment by alex 10.19.10 @

n2gether now anyone?…lol limp bizkit had a song with dmx and xzibit…

Comment by mad love for everything 10.19.10 @

rage against the machine s the best example of how the two can combine…i have mixed feelings about walk this way with run and aerosmith…body count is a little too nuts…so many more…mostly failures and a passing fad thats coming back around again with more of a rock/blues/rap thing…the newest example of a decent attempt id the blacrock albaumthe black keys put out

Comment by anonymous 10.19.10 @

Run-DMC and Aerosmith was the first song that turned me on to hip-hop. Every rock/rap cut that came after I could probably live without.

Comment by A'Peks 10.19.10 @

The Linkin Park-Jigga joint is ok..Evry other one up here is bad.Really bad…Run DMC “King of Rock” is probably the best rock/rap song ever

Comment by dj blendz 10.20.10 @

Worst one yet is Necros Death Rap album, horrible.
The best ones to do it this far, to incorporate a rock element to their music, is El-P and Dälek.

Most team-ups are disasters though, but most are rather fun to listen to.

Comment by PAS 10.20.10 @

Sonic Youth & Chuck D – Kool Thing – pretty bad

Nonphixion and Deftones – The CIA Is Trying To Kill Me – pretty good

and anything Rick Rubin had a hand in, is generally good.

Comment by Jesse 10.20.10 @

I’m cracking up @ When Rock Rap becomes Fudge Rap…haha.

I like some rock/rap mixes but its a very fine line. Beastie Boys and Run Dmc did it many times on their first couple albums.I like the Public Enemy with Anthrax track,the Boom Schlock lock Boom remix was good,and on Judgment Night Soundtrack I liked that DE La song, Del,Run Dmc,and Cypress Hill. But these songs are the exception to rule in most cases rock/rap sucks balls.

Comment by Johnny Hardcore 10.20.10 @

Oh dear rock & rap!
Everyone mentions Bodycount, but Ice-T never rapped.
They were a rock group. That Judgment soundtrack has a lot to answer for.

Comment by farns 10.20.10 @

NECRO comes to mind on some bad metal/rap shit.

Comment by PetePablo 10.20.10 @

The greatest rap/rock song ever is still Run-DMC’s Rock Box. The worst: that Puffy joint where he had the audacity to sample Zepplin’s Kashmir. He needs his eyeballs burned out for that.

Comment by oskamadison 10.20.10 @

LMFAO @ ‘Is ‘Butterfly’ some kind of code used in public toilets?’.


Comment by Crisis 10.21.10 @

“The greatest rap/rock song ever is still Run-DMC’s Rock Box”

that’s the one i meant to say instead of ‘kings of rock’

Comment by dj blendz 10.21.10 @

Yo does this inclued “mashups”? Never was a big fan but Ztrip kilt Zepps Imigrant Song with PE’s Bring the Noise

Comment by Suberb 10.22.10 @

in what seems like a long, long time ago, I re-edited the beatnuts cut from this comp in attempt to make listenable: http://www.divshare.com/download/12949351-665 I am not sure I succeeded. I always liked Son of Bazerk’s “One Time 4 the Rebel”

Comment by djarm18 10.23.10 @

Actually one of the dudes in Crazy Town was Epic Mazur of Wolf & Epic who produced beats for Blood of Abraham, Serch, MC Lyte, BBD

Aside from that, some of these songs here are awesome – REM & KRS, Helmet & HOP. What you’re missing is if you were a fan of the bands at the time and were also fans of the raps groups as well and then out of the blue they did a song together in a time where rap was still not considered music- fuck!

Comment by KR 10.23.10 @

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