Unkut x Complex = The 50 Greatest QB Rap Songs

When the crew over at Complex decided they needed to put together a definitive list of the 50 Greatest Queensbridge Rap Songs Of All Time, who else were they gonna call? As is the nature of such projects, there was a little give-and-take between my initial chart and the finished result, but that’s part of the challenge and I’m more than happy with the final result:

Unkut.com Presents: The 50 Greatest Queensbridge Rap Songs Of All Time

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yo u got the label for bridge 2000 with Trag and Imam thug as the #1 and u didnt even mention that record….thats a classic….u also omitted Fuck Nas…one of the best dis tracks of all time. oh well.

Comment by mercilesz 10.06.10 @

great list. much respect.

Comment by L2BT 10.07.10 @

Great list. I only would have put “Shook Ones Pt. 2” at number one and replaced “Halfitme” with “NY State Of Mind”.

Comment by Steve 10.07.10 @

The list has some flaws and a bit too much Tragedy for my taste, but overal you did a pretty decent job.

Comment by The Funkologist 10.07.10 @

This list sucked.

Comment by Qwermoo 10.07.10 @

Great list, but one obvious choice for this list is missing, that being large pro – ijuswannachill.

Comment by yoyosucka 10.07.10 @

oochie wally, huh?

not your best job, robbie. what about they force my hand, ny state of mind, and memory lane? too much of that lame post-96 mobb deep and retarded cnn shit included…

Comment by Chulee ManSun 10.07.10 @

Why 50? How about just 20 or 10. When I saw Occhie Wally I refused to look anyfurther. Maaan, fuck that song.

Comment by scruffy 10.07.10 @

“As is the nature of such projects, there was a little give-and-take between my initial chart and the finished result”

^ That’s why ‘They Forced My Hand’, ‘Take The Bait’ & ‘Have A Nice Day’ didn’t make it to the final 50.

Comment by Robbie 10.07.10 @

@yoyosucka, Large Pro isn’t from the Bridge, he’s from Flushing.. The Bland, I believe.

Comment by LEX 10.07.10 @

i didn’t have a problem with the list and i liked that there was a lot of tragedy/iman thug. think you could post your initial list?

Comment by Chris 10.07.10 @

But where´s RUN DMC?! Dope list otherwise, the Big Mama original is doper than anything, but still..

Comment by PAS 10.07.10 @

Run DMC, also not from the Bridge.. Queens Bridge Houses is one housing project in the enormous borough of Queens.. Hollis is pretty far from there.

Comment by LEX 10.07.10 @

mobb deep – young luv

props for that one

Comment by fredMS 10.07.10 @

@LEX: Queens is Queens.

Comment by PAS 10.07.10 @

Yeah, I grew up in Queens. If you need to take 2 trains and a bus to get from the Bridge to Hollis, then it’s not the same neighborhood. I’m pretty sure when Robbie was making this list he had this in mind, otherwise we’d probably see Run DMC and Large Pro somewhere in there. Beatnuts, A Tribe Called Quest, Akinele, Onyx, Royal Flush, etc. are NOT from Queensbridge.

Comment by LEX 10.07.10 @

yeah, i didn’t read beyond Oochie Wally either! when you gonna post up the list here? can’t be dealing with complex”s fuckery asking me to click on 50 pages. the fuck outta here! hopefully some dope shit in there..

Comment by John S 10.07.10 @

that bang bang record caused quite a lil stir in the lil’ kim camp. it was kinda tense down at hot97 for a second cause of that record.

Comment by ghost 10.07.10 @

queens is queens? thats like saying brownsville is bedstuy is coney island is east new york…

Comment by mercilesz 10.07.10 @

Either way as a fan & a foreighner Queensbridge to me is the mecca, the holy grail, the UFC octagon of hip hop, Ive been pumping “Still reporting” this week, Tragedy might just be the illest emcee i have ever had the pleasure of listening too. Oh and that recent CNN 2 _ godamnn the boys are back on that real shit. Capone is a fucking beast.

Comment by Killa Alvarez 10.07.10 @

@LEX: I know Hollis and QB is not the same. It is just that Im dead sure a lot, if not all ,of the names on the list has drawn a lot of influence and felt pride over that someone from Queens did it the way RUN DMC did it, that way making it possible for them to get on next. Thats why maybe one couldve omitted Oochie and as a foundation for what would come, drop say Beats to the rhyme instead. Same way I would include Primo on a Brooklyn list, even though he is from Texas.
I mean, Kool G Rap is on the list right? If Im not mistaken he is from Corona?
And also was Tragedys “Grand Groove” on the list? That song is a lot of QB life in my ears..

Comment by PAS 10.08.10 @

The original list in no particular order:

MC Shan – The Bridge
MC Shan – Kill That Noise
MC Shan – I Pioneered This
Iron Sheiks (Tragedy & Imam THUG) – True Confessions
Marley Marl feat. Tragedy & Imam THUG – The Bridge 2000
Intelligent Hoodlum – Live Motivator
Tragedy & Littles – Stay Free
Tragedy – Neva Die Alone Pt. 2
Tragedy feat. Cormega – They Forced My Hand
Tragedy feat. Killa Sha – Mind State
Mobb Deep – Shook One, Pt. 2
Mobb Deep – Still Shinin’
CNN, Mobb Deep & Tragedy – LA, LA
Capone-N-Noreaga feat. Tragedy – Illegal Life
Capone-N-Noreaga – ‘T.O.N.Y.’
Mobb Deep feat. Nas & Raekwon – Eye For An Eye
Mobb Deep – Quiet Storm
Mobb Deep feat. Kool G Rap – The Realest
Mobb Deep & ACD – Street Life
Killa Sha – Come On
Killa Sha feat. Tragedy & Trife Da God – One Hand Wash The Other
Marley Marl feat. MC Shan – Marley Scratch
Roxanne Shante – Roxanne’s Revenge
Roxanne Shante – Have A Nice Day
Shante – Big Mama
Nas – Half Time
Nas – It Ain’t Hard To Tell [Large Pro Remix]
Nas – Made You Look
Nas feat. Mobb Deep – Live Nigga Rap
Nas – Ether
Super Kids – Go Queensbridge
Super Kids – The Tragedy aka Coke Is It
Kamakazee – Snakes
Screwball feat. Nas, Cormega & Havoc – On The Real [original]
Screwball – Who Shot Rudy?
Screwball – H.O.S.T.Y.L.E.
Big Noyd – Usual Suspects [Stretch Armstrong Remix]
Big Noyd feat. Mobb Deep – Recognize & Realize Pt. 2
Big Noyd – Shoot Em Up [Bang Bang] Pt. 1
Lake, Capone, Noreaga & Cormega – We Gon Buck
Cormega – The Legacy
Cormega feat. Tragedy & Havoc – Define Yourself
Cormega feat. Large Professor – The Come Up
Big Twins – B.I.G. T.W.I.N.S.
Big Twins – I Wanna Be Down
Infamous Mobb – Capitol Q
Nature feat. Nas – The Ultimate High
Blaq Poet – Poet’s Comin’
Blaq Poet – Don’t Give A Fucc
PHD – I’m Flippin’

Comment by Robbie 10.08.10 @

Regardless of the quibbles, it’s hard to argue that any other single neighborhood has (or at least HAD) a higher concentration of great emcees.

To be honest, there’s still a few on here i haven’t heard. but ditto on “Grand Groove”. That should be #3, right after “Shook Ones 2”. I like Trag better as an emo rapper.

Comment by eric nord 10.08.10 @

No mobb deep and big noyd “burn”? Come on, that shit’s better than most of the complex list! “for real, you Don’t think I live a pop life now, for real, you can get popped right now”!!

Comment by NCB 10.08.10 @

great job.props.

Comment by swordfish 10.09.10 @

Nice to see Mobb Deep & ACD Street Life on there. That OG List is nice. I woulda vouched for Prodigy & Cormega’s Three..

Comment by LEX 10.09.10 @

How could you omit “Drop A Gem On ‘Em”?

You gave Mobb respect but still…

Merci is also correct: Queens is ** NOT ** fucking Queens, dudes from Rockaway might never see Astoria, Elmhurst ain’t St Alban’s etc.

Comment by Saratoga N. Blake 10.10.10 @

List is cool, but I think there is a little too much flexing of Bridge white label knowledge than actually just listing the dopest tracks. You could make a more than persuasive case for many of the tracks omitted from the list on Illmatic (NY State of Mind, Life’s Bitch, Represent, etc) and The Infamous (Give up the Goods, Survival of the Fittest, etc). Instead we get Triple Threat on this list which was a later and weaker version (same beat) of the original track by Nas & NORE “Sex Drugs Money And Murder”.

Comment by FoeCion 10.10.10 @

If my memory serves me right, some info is wrong..Alluminati is the original, DJ Riz was spinning this on NY Live show before the war report dropped and Noreminati appeared on Clue mixtapes just before NORE dropped, and the original “On the Real” was Kamakaze feat Nas and Cormega, i recorded on cassette back in 96 off the radio, and copped the vinyl in 97 or 98, it just said “The Real”…the Screwball album version was 99.

Comment by Paul Kersey 10.10.10 @

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