gENSu dEAn feat. Large Professor – Forever
Monday November 01st 2010,
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Texan producer gENSu dEAn drops this 7″ single with Large Pro from his new album. All beats composed on the SP-1200, if that sort of thing is important to you.

gENSu dEAn feat. Large Professor – ‘Forever’

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That track is alright – Large Pro with his “In The Ghetto” type of flow and shit, BUT you need to check gENSU’s album when it drops!
His SP12 magic is rare these days – him and Lewis Parker – 2 of the last doing it as it should be done!
What’s the release date of the album ?

Comment by Blanco 11.02.10 @

Cool, nothing groundbreaking but decent. Been waiting for some new Large Pro material, when is this gonna be available?

Comment by The Funkologist 11.02.10 @

To be honest that cut is disappointing to say the least …I have heard much heavier heat from Gensu especially his drums ..these are week. With Extra P on vocals this should of been pure fire but it is tepid to say the least. I’m hoping the remix on the flip is gonna save the day on this limited 45 or cash is not being dropped.

Comment by Mac Hustle 11.02.10 @

First the temperature dropped, then the lights got dim
Then the words of the legendary god Rakim
That said “bitin’ it’ll make ya choke” was then hung by a rope
As the legions began to grope
For more ways to coin a phrase
From those born and raised
In them glory days that never foresaw change
As an option just spent their spare time polishin’
Portraits and making new ones to build the fortress
Strong but deep in the eye of the storm
Was the sponsors who made muhfuckas sound bonkers
Some would go that a way in direct response to
The nonsense they thought was a threat of abolishment
Some held steadfast looking dead ass sayin’
No way in the world will wackness last
Went down to the cathedral with the stained glass
Images of Bboys when the rain passed
Everybody came out surround by devastation
Like indians on a reservation
Began patiently cleaning up the done damage
We back to life like a mummy that’s unbandaged

Then things resumed like normal
No more cornball bitch hormone
Rappers on the mic son we back to life
One said as the other one lie in the bed
Unconscious still up in the zone of the sponsors
You under the misconception of a whip and hex kid
Betta snap outta that man holler back
When you up and at ‘em
I’ll be up the block wit xtra p cuz he breaks the fuckin’ atom
Door slammed on the boar’s head ham
Ole boy didn’t understand what was at hand
Cause then blam right there dream turned nightmare
All the superficial blew away like a cruise missile
Dude we missed you but glad you still here
They was sayin’ when the sleep kid decided to appear
Up the block at they man crib shit was like a banquet
Everybody greeting and eating and giving thanks kid

At the fork in the road I took the right route
Now it’s lights out for all that bullshit dudes be tryina write about
Hip Hop is serious it come from the streets
Can’t fuck wit the felons then run to the police
In a nick of time I’ll squash all them nickel and dime
Jive ass guys fast wit a new rhyme
From the treasure chest where every measure is yes
My mind’s the power line by special request
Of the thorough tradition out working on the railroad
Fly masterpiece rhyme in the earlobe
Of a 20 from Friday to Monday I’m Andale
Wit no latency or time delay
Just be around the way chillin’ wit the homeboys
Or in my room writing like Donald Goines
Stackin foreign coins and cashin’ ‘em in
Like 3,2,1 count down kid we bout to win !!

Comment by P Air 11.03.10 @

Peace this joint is fire and so is the remix,Machustle you obviously dont understand production. Gensu being a producer of many years knows about drums check the remix for proof. Also this beat is making the sample drive it not the drums. The drums are being used to accent the beat gensu will smash half of these tonka toy producers out there. Step your game up and respect the real!

Comment by OG Style 11.08.10 @

Large Professor…timeless.

Comment by oskamadison 11.10.10 @

I used to be a large pro fan to me he’s not done anything good since mad scientist!..

Comment by Kevlar 11.10.10 @

where can i cop that 7″ ????

Comment by DaGrimeyWay 11.15.10 @

@Mac Hustle and Funkologist post a link to something hotter than this. Yall some ham eating descendants of lepers.

Comment by Flashius Clay 11.15.10 @

@mac hustle & funkologist post a link to something YOU made the beat for that’s hotter than this. shrimps & crabs= bottom feeders.

Comment by Flashius Clay 11.15.10 @

Gensu’s standard life should be a classic if it has more bangers like this!!!

Comment by CharleMAx 11.21.10 @

I thought the original version was aight at first, but upon my second listen, I caught the guitars and promptly jocked. The vocal sample is cool, but the guitars got me.

The remix is nasty. Reminds me of some Showbiz (in a good way).

Buying doubles.

Comment by MANHOODLUM 11.22.10 @

I expect nothing less than classic material from Gensu, definitely going to support this project when it drops.

Comment by ONE SON 01.07.11 @

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