Video: Action Bronson – Shiraz

Another winner from the Outdoorsmen crew, continuing the theme of fine dining that Meyhem mentioned when I interviewed him. This is taken from the Dr. Lecter Jr album, which is due in the near future. Produced by Bronson and Team Facelift, directed by Tommy Mas and Matt Raz.

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Beautiful track. If I were Ghostface, I’d be a little bit ill at this dude though. I’m not. So rock-on.

Comment by Apeks 11.12.10 @

Yep Ghost bitin ….but i’m a beats man & that beat is sweeeeet …more of that funky jazz flute with drums & ill easy listening keyboard changes style shit please …..

Comment by Mac Hustle 11.12.10 @

This is the best shit
ever. This guy is better than anyone of these rappers we see and hear on the radio. This is a breath of fresh air for HipHop and music in general. Salute.

Comment by combo 11.12.10 @

Word up this is the ill joint of the day for real!

Comment by Kon Vee 11.13.10 @

i heard the ghost influence too (without readin the comments and nah no bitin)but dude is real wit his.
i’m curios for more.

Comment by swordfish 11.13.10 @

Everyone’s mentioning Ghost, but I hear more of an AZ influence in his flow. Regardless, dude is nice and definitely a breath of fresh air. One of the better NYC newcomers in a minute. Queens get it!

Comment by LEX 11.14.10 @

One thing I really dig about this guy in the videos I’ve seen so far is that he’s having a good time doing what he does. Here we are 2010 and it’s still all about the screwface mug and heavy dark shit almost every time. If that’s the way you feel when you write/rhyme, then by all means, do you. But this dude takes me back to when cats weren’t allowed to smile and have fun in their videos/shows. I’m def gonna check out this guy’s album when he drops it.

Comment by Apeks 11.14.10 @

Gotta say I have been heavily impressed with Action. Nice flow, smooth delivery. Can def see the Ghostface comparasion, but dude is nice.

Comment by BIGSPICE 11.15.10 @

This joint was right …… I like dude …… I can go for an instrumental of that track

Comment by Mec-One 11.15.10 @

I have a good feeling about the whole outdoorsmen movement. Lets see what happens in the future. The song is tuff!

Comment by factual 11.15.10 @

Beat is on some off-kilter DOOM/Madlib steez

Comment by Jesse 11.15.10 @

Prosciutto San Daniele pleeeease!Crazy Action Bronson salute from Italy!

Comment by rafa_2509 11.16.10 @

Dont understand why its called Shiraz tho – all I seen was Prosciutto & him getting a homeless womans digits – Not exactly fine dining IMO

Comment by D.Baskett 11.16.10 @

What the fuck is an ‘outdoorsmen’? I ain’t seen these dudes fishing on the pier at Coney or Canarsie, or dropping lines from the Cross Bay Bridge.

Hell, I’ve not even seen ’em picking up trash at Orchard Beach, thee #1 outdoor summer NYC job (I was lifefguard there) so, uh…

Comment by Saratoga N. Blake 11.17.10 @

Action said it, same guy on camera or when the camera’s off… not tryin’ to be anyone but himself.

Comment by king kong 11.19.10 @

Dope, impressed. Like how is just a regular Queens dude too.

Comment by keatso 11.19.10 @


Comment by keatso 11.19.10 @

I doubt this guy woke up one day and said: I’m gonna rap like Ghostface…get over it, evryone kinda sounds like someone else…the beat’s dope, but not my cup of tea.

Comment by DetroitEmsee 11.20.10 @

this guys nice

Comment by biggist from brooklyn 11.20.10 @

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