The Unkut Guide To Marcberg Food References
Monday December 27th 2010,
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Here’s a brand new Phillip “Half-A-Mill” Mlynar sure-shot:

There was only one rap album that mattered in 2010 – and it wasn’t by anyone who felt the need to show their dark twisted appendage to the world. That project, Roc Marciano‘s Marcberg, was critically untouchable, the most unadulterated example of the potency of New York rap in a good half decade, and even ended with a good old fashioned shout-out track. More importantly, it contained the most comprehensive batch of food references since an Ironman-era Ghostface was found being seduced by a temptress’s baked macaroni and turkey wings and lauding the virtues of a fish and salad-based diet. Whether used figuratively, literally or descriptively, there’s not a track on the album where Roc Marcy doesn’t get gastronomical. So in the grand tradition of the Dean & Deluca Cookbook’s Master List of Dried Legumes, here’s the complete guide to the food references liberally sprinkled throughout Marcberg’s grand grooves. Enjoy shrimp!

“It’s A Crime”: “Pies are ordered”; “start peeling like an orange”; “my appearance is not syrup”; “you’re like veal”.

“Whateva Whateva”: “Get to the cheddar just to live better”.

“Raw Deal”: “Molasses”; “most y’all rappers can toss my salad”; “living high off the hog”; “onion”; “keep pearls like oysters”; “enjoy shrimp”.

“We Do It”: “Five pies, no anchovies”; “It’s tight like the butt on a fish, you melt like the butter on grits”.

“Snow”: “Reaching for toast like TV remotes”; “and this beat here as good as meatloaf, better yet a pot-roast”; “used to play the corner for dough”.

“Ridin’ Around”: “Slippery like fish”; “I’m hot as a pot of chili”.

“Panic”: “Cooped up in the Ps like sardines”; “spark the beef like a cookout”; “pussy taste like fish”; “creme de la creme”.

“Thugs Prayer”: “Crabs in butter sauce”; “cake crust, grape nuts, no bacon deluxe”.

“Pop”: “Because I’m bringing home the turkey bacon”; “$80,000 dollar Jags and crabs, flabby abs, eatin'”

“Jungle Fever”: “When I cut her she was butter”; “cook for you, boil oil, hold tight like foil”; “when the summer come we shine like a cup of slush”; “steak, A1 [sauce]”.

“Don Shit”: “Hot stepper, red pepper, steak dinner”; “fajitas”; “plus deliver like cheese pizza”; “stay dipped like sour cream, cake chips”; “the big cheese”.

“Marcberg”: “Squeeze triggers like green lemons”; “Twinkie filling start spillin’ out your widdig”; “push your burrito wrappers”; “to little niggas like Skittles”.

“Hide My Tears”: “We tryin’ to get mo’ bread”; “spend chips like Master P”; “giving me the cheese and the master key”.

“Shoutro”: “Maserati buttermilk”.

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Most you rappers can toss my salad was the worst thing about marcberg. One of the homoist things said.

Comment by Gx 12.27.10 @

But he also said, “Rappers to me is just a waste of breath” so he gets a pass.

Comment by Nigel 12.27.10 @

“Most you rappers can toss my salad was the worst thing about marcberg. One of the homoist things said”


Comment by QUITDABS 12.27.10 @

Dope post, but I think dude said “push your burrito backwards”…HAHAHAHA…

Comment by SHAMZ 12.27.10 @

haha there was a fair few new jack city references too!

Comment by tareq 12.28.10 @

“push your burrito backwards”

Yeah, that sounds more accurate.

Comment by Phillip 12.29.10 @

Marcberg is easily the best album of 2010.

Comment by Van 12.30.10 @

Foodie rap references are clearly why I bought the Marcberg EP. All I was thinking about was buttered crab and pot roast. Minus 1 for no references to biscuits, cutting the mustard or wetting your shirt the color of marinara. Is this the secret to why marci’s album was so dope to me? When he starts talking about putting rappers heads in the sous vide and julienning emcees on the mic and smoking cats like a brisket i’ll buy 3 copies. Until then check out this foodie rap album produced by Kenny Segal backyardbbq its no live at the bbq, but its the foodie rap equivalent.

Comment by gstatty 01.01.11 @

yeah dat wessyde shit backyard bbq by kenny seagal iz good + hood… but its more obvious with K. Seagal while roc marci is still street story tales… dat cat action bronson is very action cookin shit too – rap is good!

Comment by DONALESKI 01.01.11 @

Roc Marci should start a HipHopChef school

Comment by junMaf*ckn 01.01.11 @

best album no doubt – mighty healthy

Comment by Iron Chefski 01.03.11 @

Apparently this dude doesn’t agree

Comment by fuckyouranchorbluejeans 01.03.11 @

I would recommend a guide to Cormega’s basketball references

Comment by Thista 01.11.11 @

“twin porches, all black like soy sauces”

Comment by rawkus 04.09.12 @

Pete Rock – Cake ft. The UN

Comment by sancho 12.01.12 @

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