2010: Some Stuff Happened
Monday January 03rd 2011,
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So yeah, shit kinda fell-off around here in the last couple months, but in the immortal words of the BDP crew: “We ain’t done!”. Even the greats go through slow patches, and as we celebrated six years of east-coast rap elitism with the Counterstrike mixtape in February, I began cooking-up bigger and better projects for the future. Sure, none of them are finished yet, but I blame that on my discovering more and more reasons to sneak out of my parents basement…until I realised that my parents never actually had a basement, which raised a whole other range of difficult questions, one of which being the fact that I clearly don’t live with my parents…

Rap deaths continued to be a disturbing trend, as Apache was taken from us without ever having his complete story told, while Markey Fresh, Rammelzee and Killa Sha all departed this earthly realm before their time as well. As for the tragedy of the GURU situation, the fuckery surrounding the passing of the great man was easily the lowest point of the year.

What about the numbers, you ask? Turns out that the six most read posts on Unkut last year were:

6. Rick Rubin – The Man. The Myth

5. Lord Finesse Selling His SP-1200

4. How Can Nas Be Garbage?

3. Ironlak Presents: Counter Strike – The Unkut Dot Com Mixtape

2. Roc Marciano – Marcberg Album Review

1. What Is Rap’s Greatest Catch Phrase? – Round 1

Yeah, an effin’ poll took the number one honors last year. Go figure. Polls sort of became a gift and a curse in 2010 as I flew too close to the sun in attempting to determine the Greatest Rap Remix of All-Time, as ‘Shook Ones, Pt. II’ controversially took the crown in a series that ran for way too long and wore out it’s welcome quicker than I had anticipated.

There were some good times, of course, as I finally had chance to speak with the legendary Tragedy Khadafi and was kept thoroughly entertained by Grand Daddy I.U., not to mention a few gems that never made it out the vault last year. I also got involved in a few amusing Twitter conflicts/debates as a result of my thoughts on Eminem and my Top 50 Queensbridge Rap Songs pieces (shout out to Just Blaze and the Eminem Stan Club).

It’s also worth noting all the rappers out there who I managed to avoid listening to at all, despite their popularity at just about every other blog out there. It could be said that the most difficult part of being a Conservative Rap Coalition member is all the stuff you have to ignore. I’m sure I “slept-on” all kinds of bullshucks in 2010, but I refuse to feel guilty in any shape or form. Maintaining a narrow state of mind is not for the weak, the meek nor the mild, and requires the descipline of a Shaolin monk to stay truly focused on only the most non-progressive examples of that raw rap shit. Keep your mind closed in 2011.

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Comment by dlp 01.03.11 @

So it seems they didn’t manage to put out that Killa Sha album by the time of his 1st anniversary…?
Oh, Meyhem Lauren’s and J-Love’s tracklists are available at J-LoveOnline.com – both albums are double discs with massive 40+ tracks with pretty impressive producer/feature credits

Comment by Blanco 01.03.11 @

Yo I feel you. Dont fall into that reverse word game though. Refusing to let taste dictators dictate your taste is actually resistance and openness, not closemindedness. I feel you but the sarcasm goes over peoples head still.

Comment by qbd1 01.03.11 @

I’ll make that pledge!

Comment by bboycult 01.04.11 @


Comment by donaleski 01.05.11 @

Yo what up Robbie. Happy New Year to you, Unkut and everyone on here. Stick to your gunz homie. I dont think you missed too much at all in 2010. I’m sure your aware of the type of hiphop we’re into that was out. You was just a bit busy and as you put it “Things were a bit slow”. But with some of the new things you have coming in the future, you’ll be putting people on to some dopeness. Keep up the good work with the interviews and music dude. Peace.

Comment by MalMoe 01.06.11 @

What about that Darth Vader helmet wearing kid with downs syndrome. Even 12 year olds that want beef need to be dealt with, lol.

I agree with the curse and blessing of the polls. People got bent way the hell out of shape on that one, but I still think shook ones pt ii was one of the best rap songs ever, let alone remixes of all time. I still think you should do a best lisping rappers poll and then never do another poll again cause it got old.

I totally agree with ignoring the lames trynna tell you what to listen to. Fuck that shit, we’re a conservative coalition for a reason. We don’t like it when things change for the worse. The day I listen to the bieber, kanye, raekwon song is the day I kill myself with a deagle in each hand pointed straight toward my ear drums.

Heres to hoping 2010 sees less fuckery and more good shit.

Comment by gstatty 01.06.11 @

honestly kinda lame that you hold yourself to some impossible standard.

Comment by random axe 01.07.11 @

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