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Thursday January 27th 2011,
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Did you find yourself giggling like a schoolgirl who just shot her first can of 4-Loko when news broke this week of Nas’ tax problems? Find yourself Tweeting things like ‘#naslost’ at random? Then you may be one of the millions of rap fans who have developed a deep-seated condition known as Nas Envy. Let’s face it, life in the music game was never going to be easy for the ‘verbal sniper’ when he was proclaimed as the second coming of Rakim before his debut album had dropped. Even that far back, some people considered Illmatic to be not as dope as it could have been, despite almost universal praise from the critics. It seemed that many rap fanatics were waiting for Nas to fail or take a step wrong. Were we not willing to accept that any rapper could be that great? When he returned to the scene with It Was Written, it was painfully obvious that Nas had taken the modest sales of his first born project to heart, and as a result he recruited Poke and Tone to add a little gloss to his tales from the project window and rap over an old Whodini song.

How quick the conservative hip-hop crowd was to lampoon that album. Shit, I know I did. But I also couldn’t front on songs like ‘Live Nigga Rap’ (which, I recently discovered, was originally recorded for Hell On Earth). Over the course of the next few LP’s, Nas’ reputation amongst those who had proclaimed him as the new king of this thing became more sullied. Many began to despise Nas for what they saw as taking his narrative gift for granted and whoring his verses out to songs like ‘You Owe Me’, kind of like that smart, hot girl from school who became a stripper because it was quicker than paying dues at a college. To take the comparison even further, God’s Son is not unlike that ex-girlfriend who you hook-up with every time you drink a bottle of something serious but disappears before you wake up after helping herself to the contents of your wallet…hang on, where was I? What I’m saying is, Nas will make all kinds of under-achieving music and then goes and drop ‘Made You Look’ on us from out of nowhere. That shit ain’t right! We wanted to write you off as a has-been! A bum! And then you go and drop one of the greatest rap songs ever?

Perhaps the problem is that Nasir wears his heart on his sleeve far too openly. Emotion is not something that you want to display when the streets is watching. While his best frenamy Jay-Z has all played it cool, calm and collected with no small hint of detachment, Nas throws the whole stack in on every hand. While Jay let slip that he had ‘the hottest chick in the game wearing my chain’, Nas went and made a double album about getting married. But why are we so quick to clown him at his every misfortune? Is it really so hilarious that he was ordered to pay 50k a month in child support to Kelis while S. Carter spends that much on yacht wax in a week? Maybe, but Jay never made a song as good as ‘NY State of Mind’ either, even if he is the GOAT rapper to you. Not that I’m in any position to chastise anybody in this regard – having taken numerous cheap shots at the lil’ homey over the years myself – but the fact remains that Nas is an artist first, for better or worse. He’s not a business, man. Nor is he the ultimate hustler. He was that kid who stayed up all night to tape the latest episode of In Control so he could write to the hottest beat of the week the next day at school. Jigga was the dude who paid Nas $5 for a dub of that same tape. What’s really real?

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IMO Nas is one of the illest, but he appears to be stuck at a crossroad. Lately he’s had some great and powerful concepts as albums (Hip Hop Is Dead, Nigger Album, Distant Relatives) but they always fall short of reaching what i think could be their potentials.

I dont know if its that he lacks stamina or rushes through his projects too fast or what. On the real, I wish he’d realize with that power comes great responsibility.

Comment by R.B.G. 4 Life! 01.27.11 @

Nice write-up Pancho. I chuckle @ these little peons throwing darts at Nas all day on twitter like the shit is cool. They all clowns to me.

As far as Nas goes, I suppose everybody has a different ear. To me, It Was Written was a great album. Lyrics on that album are incredible and IMO its a more complete album than Illmatic.

Comment by Maze 01.27.11 @

“Nas is an artist first, for better or worse. He’s not a business, man.”

That’s why this guy gets my respect, no matter what.

Comment by elhuana 01.27.11 @

“old Whodini song”… with an older Kurtis Blow chorus. Sure, sampling/interpolating ain’t not thing in hip hop, but come on. It’s not like he stole it (made it his own), he just borrowed it.

Nas has made some good stuff, but I hate how people make him out to be some poet in street clothes. He has never done anything worthwhile that Kool G. hasn’t done first, and probably better. To me, his voice always be the Alex P. Keaton of rap: the “smart” guy for the sitcom generation.

The Nigger Tape (mixtape) though, that was hot.

Comment by B.O 01.27.11 @

It Was Written is a great lp to go back to, purist hated it when it dropped but the shit is a classic.

Nas gets a lot of hate, some of it deserved, but some it isn’t.

He will always have the potential to drope some heat.

Comment by silent minority 01.27.11 @

Nas never got as much hate as Jay does. For every one person that hates Nas, 10 more hate Jay. The only difference is Jay stays winning. He’s still the best emcee at 40+. How can you really hate that. Nas drops doodoo albums. Illmatic is his best and It Was Written is one of my personal favorites. Other than that, there’s a few songs here and there with a whole lot of filler. I haven’t even heard the last 2 albums from him. He’s irrelevant and boring that’s all.

Comment by kaybee 01.27.11 @

Nas couldn’t pick a slamming beat to save his life.
That’s his problem.

Sometimes he gets thrown a heat rock, and then his lyrical ability shines.
But the most of his beats are garbage.

Jay knows exactly what he’s doing, whether it’s So Ghetto or Dirt Off Your Shoulder. That’s why he stays winning.

Comment by jns 01.27.11 @

“It Was Written was a great album. Lyrics on that album are incredible and IMO its a more complete album than Illmatic.”



Comment by hl 01.27.11 @

Most of the comments and thoughts on Nas in general read like “Fuck Nas, Fuck Nas, Fuck Nas, that one album/song was tight though, oh yeah Fuck Nas.” I personally think its old and played out, I don’t give a shit about your personal life if you are a rapper, unless that changes your rhymes for the better. Imo Nas stays winning, even when he’s losing he’s winning. If he drops a shit album, there will still be at least one banger on there.

I’d love to see a Movie like Trading Places only with Nas as the broke ass Eddie Murphy character and Jay-Z as the Dan Aykroyd character.

Comment by gstatty 01.27.11 @

I dont care nas is my favorite rapper of all time robbie brings up wise points. Hes just not good at choosing beats for himself. Nas has one of the best discographies of any rapper just compare it to krs-one, rakim, jayz biggie and etc. Illmatic, it was writtem, iam, stilmatic,gods son, hip hop is dead, the lost tapes, the firm album i even liked his last untitled album. yea he underachieved but just imagine if he did overachieve.(not saying if it matters, just alking out of my ass)lol

Comment by dmitry aka brooklyn jew 01.27.11 @


Comment by dmitry aka brooklyn jew 01.27.11 @

If we judge Nas for his lyrical ability he’s one of the top five rappers of all time. If we judge him for his artistic integrity he falls way low on the chart. I am sorry but when you have the skills and the mind to make hip-hop classics such as the whole Illmatic album, Nas Is Like, Made You Look, I Gave You Power and so forth you cannot be excused for all the played out R&B/poppish/wack beats you chose for the rest of your catalog. But still hip-hop wise, Nas is better than Jay-Z whose albums after Reasonable Doubt are all chart-oriented and of questionable overall quality.

Comment by ceedub 01.27.11 @

nas is dead to me. he died sometime after the lost tapes.

Comment by iLLa 01.27.11 @

I believe Nas owes me money for the “Nastradamus” CD and “Streets Disciple” could have been pared down to an EP. Every guest verse leading up to “Illmatic” was like a glimpse at potential greatness and then it was like he ran out of gas. “It Was Written” was a great album after that every following album had only to 3-5 good songs on it. Jay said it best, “you had a spark when you started now your just….”

Comment by Brooklyn 'Lo 01.27.11 @

Nas is one of the best to ever do it.It’s about lyrical content so to me he never left,jay got albums with a bunch of bullshit on it,but he’s still a dope mc.You mean to tell me “I Am”,”Stilmatic”,”Godson” did not have fly shit on there? Fuckouttahere!

Comment by tony 01.27.11 @

u know you ill when complete nobdys who have “nas envy” always find time to critic your shit!
nas fell off yeeeears ago etc etc etc but here we are yeeeears later still having this discussion!
Face it Nas was ALWAYS ahead of the curve even if he couldnt perfect it…
from lyrics to concepts nas makes your favorite MCs nervous…
Nas is the proverbial “rock in your shoe” and always will be or he would have BEEN fell off and we would be having a “what happened to Nas?” convo instead! Ok if Nas is somehow overrated, or lame or done or WHATEVER…whos takin his place then? why are we having this convo? who would YOU rather then? riiiight…
My thing is let that nigga be what he is, an ill lyricist and KIM…
alright he having tax troubles, its the fuckin IRS, you on their side now? baby mama issues bad beats WHATEVER…he still better than these average ass niggas and you know it! Nas C game consist of a bad beat with a message and thats STILL better than niggas best shit! fuck the buisness side, thats why the genres stuck now, everybody wanna be puffy and watch “numbers”! Nobody else tears down their own like we do. Im just sayin man…

Comment by QUNYC 01.27.11 @

nas dont rhyme over tight production becuase he knows that rhyming over wack shit makes him lots of money…no one cares about real hip hop anymore…all you need is a 10.00 casio keyboard from radio shack and lay down some wack rhymes over a simple simon beat and youll make lots of money…

Comment by T.S. 01.27.11 @



Comment by QUITDABS 01.27.11 @

His only problem is choice of consistency and quality of production. Has been for years. Until that changes we’re just talking the same shit we have been talking about Nas for years.

But Nas put himself in the position to be Jay’s son by signing with Def Jam which in effect made Nas Jay’s worker. Why would he do that to himself when he could have got just as much money elsewhere? There’s some psychological shit here that I am unqualified to diagnose but it wold appear Nas subliminally enjoys his own doom/embarrassment/shame/failure.

Because if he had left it at just Ether – even if Stillmatic wasn’t as good as Blueprint – then the consensus was Nas won. But for some reason Nas felt compelled to kneel and kiss Jay’s ring.

With that said I really do hope Lost Tapes 2 comes out! Ha!

Comment by bctw 01.27.11 @

Then you may be one of the millions of rap fans who have developed a deep-seated condition known as Nas Envy.



When I politkin with my mans Jungle the other day, he was sayin the same thing.

And don’t get it twisted, God’s Son is doin fine. When I was at the carwash cleanin Mr. Busta’s rented Maybach the other day, Jungle pulled up in his own Mercedez CLS or some shit. Believe that!! Nas treats his weed carriers like that…Bought the kid his own car!! Yeah I know hes is blood& all, but Jungle said even Horse got a BMW or some shit. Mr. Busta never bought me shit like that. The most I ever got was some Flipmode Jacket…and that was 4 years ago b…Word bond.

But Nas > Jay.

Comment by Spliff Star 01.27.11 @

nas is good – maybe great, only time will tell. he made a classic album, one. the same as Rakim, one classic. it seems like too much to ask for more than that when you look at what others have achieved. doesn’t mean I will cop his latest but he gets respect as an artist. I could care less about the personal shit.

Comment by mcs 01.27.11 @

“the same as Rakim, one classic”

Rakim only made one classic?? thats absurd.

Comment by Dialect 01.27.11 @

Illmatic = GOAT Mini LP

Comment by Eastern_Digital 01.27.11 @

Nas is irrelevant in 2011.

Comment by End Level Boss 01.27.11 @

All he needs to do is get the Professor, Pete & Preemo into a studio for a bit.

Comment by LuckenbachTX 01.27.11 @

Hey Robbie, how did you find out about Live Nigga Rap originally being from Hell on Earth? Robbie my man you’re being a bit harsh towards It Was Written that joint has dope cuts like I Gave you Power, The Message, Take it in Blood, The Setup and even If I Ruled the World. Admit you’re being a bit hasty:)

Comment by blake 01.27.11 @

^ It’s on the advance promo tape for ‘Hell On Earth’.

Comment by Robbie 01.27.11 @

Just read this and I agree with people saying Nas should pick better beats, true story- I was in Fatbeats shortly after ‘It was written’ was dropped, and overheard Evil Dee saying he had sent Nas a bunch of beats for that album and he didnt use them. To this day I wonder what that collab would have sounded like. It was written was like 35% good, that Tone N Poke stuff didn’t really work for me then but it did grow on me a little.

Comment by nes 01.27.11 @

People seem to hate IWW because the production was clean compared to the dirty sounding IM.

Comment by Thomas 01.27.11 @

I wonder why Nas never hooked up with EZ Elpee, or used LES more, etc etc. That’s some puzzling shit.

Is there a version of Take It In Blood 2/alternate version without Dj Envy or whoever shouting all over it? Put that on Lost Tapes 2 and I’d buy it day one but somehow I doubt it’ll happen.

Comment by silent minority 01.28.11 @

I saw an old Zulu Nation record the other day that had Olu Dara, Nas’ pops listed on it. Reminded me that Nas was born to do this, but it seems like he is spoiled for that very reason-like he bought into his own hype after Illmatic.
The fact is that he not only has bad taste in beats, he has bad business sense, wack style (leather doo rags?), and is a questionable judge of character (kelis, Ginuine, Jay, Damian Marley).
He definitely wears his heart on his sleeve, but that seems to be one of his strengths as an MC (NY State of Mind, One Love etc). I also give him credit for trying to kick some knowledge and uplift his people, whereas Jay’s ENTIRE career is built on his bullshit hustler fantasy.
Whereas Nas carries on the Ra lineage, Jay carries on the Kane lineage. That being said, its kind of hard to feel bad for Gnoz cause its his decisions that led to where he is-and Jay’s to where he is (likely in Davos right now).

Comment by keatso 01.28.11 @

Nas is still that nigga slammin Mc’s on cement!! Robbie I’m still waiting for your interview with Nas, I wanna see what kind of shit your gonna ask him.

Comment by marc davis 01.28.11 @

Yo when Nas drops that LP with preemo….
Escobar season has returned!

Comment by Lumba 01.28.11 @

the thing is nas’ shit is always under a fucking microscope, over analyzed n nit picked. I mean didnt i see a whole piece on picking out the ”best” songs off nas’ lp’s on here somewhere? If only u did the same to jay-z, we’ll see how much ”classics” ahem! I mean horrible shit like hola hovito, me n my girlfriend, change clothes, i know what girls like track wit lil kim, lmao. I mean cmon on empire state of mind lyrics was wack over a super hot beat & alicia keyes. Maybe Jay-z dick riders must bob they head n tune out his voice cuz his shit is just as bad as nas’ bad shit and his best is just as good as nas’ best too. Fuck son, no rapper is perfect. They aint gonna drop classic albums everytime they drop. And U can say that for ANY genre of music. U mean too tell me for how long the rolling stones have been around all they shit is classic? Stop the over analytical bullshit n enjoy this shit. That dude who posted earlier was right. ”no one tears us down like we do”.

Comment by delivery_bwoy 01.28.11 @

Very good comments made by just about everyone on here. I personally like nas and respect his ablility as an emcee. But I always felt like he was given just a bit too much hoorah. There’s so many others out there that’s past him in the the underground and overground. Dude is a legend and that should be good enuf for anyone to be put on that level. Incosistent or not.

Comment by MalMoe 01.28.11 @

I was gonna come in here and say “Oh look. Robbie made another anti-Nas article” but this isnt nearly as bad as a I thought.

That said, “millions” of people dont “hate” Nas. People need to stop looking at #naslost twitter trends and a few people on the SOHH and AHH boards as a reflection of everyone’s feeling. Generally speaking when people mention or talk about Nas he’s considered one of the more respected cats in rap and still very much beloved. But does that mean heis popularity is palpable like it was during the Stillmatic/God Son years? Nope. But I would argue his decline in interest has as much to do with his visibility on mainstream outlets and a general losing interest in pure hip hop as it does his “rushed” albums and so called weak production. If you compare him to say Jay-Z or perhaps 50 cent or whover is the one or two hot rapper at the moment, his success and albums may pale . But if you compare him to other MCs in other regions or other NY street rappers, his longevity and success both commerically and quality wise exceeds those other cats.
Maybe he could be more organized with his album and beat selection….but you could say that about every rapper in recent times. All in all I personally feel he still drops solid 3.75-4 mic albums. And something needs to be said about a cat that from 1994-2008 was always in the spotlight and within the conversation with rap fans charting albums at the number 1, getting gold and plat plaques and being an award nominee. Even now in his declined and mocked state he’s still touring overseas in arenas and is putting together documentaries and shows like Rock the Bells.

In short, we exaggerate his “losses” and overscrutinized him for years and years and dont appreciate what he does. Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at the people he’s outlasted.

Comment by prophecy_projectz 01.28.11 @

I don’t give two shits about Nas’ personal life. It seems like that’s what most people are concerned with these days. Bunch of gossiping little bitches most of you so-called critics are. Stick to the fucking music.

Comment by clubba lang 01.28.11 @

well said….well said

Comment by Jason 01.28.11 @

true dat.

Comment by chuk 01.28.11 @

@ Silent Minority – http://forums.projectcovo.com/showthread.php?p=1112213861 There should be a link in here to a mixtape with the clean version of the alternate Take it in Blood version. Normally, I’d just upload my file, but I’m feeling extra lazy to grab the external drive.

Oh, and before anything else, I think Spliff Star has already cliamed commenter of the year honors!

On the topic:

1. Perhaps the biggest travesty about Nas’s whole career is that the discussion has been poisoned so that we can’t talk about Nas without talking about Jay-Z. Nas’s legacy stands on its own, not as some foil, rival, or on-and-off teammate to Jay-Z. Nas has certainly done more than enough to warrant the hip hop community judge his work on its own merits, so let’s try to do that. We, um, owe him back at least that much.

2. At his best, Nas is as good as anybody who has ever done this. It’s a fucked up dynamic because his greatness creates expectations that he can’t always meet, and when he falls short, he’s slammed for it. But, those expectations only exist because he’s shown us his peak before. That’s a recipe for the public to always think you’re losing, even if you aren’t.

3. Nas is an artist. Often, his failures are due to him trying to create, to take a risk. That’s how art moves forward and evolves for the better. That’s one of the biggest reason rap is in a shitty state right now – not enough people trying to innovate. Not all failures are equal. If you judge Nas solely from the standpoint of you being a consumer, you miss a lot. You have to also learn to appreciate transcendent artists from the perspective of an active participant and stakeholder in the culture.

Comment by digglahhh 01.28.11 @

Nobody in Hip-Hop ever had a “most anticipated” album than Illmatic. That album got pushed back so many times and still held the same weight when it was released. Nas has alot of great songs on horrible beats, that may be one of the reasons he is not as popular on the charts. but as an “MC’ the kid is top 5 dead or alive. Its impossible for him to stay the same Mc we all know in Illmatic, He had to make changes to stay with time, something Rakim never did. No disrespect to the Great One, but he did not change with time. Its good to love to win, but better to hate to lose. theres only one Nas, and about a 1,000 U’s. The greatest ever.

Comment by chino28 01.28.11 @

In all honesty Nas made at least 3 classic albums, and is a completely different rapper than Jay. Jay is my favorite rapper, but we (his fans) laud him for not spitting his best all the time. When hes spits it as good as he can, everybody goes crazy, but we also accept the mediocre songs. It is a great business concept, which is why Jay will always be a business, man and nas will be the struggling artist

Comment by Grant B. 01.28.11 @

I think it’s the fact that sometimes Nas feels like wasted talent. He can drop some shit like Illmatic or just do a verse on a joint and do just enough to convince you that he still could be that dude. And then he does something like Nastrodamus and you want to slap the shit out of him. “Nothing in the world sadder than wasted talent.” By the way, B.O- nice Alex Keaton reference

Comment by BIGSPICE 01.29.11 @

digglahh, thanks for that, but I already have that version-it’s the lp version (first verse) edited in to the mixtape version with the dj edited out.

Comment by silent minority 01.29.11 @

if you think the nas and premier album is gonna come out then you are living in a dream world…another one that will be lost in the galaxy of albums that will never come out..

Comment by CERTIFIED HATER 01.29.11 @

My bad, Silent Minority, for some reason I thought that version was clean. Most of the rare joints on that mixtape are without the DJ drops, so I sort assumed that was clean too, but I just listened to it and lo and behold it isn’t. So, in that case, I’m on the hunt just like you.

Comment by digglahhh 01.29.11 @

digglahhh-it’s cool, I appreciated you trying to hook up a clean version.

When I find out what mixtape it was on I’ll pick it up if possible just for a better quality version, even with the dj shouts.

That shit NEEDS to be on Lost Tapes 2, but probably won’t.

Comment by silent minority 01.30.11 @

nas’ cowardice knows no bounds. make the primo album already faggit

Comment by marcel 01.30.11 @

Why ppl hate on nas so much illmatic was hot but it was written was better everybody always talk about the production that was the best production he had and imo live nigga rap was the weakest track out of the 14 and that was a banger it seems like ppl want him to make songs like what’s on illmatic what they don’t realize is that shit won’t work and he would have been finish like somebody said he changed with time unlike rakimk,his mentor kool g and his man AZ nas did good here it is 2011 20yrs since live at bbq and we still talkin about nas and ppl making fun of his tax problems super hip pop producer swizz beats got irs troubles to nas aint the only one all I say is does nas still live in qb no so he doing better then when he started

Comment by bkman 01.31.11 @

Robbie, that Mobb Deep – Hell on Earth advance tape – what are the other songs on that? It’s interesting, cause that promo tape must have been given to radio and magazines pre-july ’96, when It Was Writtn dropped. I would like to know which Hell on Earth songs were already recorded by summer 1996 (or meven earlier? Depends on when that promo tape came out).

Comment by scjoha 01.31.11 @

**even** earlier, sorry for the typo

Comment by scjoha 01.31.11 @

Funny…didn’t we have this discussion with the “How Can Nas Be Garbage?” post a while back? Question: is anybody analyzing and overexamining the catalogs and careers of Buckshot, OC, Jeru the Damaja, AZ, anybody in the Wu, Biggie and dare I mention one Shawn Carter? Didn’t think so. To all members of NAS’ anti-fan club? How many classic albums does YOUR favorite MC have? Did YOUR favorite MC come in the game and change the way everyone wanted to rhyme? Finally, is anyone still talkin’ about YOUR favorite MC almost 17 years after his debut album and 20 years after his debut on a song? For the rest of my thoughts on this, refer to my coments in the “…Nas Be Garbage?” post

BTW co-sign QUNYC and Digglahh.

Comment by oskamadison 01.31.11 @

Sorry, nobody is more ‘overexamined’ than one Shawn Carter. Nobody in the history of hiphop/rap music. Most hated EVER. So quit crying, Nas isn’t Illmatic anymore. He makes shitty music. It is what it is. And the only time I really read anything about Nas anymore, it’s here.
Did MY favorite MC change the way everyone wanted to rhyme? Yep. Made everyone stop wearing jerseys too, among many other things. Is MY favorite MC still the best and still killing the game just like he promised in ’96? Yep.
Jay Z > Nas

Comment by kaybee 01.31.11 @

In my opinion comparitively speaking AZ’s catalog is relatively consistent in comparison to Nas and Jay. That being said, Nas may be as good as anybody’s favorite m.c./rapper but if you listen to the music he is far less consistent. It’s not hate it’s just poor quality control. For every “Made You Look”, “Nas Is Like”, “2nd Childhood”, or “The Message” there is a “You Owe Me”, “Braveheart Party”, “Dance In Heaven”, and “Nastradamus”. I still buy music, I have every release and re-release; it’s just that some of the music is painful to listen to considering the potential of the artist in question. “You’re a Big Girl Now” or whatever it’s called was/is horrible, period, end of story. A great artist that produces less than 50/50 results.

Comment by Brooklyn 'Lo 01.31.11 @

Realest shit I ever read!

Comment by PurpleKushY 01.31.11 @

History doesn’t remember batting averages. It only remembers the home runs. Who cares if he bricks from time to time? Fifty years from now we’ll still be talking about Illmatic.

Comment by Crimson 01.31.11 @

this is definitely a debate for the ages…
my 2 cents:
nas brought the eternal jz comparisons upon himself. not cuz of the battle, but cuz of what he did afterwards. when you battle someone, win or lose, it becomes part of your story, e.g. when talking about llcoolj, at some point koolmoedee, canibus, etc. will be mentioned. thats just how it goes. fine. but why sign to jz? not only that, but the jz issue becomes magnified when you see jz doing soooo much more careerwise with soooo much less talentwise…add that to the fact that we are now in the age of the internets, which has brought us all here to discuss this. hiphop pretty much lives online now whether you like it or not, so his personal bullshit will be taken into account and failing to accept that reality is simply pointless…stating the obvious fact that the 90s are over is probably pointless on this site as well, but that doesnt make it any less true…what else can you call someone who keeps losing besides a loser? it is what it is. when someone with that much potential makes so many goddamned horrible decisions, people will talk about him and it will affect the way they see him, period. that’s simple human nature and you can’t change that. also, i think that the other thing that frustrates nas fans is his demeanor…he always comes off as oblivious, ignorant, or high and does not give a fuck what we think…if he did he would not make the artistic and personal choices that he does. seemingly without a care in the world, he goes out and makes decisions all his fans hate no verse on ob4cl2 accompanied with a stupid excuse, followed by an attempt to make up for it on svwt? too little too late, asshole…the whole point was that we wanted you to follow up a classic verse on a classic album on said album’s sequel!…nas and damian marley? no! how about nas and premo, gotdamnit!! he makes you want to shake his dumb ass, for real. pause. btw, that trading places comment was genius. that’s something i could picture rolling up and watching…i would like dave chappelle to write the script and have some kinda role in it like it was one of his sketches.

Comment by daboroboy 02.01.11 @

Kaybee, I see you…
Before this turns into some Nas vs. Hov argument (damn, already has, always does), understand that both Nas and Hov are in my top 5 and I mad respect for both equally. The difference between Hov hate and Nas hate from what I’ve seen is Hov hate comes from snotnosed kids who believe Lil Wayne is the greatest and Nas hate comes from older cats who should know better. Hov gets all the “Illuminati” this and “Camel” that hate. Some may hate on the music but dude’s body of work don’t get anywhere near the scrutiny of Nas’ work. I haven’t heard not one person comparing Blueprint 3 to Reasonable Doubt (which ain’t even his best joint. That would be American Gangster, imo). Everything Nas has done since Illmatic has been picked apart, put back together and picked apart again. Hov may have made dudes want to step their mainstream/business/floss game up but Nas made cats want to be better MC’s. Hov made dudes quit wearing jerseys…OK…and? Like I said, I respect both dudes’ spit games but if forced to choose, even with his missteps, even with his questionable beat selection, I’m runnin’ with Nas.

Comment by oskamadison 02.02.11 @

For every “Made You Look”, we get Distant Relatives and Untitled. That’s a 1 hot song, every…well you know the rest. But Nas isn’t even relevant to the young dudes. They in fact say: “He’s wack”. So it’s hard to stand up for him when he releases a Damian Marley co-venture. I find myself mentioning Nas Is Like to defend him, and I’m tired of it.

Comment by willaimmholla 02.02.11 @

In Russia we say something like “don’t ask the good from the good”.
So, respect man for great songs/albums that he did and stop semi-hate him for not being whom somebody want him to be.

Comment by andrewfrumrussia 02.07.11 @

plus what yall think bout this?
i think this looks like Nasirs childdreams come true lol

Comment by andrewfrumrussia 02.07.11 @

Nas could careles about you haters…get a life! The detroit News paper report on Nas’ tax problems is what got you laughing? The funny thing is a true hater will believe anything written aabout a person they envy. Nas is LOL @ you fools! Like he said on the song Victory “How enormous Nas’ pockets is a pop quizz for gossipers.” You haters are the clowns and losers!

Comment by stop the hate 02.22.11 @

^^ Yo Nasir keep ur head up, kid *Pause*

Comment by QUITDABS 02.22.11 @

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