Fish ‘N Grits – The Greatest Rap Magazine Ever?

The mystery man himself…

The idea of seeing you’re favorite rapper posing next to a naked pr0n model seemed like a good idea at the time, but it seems that the mighty Fish ‘N Grits magazine founded by DJ/producer/rapper Joe Fatal ran out of steam after around six issues. Thanks to the archives of Dallas Penn, I’m able to bring you some of the less explicit photos from an issue of this pioneering smut book. Check below for some not exactly safe for work pictorial goodness….

Is this what T.I. and Tiny were up to that night they got done with a car load of weed and E pills?

Business as usual for Uncle Luke.

David Banner thankfully kept his shirt on for most of this shoot.

TIP enjoys some simulated brain.

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  2. Whut up! I got a fish n grits magazine with method man on the cover. y’all remember “Black Gold” magazine also. I think I got 2 issues of those? Not open either.

  3. Jesus christ what a bunch of cr@p no wonder people bitch off RAP music..

  4. WTF? I’m into naked girls, but not like that. That’s like some weird Stan shit to me. Gay to the fullest. DJ Green Hornet has a subscription though, so I guess it’s cool?

  5. I had 1 or 2 of these back in the days.. I know there was one with Lacey Duvalle and either Fat Joe or Lloyd Banks on the cover. I musta scooped these at Fat Beats or something. Can’t really remember. I know I didn’t pay for em.

  6. I never really quite grasped the idea of throwing porn or pseudo-porn into everything, especially things that are internet-based. I don’t come the graffiti message board or the sneaker release date website to see pussy – I’m already on the internet, and know full well where to go when I seeking porn. When you have a magazine or something with a featured eye candy section, I can buy that, but a hot naked chick in foamposites is actually less than the sum of its parts.

  7. I missed these when they dropped as didnt expect it to last long.
    @ DJ Green HORNET aka R@$#0D. I remember “Black Gold” I wrote to the publisher way back when and had all issues when I moved lost em all. Shit R Kellys boo – Strings (Tongue Song fame) did a spread with her phatty and tattas and all dat!!

  8. aint yo’l got something else to do exapt talking about this shit? sounds like f****** 5 year olds.. T.I is the shit, mater or fact not like hes posing with a guy haha.. and F@*# what them ladeys gata say to that.. peace.. trigga_BEE ALWAY FROM S.A

  9. i’d rather just see the naked women on their own then these half assed wak rappers