The Unkut NY Invasion Commences Soon…
Thursday January 20th 2011,
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It was bound to happen eventually. As I approach seven years of wasted youth as rap blogger dude, I’ve decided that it might be time to escape from the basement for a stretch and take it to the streets, as the Doobie Brothers once harmonized. That’s right, I shall be packing-up my cardboard box of old rap magazines and start sleeping somewhere under a bridge in Queens sometime this April. For any irate Weed Carriers out there, now you’ll finally have the chance to punch me in the face if you think that will somehow make the awful reality of your career decision suddenly vanish in a puff of indo smoke. It will also offer me the chance to drink 4-Loko at will, meet the four girls who follow me on Twitter face-to-face and eat some effed-up burgers with the Internets Celebrities. Hopefully it will also allow me to make amends for the wrongs I committed against the group known as M.O.P. when they were last in my town.

Since I have no intention of holding any type of honest employment during my stay in the Rotten Apple, I shall do the next best thing and proceed to whore-out whatever good-will I may have generated over the last seven years through my combination of tireless dope interviews and not-so-dope Polls about remixes. I may also force myself to finish the Best Of Unkut book which I started six months ago…but I digress. Since what little pride I’ve managed to hang on to prevents me from asking for hand-outs of any kind, I shall be raising funds for this expedition in a number of thinly-veiled ways. The question is, what, if anything, would you consider worthy of shelling out duckets for?

What Unkut Crap Should I Make?

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You can answer more than once, or you can just comment “eff you, pay me!” below.

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CRC hoodie…

Comment by pig_bodine 01.20.11 @

I say the book and a CRC grey crewneck sweatshirt…with white font on the front. If you don’t, I will have to do it. Everyone got a shirt these days…but if you do that, make sure you pack a shit load of mediums and larges…I still have XL’s (surprisingly) and Smalls of our Killa Tape tee (cross promotion status).

Peace fams…hit me once you’re in NYC, I may be moving back to the Q-Boro myself.

Comment by Geng-Grizzly 01.20.11 @

ain’t to many east coast elitists out here any more. amazing how little respect we have for our homegrown artists. there’s still a couple of us bumping firing squad like it dropped yesterday tho. enjoy your time out here robbie

Comment by BK 01.20.11 @

no real four loco in ny anymore, unless you got some smokey and the bandit steez

Comment by wdre 01.20.11 @

I hope you’re serious about that book

Comment by brad 01.20.11 @

Unkut big bud

Comment by tareq 01.20.11 @

unkut dope..

Comment by jaypea 01.20.11 @

All the t-shirts and hoodies get a vote…but Reel to Reel (Yes, Puba)… Eff you, pay ME!

Comment by bboycult 01.20.11 @

I would buy a hard copy CD of that mixtape you had – “Counterstrike” ?
Compilation style – not mixed together, thanks

Comment by Blanco 01.20.11 @

WHAAAAA!!!! You mean you’re not from NY!!! GTFOH! My dude…I swore you were blogging from somewhere within the 5 Boros

But on the real, I’d pay for a UnKut.Com Tee if it was crisp and official looking.

Comment by BKThoroughbred 01.20.11 @

^^ Melbourne, Australia, thank god we have him here as there is not much else hip hop related worth mentioning from here.

I would buy an tee

Comment by Jesse 01.20.11 @


Comment by QUITDABS 01.20.11 @

CRC shirts or Unkut booze. Also, I would suggest postponing your trip maybe a month or so. NY seems to have a higher concentration of Hip Hop shows when it is the height of summer. Plus the girls wear less.

Comment by Bang the Basehead 01.20.11 @

Some exclusive, rare joints bootlegged on purple wax should come with a t-shirt.
Stay close to your enemies! ha

Comment by PetePablo 01.20.11 @

Make sure to come during your winter, that way it’ll be summer in the city. If this happens during the BYOBBQ I may have to man up and get some feds together to come out and parlay with the kid. The book, unkut tshirt and crc hoodie with requisite image of the crc 40 oz w/butler would be proper.

Comment by gstatty 01.20.11 @

Yo Robbie, come to Flatbush.

Soon as I finish washin Busta’s rented Maybach, imma find you and fuck you up.

Imma gonna hit Memp up on the Jack so he can head down after he finishes picking up Mrs. Carters dry cleanin.

Comment by Spliff Star 01.20.11 @

^ Comment of the Week.

Comment by Robbie 01.20.11 @

Def the book and the booze. You should somehow combine the two. Come to NY in the summer cause the girls are unreal

Comment by BIGSPICE 01.21.11 @

Can we assume you will be stopping by the PJs on your whirlwind tour?

Comment by keatso 01.21.11 @

What the fuck? I thought you was from Elmhurst or some shit…?

Comment by D-Bo 01.21.11 @

I’d like the book but I voted for the beer…and it has to come in only 40oz. bottles. Chea!!!!!

Comment by oskamadison 01.21.11 @

East-Coast Etitest t-shirts/hoods – can i design it?

Comment by public school whitey 01.21.11 @

Make a compilation album and press it on vinyl. I’d buy that shit.
If that 40 oz mix was on wax I would have bought it too.

Comment by EN 01.22.11 @

unkut tee with counterstrike hard copy

bring on the book!

Comment by chubz 01.22.11 @

gyea, NYC, aint no other city like it, and i’ve been all over. you’ll love it, what you’ll really enjoy is running into these broke ass big ballin rappers on the subway. you should write about that.

Comment by niggist from brooklyn 01.22.11 @

Let’s got with the Book my dude. And let me know a good couple of weeks before you touch down in NY. I’mma make some plans to get there to check you out. I’ll even bring a couple of dudes and some dutches.

Comment by MalMoe 01.23.11 @

Along as the shirts/hoodies aren’t cheesy and cheap looking, I’d consider copping. Book would probably get copped too.

Comment by digglahhh 01.23.11 @

you should do unkut pagers and blunt skins

Comment by DJ Wax On 01.24.11 @

What the fuck? I thought you was from Elmhurst or some shit…?
anyone from NY should appreciate that comment. hilarious.come during the summer man, it’s colder than aldo chilly cello right now. your interviews are worth a book. but you won’t have to pay for anything out here, i’m sure.

Comment by matt 01.24.11 @

I’ll def buy a couple copies of the book. As a grown man holding on to 90’s rap I need that shit on my coffee table to balance out all the grown woman candles the wife displays.

Comment by Fishscale 01.25.11 @

Co-Sign Fishscale 110%

I also need an Unkut book to bring the balance back into my living room!

Comment by Crisis 01.25.11 @

Yo Robbie,
Ghetto Vader is gonna Punch u in da FACE.
be ready ,if i was u watch ur back in NYC.
am not a Fan ,u gonna get it as soon as u enter from JFK airport i will be there,,,Ghetto Vader

Comment by Ghetto Vader 01.26.11 @

^ Look forward to it, tough guy.

Comment by Robbie 01.26.11 @

Robbie, be careful, he talks in the 3rd person.

Comment by BIGSPICE 01.26.11 @

Dont worry Robbie, we got our people in the cargo building that will take care of Ghetto Vader. Guy R Brewer Blvd baggage handlers stand up.

Comment by keatso 01.27.11 @

Hasn’t ‘ghettovader’ made the same ridiculous threat on another post before? Lol… a name like ‘ghettovader’ just conjours up thoughts of a Kool Keith / Comic Book Guy (simpsons) hybrid who spends all his spare time in a darkened room listening to Non Phoenix and devising plans to attack (presumably with a light saber purchased from Toys R Us) people he has never met over a disagreement that never happened….. I atleast hope he keeps posting here as it breaks up the monotomy of civilized conversation making us all look much smarter than we probably are =)

Comment by Crisis 01.27.11 @

Non Phixion***

Comment by Crisis 01.27.11 @

Knowledge Wisdom Overstanding
got melanin. you aint got no protecting out here I run this City… Ransom if u wanna have a Safe trip.
any nigga want it… Ghetto Vader gonna bring the RUCKUS

Comment by Ghetto Vader 01.28.11 @

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