Video: J-Love feat. Action Bronson, Jay Steele, & Take It-Marijuanathon
Tuesday January 11th 2011,
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New serving from The Outdoorsmen, as they pledge allegiance to that smoke over a Beatnuts track.

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What’s with the goofy middle-aged white dude using the N word?!

Comment by Ross 01.11.11 @

Was just about to post that, Ross. Very suspect.

Nice song, though. Action Bronson and the beat stand out the most.

Comment by jack in the box 01.11.11 @

Nice track

Comment by Jp 01.11.11 @

whats with the “N word” police posting on here?

Comment by JP 01.11.11 @

Light It Up!

Comment by FACTUAL 01.11.11 @


Comment by QUITDABS 01.11.11 @

Cosign QUITDABS, someone tell J Love to talk with his hands instead, lyrics got neither flow or info to dig.

Comment by PAS 01.11.11 @

That dude is in the shirtless team hug for wackest dj’s on the mic ever. Gotta stop.

Comment by A'Peks 01.11.11 @

I’d sign a petition to get that dude to hang it up. J-love, ya wack, don’t care who cosigns ya.

Comment by Sam 01.12.11 @

Maybe he’s from Puerto Rico. Dont these rappers get a pass?

Comment by PetePablo 01.12.11 @

J-Love is a great mixtape DJ; he’s not a good rapper. Dude, no disrespect, just stick to what you’re good at. I can’t hate you for trying, but you’ve tried and the community of fans has spoken just about unanimously. Go gracefully and resume your normal role and everybody will be happy and forgiving, aight. Trying to be diplomatic here.

Look, Action Bronson is a star. You can tell just by how he owns all those shots on the strength of weird, unique things. The fork in the ear, WTF – it doesn’t matter, it’s funny cuz dude has natural charisma and he can rhyme.

Everybody else on the track, not so much. Seriously, was that one dude rocking a soulpatch and a slim fitting black turtle neck?

Comment by digglahhh 01.12.11 @


Comment by QUITDABS 01.13.11 @

I love J’s role in supporting real hip-hop, and he has had some nice verses like on his solo CD “Better Your Life”. But, he was the only negative part of “Bon Appetit…Bitch”. Those stupid ass drops!!! He couldn’t have found one that didn’t say Nigga five times! Ridiculous, even more so because it’s on a white MC’s first solo offering.

Thanks for the Action Bronson tunes though Robbie, he is definitely the best thing I’ve heard in a long while and has got me passing out mixtapes like I was 15 all over again

Comment by Gunzoid 01.14.11 @

Seriously, was that one dude rocking a soulpatch and a slim fitting black turtle neck?

Plus everyone’s sitting around chatting away as though his hat is on right – someone should tell him before he goes out in public.

Comment by Ross 01.14.11 @

Are they still making songs about smoking Marijuana in 2011? Damn!

Comment by ceedub 01.15.11 @

I think those dudes fuck each other.

Comment by Thebeallendall 01.15.11 @

I wish this track came out when I was 16. Action is nice, but can’t say the same for the rest of these cats.

Comment by BIGSPICE 01.18.11 @

Just my opinion but I think that tobacco needs to ne illegal and marihauna legal. If the Unites States legalized marijuana chances are they might just end up out of the “Red” and into the “Green”.

Comment by Elvis 08.12.11 @

look at all the stupid motherfkrs on this site. ofcourse we know j-love doesn’t cut on his mixtapes but he still has lots of selection and props not to mention his flow is the illest smoked out laid back shit i have heard in years ..

as a matter of fact all the cats on this track are tight with ill lyrics like some natural elements type shit.

i have played this for multiple cats and most of them were feeling the shit out of this track but 1 stupid motherfker got pissed quick by j-love saying nigger

who gives a fk the sht is a household name who cares. niggers, sand niggers, wiggers indians all the same thing

so fk up everybody, fake ass imitations

Comment by 10.18.11 @

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