Video: Ultramagnetic Foundation feat. Fred Beanz – My Life
Sunday January 16th 2011,
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Official video for this Fred Beanz showcase off of TR and DJ Moe Love‘s Ultra Laboratory Stories. Directed by Pritt Kalsi.

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simple.but that foundation album is worth a listen.
production is nice.

Comment by swordfish 01.16.11 @

unlistenable… i still love the ultra foundation album though…

Comment by T.S. 01.16.11 @


Comment by QUITDABS 01.16.11 @

Dude isn’t really a good rapper.

Comment by jack in the box 01.17.11 @

i can’t believe i just fucking watched that. fool me once, shame on me…

Comment by kaybee 01.17.11 @

“So I gotta make it our without a doubt
So I stopped drinking liquor, started drinking Guinness Stout.”

Horrible – And, what the fuck does this even mean? Robbie – you should repent for posting this shit.

Oh, and here’s a tip for aspiring rappers not really up on drinking knowlege. Stout is a variety of beer – a dark brew similar to, and traditionally overlapping with, porters. Guinness Stout is not a brand – the brand is Guinness, the product is stout. That’s all for now.

Comment by digglahhh 01.17.11 @

Yo i know for a fact , that my dude FRED BEANZ spit that FYA ! It’s just that his homey must’ve picked the weakest footage out of the bunch and this video is not doing any justice of him showing his real skillz that’s all..

Comment by Fifty 01.17.11 @

Yo I just did an interview with the director of this video, my man Pritt Kalsi from peep it here: dope video peace out!

Comment by Waxer 01.17.11 @

Fred beanz, doesn’t write!! It’s all free style in the booth, one take and out.

Comment by marc davis 01.18.11 @

Yo the funny thing is people dont accept that moe and tr can go on a produce other artists outside of Ultramagnetic MC’s. Oh its not ultra. These guys were making music before large pro, premo and pete rock. So get used to them cats producing

Well for a fact ive ran with Fred many years and you speak the truth Mark Beanz free styled everything in one take. like when Tim did it on chorus line. its a crying shame bro, that most people dissin are those same cats who speand more time talking shit then actually doing shit.

For me the Ultra Foundation LP was the best hip hop record of 2010. I got to give props Marc for putting that out! When Keith put out his solo shit from the start know one wanted to know. same shit for these guys. Give it time.

Comment by the Biz 01.18.11 @


Comment by End Level Boss 01.18.11 @

I actually prefer off the dome rhymes to writtens, if a dude can come off the dome in a cipher, he’s winning. The Ultramag foundation album is real nice. Smfh to these young cats. This is still my favorite track off the Ultramag foundation album though. Sounds so much better on vinyl tho.

Comment by gstatty 01.18.11 @


Comment by FACTUAL 01.19.11 @

It’s nice to TR and Moe carry the Ultra torch. I have no idea WTF Ced and Keith thought they were doing on that horrible “reunion” album. Everyone wants to hear those funky dope ultra Lab style beats…and sadly Fred Beanz, failed to impress me.
No hate, this is just an unbiased critique.

Long Live That BOOM BAP shizzle…

Comment by ike_tyson 01.25.11 @

The video and beat is good, that’s real hip hop

Comment by amatullah 04.08.11 @

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