Build Your Own Rap Group With Extra Swag
Friday February 18th 2011,
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Not really, though.

Comment by Thun 02.18.11 @

wow i’ve always wanted a pet monkey, preferably not one that humps my back though

Comment by Tente 02.18.11 @

Haha…excellent reply to the Q the cat asked you in the blogger/A&R post! I will say; I would make that dude run that Supreme cap for real…. Like “Gimme That!”

Comment by bboycult 02.18.11 @

robbie, you the illest, son, point blank

Comment by stromberg 02.18.11 @

100% the opposite of what I expected this post to be and supremely fucking funny. Thank you.

Comment by Hump Jones 02.18.11 @

It was over once I saw the Yall So Stupid pic. Well played, man!

Comment by Rap Hands 02.18.11 @

I was thinking a concoction of Yall So Stupid x Grave Diggaz / Rumpletilskinz the other day. Madkap might have been substituted.

Comment by Howfresh 02.18.11 @

Thanks Robbie

Comment by Jesse 02.18.11 @

Ehhhh I dont know, somehow Pharell and Lupe are to blame for this too

Comment by keatso 02.18.11 @

Hahaaa… good shit.

Comment by verge 02.19.11 @

the kids are alright.

Comment by swordfish 02.19.11 @


Comment by brad 02.19.11 @

There is no fucking way these kids have any idea who any of thos groups are btw. I would say their influence only goes back to Wutang

Comment by keatso 02.19.11 @


Comment by QUITDABS 02.19.11 @

I’m always first in line to dismiss tightpants hipster rap. But I got no complaints here whatsoever. Mos, ?uestlove, Jimmy, and I are happy to cosign this.

Comment by eric nord 02.19.11 @

You obviously haven’t listened to the albums…

Comment by Sweatshirt 02.19.11 @

Odd future is dope and miles ahead of any of that drake-type bullshit that every rapper is on these days. i don’t know what the fuck you’re saying, though the onyx comparison is actually pretty spot on. then again, ‘all we got iz us’ is my shit

Comment by WallySean 02.20.11 @

Yo, Odd Future defenders (Full disclosure-I kinda like ’em): Re-adjust your skinny jeans. Robbie made a funny. That’s it. Take a deep breath and repeat “It’s only the internet. It’s only the internet”. You’re gonna save a whole heap a money on kleenex.

Thank me later.

Comment by Rap Hands 02.20.11 @

Yo Robbie? Whats good with a Mantronik interview? We need that. That doesnt have shit to do with this post but I just had to ask.

Comment by MFKNRMX 02.20.11 @

I think odd future are alright. atleast they’re actually rapping unlike those rnb autotune cats passing as rap in the mainstream.

Comment by NE6 02.20.11 @

That Fallon performance has to be the worst introduction to the Odd Future troupe. Cringeworthy.

I like Tyler “Bastard” and Earl Sweatshirt “Earl” albums tho.

Comment by apples 02.21.11 @

Blog Rap.

Comment by farns 02.21.11 @

Onyx–they had really small hands, didn’t they (no homo)?
What is an Odd Future?

Comment by vollsticks 02.21.11 @

You need to subtract Onyx, and add Me Phi Me.

Comment by End Level Boss 02.21.11 @


But its FLIPMODE till I die.

Comment by Spliff Star 02.21.11 @

I support OFWGKTA’S movement because they represent the true essence of hip hop which is young kids having fun and not giving a f*%k.

Comment by kidgrebo 02.23.11 @

I hate this group.

Comment by fosterkakhunter 02.25.11 @

if you love hip-hop and don’t at least recognize the appeal of what ofwgkta is doing, then sorry, you are old as fuck.

Comment by tombom 02.25.11 @

All i hear from these dudes rap-wise is 90’s Kool Keith mimicry, beat-wise is 2000 era Keith production (spankmaster, diesel truckers and the lost masters specifically). That said, both not bad things to sound like. If you wanna break it down and get more complex, you get something like Robbie’s equation. The problem is you can already tell these dude’s are super gassed up on their own anal leakings at the moment. i know they’re young and this is all terribly exciting for them, but it’s just not a good look.

Comment by Lair 02.25.11 @

Odd Future is ok. I’m not hyped like some people are, but they’re not terrible.

Comment by Soltan 02.26.11 @

FYI – If anyone is wondering where Robert is and why he hasnt posted since the 18th of Feb, well its because the errors of his ways have finally caught up with the ole’boy (none).

Me, Memph Bleek and Cons to the Quence have finally tracked down this little blawgger and got his tied up in Bleeks mamma’s basement in Brooklyn.

There’s a ransom out for him, but his parents dont want to pay, plus allhis “firends” on the internets, Dallas Penn, Combat Jack, Bol, Eskay are all broke since they blog for a living.

So if no one pays, we’re gonna sell him on craigslist.

Comment by Spliff Star 02.27.11 @

Has anyone asked Yaki Kadafi from tha Outlawz on his thoughts on the shit goin down in Libya?

Never realized how gully Yaki Kadafi is.

Comment by Spliff Star 02.27.11 @


Comment by QUITDABS 02.27.11 @

After hearing Odd Future on Fallon, Robbie realized that NYC is overrated, and promptly moved to Los Angeles (where it’s really goin on). I just saw “The R” on Venice Blvd rocking skinny jeans, a ski cap, and a pink fixie.

Medical cannabis will do that to you.

Comment by eric nord 02.28.11 @

I think I missed something? Van Full of Pakistans meets Vans full with gatz in hands.

Comment by Renaldo 02.28.11 @

Okay I’ve now watched the Jimmy Fallon performance and I think they’re pretty fucking good, actually. A bit prime-period Definitive Jux, a bit Kool Keith (as someone else has pointed out)…better than 90% of what passes for hip-hop nowadays.

Comment by vollsticks 02.28.11 @

Comment by MFKNRMX 03.11.11 @

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